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At the end of Episode 5, we see Soda thanking God for showing her that her true love is P’Kim. Or Pan in P’Kim’s body and despite everything that happened in Episode 5, like KimPan telling Soda that Pan is right in front of her. She still doesn’t realize Pan is in P’Kim’s body. KimPan’s super loud “Errrrr” rings through the church as she drags our Angel of Death away somehow is also missed. Let’s leave logic here and start the review.

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Episode Summary 

KimPan drags the Angel of Death far enough away from the church for a discussion. In typical KimPan style, He/She vents their frustration at the fact that Soda likes them. They yell at the Angel of Death, and they have to figure out a way to stop it as P’Kim is a bad guy. The Angel of Death is confused as to why she has to help with anything. KimPan threatens to tell God, and Angel of Death changes her tune.

Que KimPan, attempting to threaten Soda into disliking them, but of course, this fails. Soda is a hard girl to disgust, spit dangles from KimPan’s failed attempt at hawking a loogie. Soda is enthralled, and I’m grateful I didn’t eat before this review. This only leads to Soda writing new fan fiction …about herself and P’Kim.  Which of course, the entire school reads, including Phingphing’s cronies. They act out the two sides of the conversation until Phingphing tells them to stop.

She’s frustrated because, in a flashback, we see she is fully aware her boyfriend’s background is of him and another guy. Despite this, she says she’s fine with that, but her background will always be them—every episode since her slapping Soda moment. We have seen a softer, more sweet Phingphing, and it’s a welcome change.  For a show based around girls up to a point, most are presented negatively as selfish. So seeing her intimacy with P’Way is a breath of fresh air.

And then he tries to tell her something important after her love confession, and she selfishly shuts him down. She is making me eat my words. It’s clear she is not gonna like whatever he wants to say. She cleverly words it in a way to imply they will be together forever, and he tries to contradict her. She practically sprints away before he can say more. 

In the next scene, Phingping and her goons discuss her fears in the bathroom of all places that she will be dumped. Of course, her “Friends” react with glee and excitement (Tone it down, or you’ll get the Bidet just like Soda). Upon seeing Phingphing’s eyes of impending doom, their clapping and squealing magically turn to sounds of woe and sadness.  Phingphing back to her normal self declares she is too rich to be broken up with, and no one is leaving the bathroom until a plan is created to keep this from happening. Both the goons are not on board with this but have no choice as they are….Goons.

Now what I don’t understand is literally right after saying that they leave the bathroom. Why? Do you leave the bathroom right after declaring you’ll hole up in it forever???? Somehow P’Way is there, and before he can finish a sentence, Phingphing shoves the girls right back in the bathroom. At the mention of food, they realize they are hungry and trapped.

Meanwhile, a blissful Soda marvels at her fiction while Khet watches one seat behind her. A flashback shows KimPan blackmail Khet into helping stop Soda’s fiction. In typical one-track- mind KimPan forgets to act like P’Kim and acts like Pan, which confuses Khet.  It’s established he is in love with Pan. So he is both confused and interested as his brother interacts with him. Yes, you read that right. Khet and P’Kim are brothers. So when Pan forgets to act like P’Kim, it confuses Khet a lot, which makes for some awkward incestuous moments as Khet stares at his love interest in the body of his brother.

Khet messes with Soda’s fiction, and Khet alerts Kana to it. Kana, who isn’t over her love for her Bii, runs away to cry. Phingphing and her goons come up with the plan to fake a life-threatening illness. Soda realizes as we all have by this point that Khet has feelings for KimPan. She calls him on it, and he stands in shock because she isn’t wrong. (its OK to cringe, I did) Soda declares Khet her love rival for P’Kim’s heart, and Khet just stares in horror. 

P’Way doesn’t fall for Phingphing’s acting and asks her not to lie to him as she has never done it before.  Khet and KimPan talk at home, and KimPan admits they didn’t follow through on their threat cause they know how much it means to Khet. (They were going to tell his boss his age) The two have dinner, and its the same dish Pan made Khet try before, as seen in a flashback, confusing him further. When Khet tries to go to bed, early KimPan appears to cause the ac in their room is broken. Of course, Khet flees instead of being in bed with his older brother. 

Cut to Phingphing and P’Way breaking up. She lists all the acts she did for herself and said he did (What exactly did P’Way do in this relationship) He is a gentleman and I found myself begging him not to reveal the name of who his real love interest is.  If Phingphing knew it would be open season on KimPan. 

Khet goes to see Pan at the hospital because I guess visiting hours are 24 hours? While he is getting water for her vase of flowers, Soda comes in to see Pan. She confesses her love for P’Kim, while a confused Khet listens from the bathroom. And of course, KimPan appears to find a way to switch bodies. Please don’t ask me for logic to this decision cause I see none. A hilarious back and forth between KimPan and Soda ends in her kissing them.  KimPan finally blurts out their identity as Soda and Khet are obviously shocked.

The curtains billow as the Angel of Death swings the scythe at KimPan for telling the secret. And it ends there 

My Thoughts On The Episode

My, that was a lot of almost incest.  It’s clear this show is 90% shock value. Whether it’s over sexualizing teenagers or cool fight scenes, so using this building incest romance between KimPan and Khet is just another plot device for that.  I get it. But it did make me uncomfortable.  Ohm and First, play their roles very well, and you do chuckle while cringing. The lack of continuous narrative was a bit jarring. The episode bounced between characters and storylines very fast. After three episodes of good pacing, seeing this almost montage of scenes was disappointing. Phingphing and P’Way’s break up fell flat to me because Fluke’s acting wasn’t in it. His face didn’t react to her emotional words at all. Whether that was intentional or not. It just killed any emotion I was supposed to feel for them as a couple. Overall this episode was written well but executed poorly. But now everyone but P’Way knows about Pan. So there’s that. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Daring to Dream says:

    I am enjoying this series quite a lot- I wish they had moved it to college- but when I’ve been in high school- people were highly sexual.
    I think comedy is difficult to do well- most of the 17-23 years olds are doing well. Jenny and First are first-rate. But I like the creativity of the writing. Ever since the end of episode 1 when the Angel of Death appeared- I have enjoyed this.
    I felt it was pretty clear that Khet was having feelings for Pan and confused by the fact that his mean brother was suddenly acting like his big love. Uncomfortable yes.
    Again the only one I had problem with was the teacher- both performance and relationship with a student in her class- not ok. I see they have added warnings and apologies before every episode due to this.
    I can’t wait to see if the writers can make sense of this in four more episodes.

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