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Do you ever sit back, watch a Kpop music video, and wonder what it would be like if two of your favorite artists ever fell in love? If you said yes, then I have good news for you because the Korean BL “Wish You” takes you into the world of music and romance. Starring Kpop idols Kang Insoo from MyName and Lee Sang from Imfact, “Wish You” brings two musicians from the Kpop world and places them into a story many of us have dreamed about. 

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The Characters

Kang In Soo

Kang Insoo’s life revolves around his music as a street performer, and he dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. He is portrayed by Kang Insoo, his character’s name a nod to the idol himself. Kang Insoo is the lead vocalist of the Kpop group MyName. 

Yoon Sang Yi

Yoon Sang Yi is a keyboardist at a major record company who becomes infatuated with Kang Insoo after spotting him busking (the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntary donations) on the streets. He is portrayed by Lee Sang, the lead vocalist of the Kpop group Imfact. 


“Wish You” is a short Korean web drama. Each episode is ten minutes of the brilliant storytelling for which Kdramas are famous. The cinematography, the longing, tension-filled stares, and the rippling, soul-jarring music emphasize every moment. Since music plays a focal point in this drama’s plot, it is especially important, and “Wish You” does not disappoint. 

I admit I went into this drama with a little apprehension because of the speed of its release and because I am such a fan of the two idols involved. My expectations were very high, and I am always nervous when I push play to start a show where my anticipation is that high. 

It shattered my expectations. 

In an effort not to spoil what is essentially a twenty-minute show when the two episodes are combined, I will talk about why you should check out “Wish You” and why you won’t regret it. 

The Music

From the moment the show opens with Kang Insoo’s beautiful voice ringing out into the streets, it was obvious the creators of this drama knew exactly what they were doing when they cast the two leads. There is no better way to successfully portray a love story in a music industry setting than to cast two lead vocalists from the industry itself. Both Kang Insoo and Lee Sang are comfortable in front of a microphone and using an instrument, and that adds an element of realism I feel would have been lacking otherwise. 

The Performances

I have been super soft lately for timid, awkward lead characters, and Sang Yi fits this description to a T. I was seriously impressed by Lee Sang’s portrayal of the shy Sang Yi. While I am very familiar with Lee Sang the idol, Lee Sang, the actor is a whole new beautiful reality for me. From the moment Sang Yi stopped to stare at Insoo singing to the moment he let his eyes drop every time he tries to speak to InSoo, my entire being related to his awkwardness. I, personally, have never been able to meet the eyes of someone with whom I’m attracted. I’m not sure what is so intimidating about being around someone that captures my attention, either on a romantic or professional level, but the sheer force of it throws me for a loop. Lee Sang not only manages to express this same feeling as the shy Sang Yi; he literally embodies it. Sang Yi is all of us out there who want to attain something in life through work or romance but doesn’t want to stand out. He constantly appears apologetic, even when he’s done nothing wrong. He continually looks surprised, as if he’s walking through life unaware of his own talent. The way Lee Sang manages to convey all of this in two ten minute episodes is incredible. 

The same goes for Kang Insoo. 

While Insoo doesn’t get quite the same amount of screen time that Lee Sang does in the opening episodes, he embodies the hopeful musician. Again, I feel like being an idol himself seriously helps in this situation. No one could understand a role better than someone who has lived it—the yearning for fame and the hard, often disappointing work it takes to get there. Kang Insoo’s eyes are bright and full of hope and youthful enthusiasm. It’s easy to see why Sang Yi was captivated by both his talent and his unwavering confidence. 

The Story. Chemistry. The Feels

In a short ten minutes, each episode can pull off an hour long’s worth of storytelling. This feat is something I’ve always found admirable about Korean mini-dramas. Every writer knows the most important part of a story is the hook. The faster a story can hook its viewer, the better. The more involved a story can keep its viewers after the hook, the more probable its success. 

Only two episodes in, and I already know that “Wish You” will be a huge hit. The show effortlessly takes viewers from a moment of instant chemistry between two male musicians who have yet to be introduced to each other to Korea’s streets and to the conference room of a record company without ever losing the viewer’s interest. Sang Yi’s total devotion to Kang Insoo’s talent is inspiring. The moment Sang Yi started playing the piano to accompany a homemade music video made by Insoo’s friend, my heart swelled. The way he stares at Insoo every time they run into each other is emotionally fulfilling.

The longing doesn’t feel fatuous.
The music doesn’t feel weak.
The cinematography never lacks.

As with all Kdramas, I expect many obstacles for our two idols, and I look forward to every angsty moment. The first two episodes are the perfect introduction to a love story I feel will sweep all of us off our feet in the same way Sang Yi is swept away the moment he sees Insoo. 

I would love to know how the writers of this show do it; how they manage to make it feel like I’ve watched an entire movie in such a short amount of time. 

At only eight episodes, “Wish You” is a good commitment for viewers who aren’t fans of long drawn out dramas. Even better, its visuals and outstanding production make it well worth it. 

Don’t hesitate. This drama is available on both Viki and WeTV (also known as TenCent). I highly recommend it to everyone. Bravo, “Wish You.” I am hooked, and I am involved. Let the Kpop music roll. 

Also, please check out the music from the show.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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