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The current episodes bought to light some major issues concerning both of our main couples. While Solo and Gui are accosted with his father’s issues, Phuri and Kao are finally in the “getting to know each other” phase in Episode 7. Jay was surely a welcome change because we finally got a glimpse into Solo’s morbid childhood. Dr.Petch, on the other hand, is testing my patience with his ludicrous plans. First, he played with Perth’s emotions, and now it’s Khem.

This review is a joint effort with my dear friend, Jenhg. You can see her thoughts on these episodes on her blog. Each week there is a built-up of emotions and anticipation, as we wonder about the similarities and differences in our opinions! Let’s see what we feel about this one!

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However, Episode 8 wrecked me. We finally got to meet Gui’s Big Mama, but the moments were short and bittersweet. It is never easy losing a parent, and Solo’s absence certainly didn’t help Gui’s fragile emotions. Phuri and Kao are going as steady as possible, and it’s refreshing to watch Phuri smile more often. Perth has given up on his hangups for the time being, as both of our Doctors work hard to stabilize Khim’s condition.

Solo plays the “Best Friend Card” and surprises Kao on his birthday. His gift is even more meaningful when he arranges for Phuri to attend the party. Later Kao challenges Phuri to a game in an attempt to learn more about his secrets, but Phuri cleverly deflects and turns the tables. Not to be outdone, Kao challenges Phuri to another game and somehow extracts relevant information about Phuri’s brother. While Solo and Gui are enjoying a few moments of bliss, their quiet is disturbed by an unexpected situation. Jay steps in to help Solo, and Gui tries to bridge the distance between the old friends. Truths are exposed, and Jay finally divulges some prior privileged information. Petch is walking a tightrope with Khem, while the teenager seems to be smitten. This love quadrangle is leading to a major heartbreak for all.

Gui’s childhood friend Pramuk pays them a surprise visit, which brings tragic news about Big Mama’s illness. Gui travels back home alone, and we are given a montage of sweet moments between the mother and son. However, Mama’s condition deteriorates, and she breathes her last with Gui beside her, himself breaking into a wave of grief that consumes him. Later, at the funeral, although Gui maintains his composure throughout, he breaks down again when Solo shows up and tells him it’s OK to cry. Phuri and Kao are spending more time together, and their relationship is becoming more evident, as pointed out by Phuri’s old friend. As Kao tries hard to convince Phuri to go with him on the trip to Gui’s childhood home farm, our angry young man finally agrees to his bunny’s pleadings. Perth and Petch are at their limits dealing with patient Khim’s insolence. With no other option left, they finally recruit Khem to get Khim to exercise more.

My Opinion About the Current Episodes

Episode 7

It’s Kao’s birthday, and Solo, along with their group of friends, surprises our adorable bunny. Solo knows all too well that Kao only has eyes for Phuri, so Solo got Phuri into attending the party with the promise of drinks, or Phuri arrived all by himself, but the smile on Kao’s face says it all. While the group is having fun, Phuri maintains his grump posture outside of the pool. Of course, Kao and Solo push him into the pool, and the way he glares at them is hilarious. Fortunately, the friends have enough brains to leave them alone, and we are blessed with some romantic moments. Phuri plays tit for tat and pulls Kao into the pool. Frankly, I almost wished for a birthday kiss, but it will take ages with these two. Suddenly the camera pans, and both are shirtless (thanking my lucky stars). Kao challenges Phuri to a game, which Phuri cleverly and quickly wins. He turns the tables and instead finds out details about Kao’s Father (very smart and impressive). Our poor bunny will definitely need a lot of effort to conquer this mountain!

Solo and Gui’s relationship is moving in the right direction. Their friends are happy about seeing them together, and that makes Solo very happy. As they go on a date, Solo chooses a horror movie, and Gui rues his decision to let Solo decide the genre. I almost got a shock watching them on the escalator later because Gui is not huge on public displays of affection. To be honest, he is more on the shy and awkward side and mostly avoids it. To watch him clinging to Solo was honestly surprising. However, the proud smile on Solo’s face conveys how much he enjoyed watching the movie with a scared Gui molded to his side. I’m guessing there will be lots more horror movies in their future, judging from Solo’s pleased expressions. Supanat plays this character so well that you can’t help but be happy. Although Petch’s expressions are improving, at times, I wonder if anyone else would play “Gui” better than this? Would another actor have such viable chemistry with Supanat onscreen? I’m guessing not, since both of them seem to be quite close friends offscreen.

Another scene that surprised me was Solo’s reaction to Gui’s appearing to disappear. Not that Gui disappeared, he just went to buy a water bottle. But that short period is enough to drive Solo into a panic. The way he expresses his anguish and Gui’s clear understanding describes their relationship. Gui always silently accepts Solo’s sudden tantrums or moodiness. I’m surprised as to why he never questions Solo on anything. He seems too subservient at times, and I’m not sure if it is similar to Gui’s character in the novel.

