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Movies and TV series are rated as follows:

1 starNot good. It’s trash! please avoid at all cost;

2 starsNeeds improvement, has certain, obvious flaws that make the film/TV series not worth it;

3 starsGood show (sometimes even very good, like getting 3.5 stars);

4 starsExcellent, it has certain flaws but as a whole delivers on its promise. Must-watch and may even be award-worthy;

5 stars – A masterpiece. No need for more words.

My reviews are performance-centered which means I value on-screen chemistry between actors a lot. I also give extra points for amazing acting – singularly or collectively. Of course, the mise en scène is also important to me.

There are also 3.5 or 4.25 ratings depending on how I see the movie or Tv series at that time. It’s my way of not giving the next higher rating.

I have been reviewing movies and TV series since 2005, via The Movie Fanatic (which became an IMDb partner back in those days).

Psycho Milk is still a work in progress since 2015, with intermittent postings.

As a reviewer, I try to avoid giving out spoilers. I will also avoid narrating the story as if my readers are not capable of understanding the drama or movie themselves.

My reviews are short but contain certain focal points so that viewers can appreciate the movie or drama. I highly recommend most of these movies, but will not hesitate to give a 1 out of 5 stars rating if the show is trash.

Of course, as a reviewer, I have my personal biases and these will be reflected in my reviews. At the end of the day, my reviews are based on my personal tastes and preferences.

That’s about it.

Thanks for reading!

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