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Things I Love About Secret Crush on You

This piece isn’t a critique or Impression but is a commentary on what makes me eager to watch it each week.  I will start by saying there are flaws. I have yet to watch a series that doesn’t have them. …
May 1, 2022

Things to Think About..

Recently, I Tweeted an appreciation of a music video released recently by Thai singer/Actor Gunsmile Chanagun Arpornsutinan and GMMtv Records. Gunsmile's been in supporting roles in over 46 Thai entertainment features, including several Thai BLs, such as SOTUS, Lovesick, and…
April 30, 2021

BL YAOI Tropes? Not with Fighter and Tutor!

Are you one of those fans thinking Why RU has a magnificent story, the best BL couple ever portrayed, chemistry out the ying-yang, and a realistic coming-out story line? We're talking specifically about the characters Fighter and Tutor here. Do…
March 31, 2021

BL Novels into Live-Action Dramas Chinese Style!

Recently a lot of (Mainland) Chinese dramas that are sourced from BL web novels were announced for 2021. Anyone who knows a bit about Guardian, The Untamed, Winter Begonia, or Sleuth of Ming Dynasty will also be aware of the…
January 21, 2021

A Chance to Love: Was It Worth the Wait?

When Studio Wabi Sabi announced the sequel to their highly popular BL series "Love By Chance," the news swept through the fandom like fire, and everyone was ecstatic. The show, which got widespread recognition because of the amazing chemistry between…
November 21, 2020

Beauty in Ashes: My Coming Out Story

Confession: I haven’t been in this game for that long at all. My first foray into the world of BL was only as recent as February 2020. Though I’m quite the BL baby, I’ve done my best to consume all…
October 28, 2020

Of Boys Love and Queer Media [Opinion]

There has been an increase in the interest in Boys Love series in recent years. In fact, this COVID 19 pandemic has given rise for opportunities like this, so-called low-key media to emerge as one of the fastest-growing genres with…
October 3, 2020
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