Our bunny cannot be deterred from his mission to get in-depth information on his test subject, “Phuri.” So he waltzes into Phuri’s apartment with a gaming console and challenges him to another game. I’m enjoying this new dynamic where Phuri doesn’t bat an eyelash on Kao’s sudden entry. This time, however, Kao wins the round, and Phuri cannot deflect. It’s hilarious that Kao has the events listed in his phone’s Notes. I expected Phuri to feel annoyed that Kao was collecting details about him, but he wasn’t. Phuri not only explains the assault issue but also talks about his brother Pham. Kao is slowly breaking the walls, and I’m glad that they are getting closer than before.

Dr.Petch, on the other hand, is getting more annoying, and his actions a detriment to others. His efforts to please Khim might seem genuine, but he is entirely oblivious to their effects on others. Dr.Perth has given up on his best friend, and this is affecting their friendship. The fact that Petch is more worried about continuing with the farce than trying to soothe his friend’s fragile emotions speaks volumes about how clueless he is. The worst part is that he has pulled Khem into his fake play. The fact that Khem is Khim’s brother and is falling for Petch will have disastrous consequences. He is inevitably fooling Khim, antagonizing his best friend, and playing with Khem’s feelings. At this point, I’m pretty pissed off, and I don’t think that Petch will get any chance for redemption when everything comes out in the open.

Solo and Gui run into trouble when they go out for drinks with friends. A drunkard assaults Gui and Solo loses his calm. Both land up in the police station but luckily, Jay calls to resolve the issues. I was intrigued by Solo’s dynamics with Jay. They seem to be close, but for some reason, Solo chooses to stay away from Jay. After much probing, Solo finally explains that Jay was his caretaker after his Mother’s death. But he left suddenly, and that made Solo lonely. Jay was his first closest friend, and his sudden disappearance makes Solo angry or maybe disappointed. I’m glad that Gui makes efforts to bridge the distance between Solo and Jay. He understands that Jay is important to Solo and suggests Solo give him another chance. I must admit that I spent a good amount of time swooning over Michael Kiettisak, who portrays Jay. He is too handsome, and his expressions are spot-on.

Their early morning breakfast finally brings a lot of things into perspective. I was surprised when Jay easily admits that he does everything Solo’s Father demands because he loves him. I’m guessing that love extends to Solo as well. That’s why he has been trying to save Solo from his Father’s anger and is still continuing to do so. I’m hoping that Jay’s affections rub off onto Solo’s Father, and he stops being a douchebag. However, I’m guessing he will be a major deterrent to the romance between Solo and Gui. Our happy couple is just settling into romantic bliss, and I want to safeguard this happiness from difficulties (Solo’s Father or his possible future girlfriend).

Kao is pretty persistent; I mean, only this guy has the patience to deal with the strong walls that Phuri has built around his heart. It’s yet another game, and although Phuri figures that Kao tricked him, his answers Kao’s question truthfully. I appreciate his honesty, he likes Kao, and he even tells Kao that he has never let anyone get close to him. Although he isn’t sure about his feelings yet and is obviously worried about Kao’s safety, he isn’t misleading Kao. I’m hoping that “Nitrogen” gets adapted to get a better interpretation of their romance. Phuri and Kao’s love story has so many layers and nuances that I want to understand them better. Their story deserves a better plotline and timeframes, focusing solely on their dynamics.

Episode 8

This episode was entangled with sweet moments with Phuri-Kao and sad ones with Solo-Gui. Let’s start with the sweet ones because there will be a lot of ugly tears later. Kao goes on stalking mode again, and Phuri complies by promising to feed his bunny. Their own situation is so domestic now that it gives me major feels. Kao tries to needle his way into Phuri’s plans after final exams. Phuri weighs the pros and cons before agreeing to anything that Kao says. But at the end of the day, Phuri seems pretty whipped and too far ‘gone’ for his “Crazy Bunny.” I just love how Phuri’s eyes soften when Kao mentions his brother or when he wipes Kao’s mouth. Kao is endearing, and Phuri feels the same!

Solo’s first meeting with Pramuk is interesting. He glares holes into the guy until Gui explains that Pramuk is his childhood friend. They sit down to have a conversation that veers towards Big Mama. Pramuk seems like he wants to say something important but feels hesitant. Finally, Gui’s comes across Big Mama’s medical records that Pramuk conveniently left on the table. There’s no question now that she is in a critical condition, and Gui is very worried. I appreciate how Solo holds Gui’s hand to console him. This couple doesn’t need sexual context to justify their relationship because it’s seemingly simple and sweet.

