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Love is a very sneaky emotion. You never know when it enters your heart and slowly starts to control the flow of your feelings. While Solo and Gui are slowly traversing the beginnings of their blossoming relationship, Kao and Phuri are growing closer as well. The “Perth-Petch-Khim” love triangle grows more confusing, as Khim isn’t exactly in a place to return Dr.Petch affections. I love this contrast in each relationship, which run parallel without overlapping each other. Each of the couples has its own storyline, which is separate and portrays its own recognizable development. While the Solo and Gui relationship is more deigned to be in a “shy and sweet zone,” Kao and Phuri are still on the edge of a “frenemies zone.”

This review is a joint effort with Jenhg. See her thoughts on this episode at her blog. I’m really enjoying this collaboration because it brings a different perspective to the table. There are moments where we think alike and instances where our thought processes are invariably different. It does make for an interesting read, doesn’t it!

Edited by TheFNGee

As the episode proceeds, we are met with rapid developments that leave you shocked or your heart melting with emotion. I’m a connoisseur of sweet romances, and it’s been so long since I have watched a BL drama where the show focused on the emotional aspects rather than just sexuality. Sometimes you need just a little sweetness sprinkled with honesty rather than just hot chemistry, and I’m enjoying this ride!

Solo and Gui’s journey is getting interesting as our adorable main leads steal some quiet moments together. Solo keeps surprising Gui with his overt affection and confessions. Gui gets to learn more about Solo, which draws them closer. The intimacy is certainly new, and both are enjoying these sweet moments where they are slowly becoming a part of each other’s life. On the other hand, Kao is doing his best to break down those stone walls that protect Phuri’s heart. Their relationship is slowly moving into unknown territory. Although Phuri feels the emotions, he refuses to accept them.

On the other hand, Perth is met with a shocking revelation that leaves him stunned and jittery. Petch’s growing feelings for Khim are determined as our fujoshi doesn’t recognize the “Love Sign” directed at her. The introduction of Khim’s spoiled brother Khem adds the needed twist. While Solo gets closer to Gui, they are met with an unexpected obstacle that might stop them from getting together.

Will Gui be able to reach Solo on time to save him? How will they work together to transcend this new problem that is nipping at their heels? Will Phuri ever accept Kao’s genuine feelings for him? Will Petch be the savior that Khim needs, and will she realize that she is the one he likes? Will Perth be left heartbroken amid the “Petch & Khim” love story?

My Opinion About This Episode

Kao is pretty persistent when it comes to winning Phuri’s heart, and I love his attitude. Even though Phuri is plain rude to him most of the time, Kao won’t give up on him. He sees Phuri in a different light and observes things that no one else does. Phuri always displays an arrogant stand that puts people off, but Kao sees the emotions beneath the surface. For some reason, Phuri intrigues him, and I’m so glad that he has decided to be the savior. I’m not saying that Phuri is some damsel in distress because he is a pretty strong character. But even people who appear strong need tender care and affection,  and Kao seems to be the one for Phuri. I love how Kao understands Phuri so well that he knows which strings to pull or push. Kao’s intelligence leaves Phuri speechless, and I’m guessing that is one of the major attractions. I’m a huge fan of Kao’s honesty and how he never minces words while describing his true feelings. Frankly, this character is so refreshing as compared to the morose ones in most Thai BL’s.

Solo and Gui are faced with a new obstacle – Yam. I’m not usually a fan of dramas where they use a female antagonist to tear the BL couple apart. It sounds too cliché and a heavily overused trope. But Yam seems important to this storyline, and I’m getting along with it. Getting back to Solo –  his disinterest spurs Yam’s annoyance. While I was getting worried about her retaliation, Gui saves the day. I’m in love with their strong chemistry. Gui first and foremost treats Solo with care, and our handsome hero draws comfort from it. Maybe Solo misses this affection and is happy that someone actually cares about his existence. Gui’s obvious worry about Solo getting drunk or rubbing his eyes hard draws on my heartstrings. The way both of them get lost in each other’s eyes is spellbinding! Solo’s insistence on having the warm milk that Gui prepares for him might seem childish, but it is something special for him.

That brings us back to my favorite couple, Kao and Phuri. Our annoying main lead might deny his attraction to the ends of the world, but that doesn’t stop him from meeting Kao’s demands. It is pretty hilarious that Phuri turns up at the party, dressed to the nines, and then decides that he should leave immediately. Yeah, like our adorable bunny will let him go? Their conversations are like watching a sparring contest, but what’s best is watching those unhindered tiny smiles that Phuri unknowingly lets slip through conversation. They are hesitant yet intriguing, and you can’t help but swoon. It literally transforms his personality, and for some reason, his fur ball Kao is the only recipient of those little smiles. Phuri isn’t entirely comfortable showing his true emotions, but we can clearly see that Phuri is attracted to Kao in those rare moments.

Equally intriguing is Solo and Gui’s developing relationship. Solo is too close to comfort when it comes to Gui. It might seem that they are growing close a little too fast for most couples, but their intimacy levels are different. They haven’t confessed their feelings but are almost on the verge. For Solo, it seems to be an already-made decision; he likes Gui and sees him as his partner.

At times Gui shows confusion about his own feelings, but when faced with Solo, his emotions are more apparent. He just can’t say no to those adorable “puppy eyes,” and it’s impossible for Gui to control his responses. Their relationship displays an undeterred shyness and honesty that I find refreshing. It’s not too fast nor too slow for my taste. I’m enjoying the pace because it is perfectly timed as we get to delve more into Solo’s memories. They always gravitate towards the same space and are each other’s comfort zone. For some reason, Gui is also Solo’s protector, for you can see that he gets worried insistently, and Solo seems to enjoy the attention as well.

