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Psycho-Milk’s Love Without Gender is the premier website for all news about Asian BL/GL and LGBTQ+ series and films. What is the most unique feature of our site, you might ask? We feature news exclusively related to BL/GL dramas and films featuring Korean, Thai, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese casts. We also delve into the growing market of Chinese Mainland Bromance. The content is neatly categorized into – News, Interviews, Reviews, Profilers, and Book Reviews.

Our Founder

Jed Medina (Red)

Founder, Psychomilk YouTube Channel, Psychomilk/Psycho-milk Media Entities

I am a CPA and financial analyst. I was an auditor at PWC and a finance officer for USAID. But my passion is watching movies and writing reviews. I also love doing interviews. For previous publications, I’ve done interviews with Nicholas Hoult, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Channing Tatum, Boyd Holbrook, & male supermodels Jon Kortajarena and Tyson Ballou.

Our Vision

Psycho-Milk’s Love Without Gender began as a helping guide to avid BL fans worldwide. Recently, we started a re-branding process for the Psychomilk brands to Love Without Gender to become more inherently inclusive. There are a significant number of other sites featuring exclusives about straight romances, but none that deal with all forms of Love, without a concern for the genders of those in love. Our site is an effort to bring to you, the latest and greatest news about your favorite BL and GL dramas, as well as upcoming dramas featuring couples not bound by the restrictions placed by societal pressures. We also feature the actors behind the scenes and what happens behind and outside the story line.

Our Mission

Launched in 2012 and rebranded in 2021, we strive to bring you the best content possible. We love to discuss the various nuances of a drama or a film – the storytelling, the actor’s performances, what we appreciate about them, what we dislike, what are our expectations and if there is any apparent room for improvement.

Our Content

NEWS – Our writers bring you the latest reports about each and every BL/GL drama starting from pre-production, right through the broadcasts. Our BL/GL Newsfeeds are a constant buzz of excitement featuring unique and interesting aspects of drama production and the actors involved.

REVIEWS – We publish reviews of every drama we can in detail, even sometimes per episode. Even though our site is in English, we write about BL/GL/Bromance for Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Chinese Mainland, Japan and Korea as well. We also try to publish the best quality photos we can find on the Internet to complement those reviews. We color-correct and try to make them as gorgeous as possible.

INTERVIEWSPsycho-Milk’s Love Without Gender is continuously making efforts to bring to you the latest quality content. One of our most important features is one-on-one conversations with the Actors and Directors and the people responsible for making the shows happen. We do our best to be insightful and fulfill your curiosity about them and their direction or the characters they portray.

PROFILERS – Profiles are a unique feature of ours. Each of our profilers gives you the most complete and detailed information we can obtain about the Actor/Director/Producer who is featured. We discuss in detail their talents, share our point of view about the on-screen chemistry with them and their co-stars, and also provide information about their personal interests.

Psycho-Milk’s Love Without Gender YouTube Channel

Psycho-Milk’s Love Without Gender is always doing our best to bring you even more quality content so check out our digital platform on YouTube for more News, Profilers, Updates, Interviews related to “BL/GL”

Our Operations Team


Administrator / Editor

I’ve been living in Texas USA for over 30 years. Lots of rednecks, but lots of good people as well. I’ve been a Tech Geek for many years. My husband Jim and I have been together for 29 years and married for as long as we could be. I discovered BL quite by accident when I first saw dir. P’Aam’s Present Perfect, and then the BL series SOTUS on Netflix. I’ve been a fan since. Into audio editing, video editing. Profession is in Identity Management, Network Security.
Twitter – @The_FNGee


Content Manager Love Without Gender Media

A BL obsessed 40 something woman who loves to geek out and analyze shows, movies, books, anime, manga and literature. Current favorite obsessions right now are BL shows and the BL actors in them. Current ships are : Saint Suppapong & Zee Pruk, Tay Tawan & New Thittipoom (more as besties) Off Junpool & Gun Atthaphan, Mew Suppasit & Gulf Kanawut, and I love my two amazing 4th and 5th children as people and actors: Fluke Natouch and Earth Katsamonnat.