Gui arrives at the hospital to meet Big Mama, and although her condition seems to be deteriorating, he keeps his composure. There is something about this character that makes you feel calm and happy. I guess that’s Gui’s nature. I enjoyed their conversation where Gui talks to his Mother about his “Special Someone” and promises to introduce her to him. Both are afraid but trying to put up a brave front. Big Mama has been the only constant in his life until Solo and Gui is afraid of losing her.

Kao tags along with Phuri when they go to meet his Phuri’s old friend Ryan. Kao can’t stand the cold in the bar, and our gentleman Phuri drapes his blazer over his bunny. Phuri is such a standoffish character that whenever he does sweet things like these, my heart flutters (so does Kao’s).
Ryan can see the changes in Phuri’s nature and rightly points them out. He correctly guesses that Kao is possibly Phuri’s lover, and Kao’s honest reply surprises him.  He then questions if Phuri’s brother knows about their relationship. Again, this gets me wondering what the issue is between Phuri and Pham. Because as soon as Phuri leaves or the restroom, Kao needles Ryan for details. Ryan enjoys dodging the questions, but he confirms that only Kao can get through Pham. Are major issues between the two brothers whom only Kao can solve? Both Phuri and Ryan aren’t forthcoming about the details, and I’m dying from curiosity.

Later, we discover that Kao is simply a master of all trades because next, he turns into a masseur trying to persuade Phuri to agree to the farm trip. That small smile on Phuri’s face while watching Kao’s antics makes my day brighter. I’m too far gone for this couple (Roger Films, if you are reading this- please give them a separate series). I wonder if Phuri is enjoying the persuasion so much that he never gives in easily to anything that Kao says or offers. I mean, half the fun is Kao figuring out ways to bend Phuri to his will (yes, our Bunny is manipulative).

Gui and Big Mama spent some time reminiscing their old times. It was bittersweet because Gui asks her to make him a toy, and Big Mama’s hands are very frail. It was heartbreaking to watch them both because it’s never easy to watch your loved ones suffer. When Solo calls, Big Mama finally seems happy to meet her son’s “Special Someone.” I’m guessing she can see the end and thus wants to make sure that there will be someone to take care of her son. I felt bad when she asks Gui to visit the farm, and Solo promises to take them there. I have this foreboding like she won’t be able to do that. At least in her last moments, she felt loved and made sure that Gui has a strong support system to help him.

The last part was the most difficult to watch, and I literally had a breakdown. While Gui is trying hard to shift Big Mama to a better hospital, his friends try hard to convince him. But as stubborn as he is, Gui refuses to accept the reality. He walks in to talk to Big Mama, and as she breathes her last, Gui is devastated. I’m so used to watching this character act calm and resolute in most situations that seeing him cry tore at my heart. He shifts back to his resolute character for the funeral duration, and it’s clear that his childhood friends are worried. It was really sad because Solo hasn’t gotten there yet, and it’s clear that Gui isn’t in the habit of leaning onto others for emotional support.

But you can only suppress your emotions for so long. When Solo calls him, Gui tries hard to hide his emotions. The scene is so serene that I wondered if the Director wanted to use the sunset as a premise to Gui’s emotional state. It’s beautiful, clandestine, but I couldn’t appreciate it because my heart was bleeding for the little boy who yet again lost his Mother.
So when he turns and finds Solo standing there ready to hug him, the dam finally breaks. Many complain that Petch Chanapoom is expressionless, but he nailed the act in this episode. He portrayed Gui’s heartbreak and his devastated demeanor very well. Supanat, on the other hand, plays the role of the consoling boyfriend well too. It will be an arduous journey, but I’m sure that they will be fine with each other’s support. No doubt that Solo will keep the promise that he made to Big Mama.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]

Exclusive Bites

As promised earlier, Psychomilk brings you some snippets from the Special Scenes on Roger Films Facebook page, only available for their supporters. Episode Seven’s special scenes include some sweet moments from Solo and Gui’s movie time at home. Solo picks a horror movie again, and Gui hugs him tight. Seriously Solo is tricky, and his antics are adorable!

Episode 8 Special Scenes include Solo giving a lost Gui a piggyback ride. It will be difficult to recover from this loss, but I’m sure that Solo will always stand beside Gui.

Here are some interesting behind the scenes pics from Gui “Petch Chanapoom,” Instagram Posts, and “Oxygen the Series” Weibo Account.


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  • “Phuri and Kao’s love story has so many layers and nuances that I want to understand them better.”

    Exactly. Their relationship has been so slowly and methodically developed, it is driving me insane! So much better the reward when Phuri finally “confesses” his feelings for Koa. I love how well-written (and acted) this arc of the series is.

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