The “Petch-Perth-Khim love triangle” is getting messy simply because it seems the wheels are spinning out of control. While Perth is left in a difficult situation with Petch’s sudden confession, he tries hard to hide his real emotions. Petch is either oblivious to Perth’s affections or in denial. I’m trying to understand which of the two situations collide with his mindset. Khim, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to realize that Petch has shifted his affections towards her and that her imaginary ship is in trouble. Her insistent efforts to sail her ship would be adorable if she weren’t so blind to Petch’s clear display of his emotions. She is so far gone in shipping the two doctors together that Khim is clearly unaware of the consequences. This love triangle will break one or a few hearts. I’m dreading the end result already. Also, Khim’s health condition is getting worse, and the abysmal attitude that her brother Khem displays at home is rather crass.

Solo is a very good matchmaker. I don’t know if he does it knowingly, but his absence at home paves the way for yet another “Kao and Phuri meeting.” Phuri is sick, and Kao won’t let the opportunity slip away. While cooks and tries to take care of Phuri, his efforts spur Phuri’s interest. I liked how Kao honestly accepted that even if there are any regrets in the possible future, he won’t mind them. For him, Phuri’s company is more than enough. I admire his patience and laid back attitude. They are a match made in heaven because for a guy like Phuri who keeps the cards too close to his chest, Kao is the obvious choice for a confidant. Kao always gives him a reason to smile, which I’m guessing he hasn’t had in a while. I’m surprised at the close-in personality both the cousin brothers are. Solo is similarly distant to others, but his demeanor changes with Gui. Is it because their home situation has made it difficult for both the cousins to have a happy life? Kao will surely become the silent support or whatever Phuri needs that brings peace to his life and mind because Kao has chosen to stand beside him.

I’m certainly worried about Khim. She is my current favorite fujoshi, and although she unknowingly got caught in this nonexistent love triangle, I’m sure she will find a way out. However, what troubles me the most is her health issues and the absolute disinterest that her brother displays towards her. Khim seems to be his guardian since I don’t see their parents around. Khem majorly seems like a spoiled school kid who is more interested in his games than spending one iota of his time with the sister who adores him. I’m hoping that Khem becomes responsible before it is too late. Also, Petch will likely confess his feelings to Khim. I’m hoping that the confession doesn’t turn into a debacle, and Khim knows how to handle this particular sticky situation well.

Yam is clearly on the warpath as she tortures Solo with photoshoots that apparently need him to be drenched in water. Solo looks undeniably handsome, but it just seems like she is feeding on her obsession rather than working on the university promotions. Gui finds the incident fishy and is angry about the way Solo is being mistreated. I’m glad that he advises Solo to stand up against the bullying. The torture continues, albeit this time, Yam goes a step further and drugs Solo. I’m hoping that Gui rescues him before any untoward incident prevails. I really hate when the show focuses on a female antagonist who won’t take “No” for an answer. Human emotions are fickle, and so is a rabid ego. Deceit and blackmail won’t win Solo over because she is clearly playing with fire without knowing about his family background. Here’s hoping that Gui saves the day, and we aren’t left watching any unpleasant scenery that would take away the substance from this sweet storyline.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]

Exclusive Bites

As promised earlier, Psychomilk brings you some snippets from the Special Scenes on Roger Films Facebook page, only available for their supporters. This week’s special scenes gave us an important snippet of information about Solo. It seems our daring hero had been secretly stalking Solo before their proposed first meeting.

You need a VIP pass to watch these scenes, or you have to wait until they are broadcast on the Mauve Series YouTube account three weeks later. We also have some BTS from Gui “PetchChanapoom” and Khim “Natty Thanyanan” Instagram posts.

Keep watching this space for further updates as we bring you more exciting news and features related to this sweet romance!


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Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • exxuss says:

    I too was wondering about Khim’s health issues. Perhaps there is some connection yet to come involving Petch as an MD?

    And BTW, torrent of Psycho Milk posts today. Glad I have the evening free. Like the new site format; even the ads. You guys just keep improving all the time!

  • Daring to Dream says:

    I am loving the quiet courtship between Gui and Solo- it is strange, subtle, different. I find it terrific- but can understand why some want more “action”. Kao is a great ball of naughty energy and my fave character. I also feel for the adorable Petch.
    I am reading the book and saw that they amped up the drama by making Yam a stalker/bagger of Moons and a person not above drug and rape- yuck. She is just a bit over the line in the book.
    The Petch/Perth characters and Khim’s brother are created for the series. I would be fine if the uncaring brother storyline were dropped- but maybe it will pay off later.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I’m glad that you are enjoying the show. Solo and Gui have a sweet chemistry and shy intimacy. We have to remember that they are in the beginning stage of their relationship. As for the love triangle, I agree with you. Kao is really a energetic fur ball and I love his ardent efforts to win Phuri over.

  • The main couple, Solo and Gui, seem to have nothing to say. I find their story, what little there is of it, pointless and boring.

    Kao’s perplexing pursuit of the taciturn Phuri is what’s keeping me watching this series. I can’t wait to see Phuri drop his barriers and let his true feelings show.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I’m guessing you find Solo and Gui boring because they aren’t that expressive about their feelings. But I like their silent conversations. Kao and Phuri are my favorite too.

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