Twitter: JenHG43

BL Haven

Actor, Director – BL Haven Media, Video Manager Psychomilk’s Love Without Gender YouTube Channel

Currently, a government employee tasked to work on tourism, history, and culture, I’ve previously been connected with marketing, freelance writing, events production, and managed a club on one of the world’s best-loved beach destinations. I have always loved the emerging genre that is Boys Love but it was the heartbreaking finale of TinCan in Love By Chance Season 1 that got me into starting my BL-content YouTube channel and my Wattpad page. Boys Love has become a part of my lifestyle, so much so that I am currently part of the revolution that will eventually put Filipino BL into mainstream attention.

Twitter: @blhavenmedia


Composer/ Video Editor (Psychomilk’s Love Without Gender YouTube Channel)

Since I was 6 years old I’ve been playing music and singing. As I was very fond of teaching, I became a music primary teacher in some public schools, and in fact this is my current job and the one I want to carry on until I get retired. My interests in Asian culture started to increase at Secondary school level. No sooner had I found out about the fascinating world of Boyslove at an early age and listened to SOTUS the series background music / OST than I decided to share/use my music skills on my Youtube channel, making my own Spanish or English covers of this touching BL music, trying to claim that the soundtracks are as well essential for making a series outstanding.

Twitter – @Yumiko5arrow
Instagram – @gis5ela_yumiko


Facebook and Instagram Content

Currently I’m a private tutor based in UAE for almost 2 years already. I started to watch Thai BL 6 years ago because of curiosity, until I got addicted to it already and even started reading novel that belong to the BL genre. For me being a part of the BL fandom is like escaping beyond the door to reality but outside that door I got a chance to met different people and different groups to share with my Ideas. In addition to this, I support the LGBTQ+ community since I am part of it. Being a member of Psychomilk family added new flavor to my fan life. Thank you and lets spread the love to the world full of hates.

Twitter – @lizzyph09
IG- @lizzy.ph09



Psychology graduate who currently works as a people development consultant in Jakarta. I believe that mind is the most dangerous weapon possessed by humans – as the popular saying goes it all begins and ends in your mind! My journey in the BL world began last year when I accidentally discovered HIStory 3: Right or Wrong on my YouTube recommendation. Since then, I have been trapped in this fascinating new world. I have no boundaries when it comes to BL series and I love to expand my knowledge about BL fandom in Asian countries.  

Twitter – @bosmaltal


Former Writer/Reviewer

An avid animal lover and self-proclaimed coffee-holic, I was born in Jackson, Mississippi and make my home in the Southern U.S. with my family. When I am not writing, I spend much of my down time watching dramas and animes, reading books, working with artists and local charities, and attending concerts. I am also the owner of the Kdarlings YouTube reaction channel. Being a guardian and advocate for an actress, I spend many hours on television/movie sets and have a general understanding of the entertainment industry. As a part of the LGBTQ community myself, I also have a personal interest in the BL and GL genres

Twitter – @Dramas4thewin

Prathiba (Prats)

Former Writer / Reviewer

I had been reading M/M romance stories much before I knew there was something called BL genre. It was a chance discovery that brought BL dramas to my life. In the past six months, more than the dramas and the stories, the fandom has taught me how to appreciate these stories, the different medium of expressions, and how to believe that these characters give hope and smile to so people around the world. A reader first and obsessive reviewer of things I love, I write when I am deeply touched by a story.

Twitter – @i_read_write


Former Content Manager

I grew up on a stable diet of monotonous Indian dramas which stretch for a decade or so. I have always wanted to elude the boredom. So I escaped into the unknown, which is the world of BL dramas. I love sharing my thoughts about the story line, characters and analyze the smallest things possible. When something touches my heart, I need to know what others feel about the subject matter as well. That’s why I’m here at Psychomilk. Being a writer is like an outlet to my inner emotions and turmoil. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Though Krishna no longer writes for us, she is profoundly missed


Former Contributor

Hello! I got into BL a decade ago when I stumbled across a live action film that reminded me of Clamp manga. Since then I have been watching BL from all over the world and enjoy it immensely. I enjoy the books the shows are based on as well as the shows themselves. In my spare time I write my own BL horror novel. I’ve been writing since I was 6, I started loving M/M romance when I watched “The Interview With The Vampire,” an Anne Rice novel. Also, BL allows me to see well written gay romance without having to imagine what isn’t there. Joshua is a prolific author himself, and writes full time now.

We are Always Looking for Contributors

We are looking for a Thai translator and writers who specialize in Thai, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Filipino gay movies and BL series. Also, if you love writing about the profile of BL actors, join us! If you’re interested, you can email us with your sample work (reviews or articles).


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