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It’s January 2022. This year we have many new LGBTQ+ series to look forward to. We go from a drought at this time last year to a flood of content waiting to be consumed.  There will be another article detailing upcoming titles, but let’s check out what’s newly available this month and some continuations of last month.


My Love Mix-Up!

Synopsis (Viki)

For longer than he’d care to admit, Sota Aoki (Shunsuke Michieda) has had a crush on his classmate Mio Hashimoto (Riko Fukumoto). Sitting next to her in class every day, Aoki wishes he could find a way to tell her how he feels but something keeps holding him back. Despite being unable to confess his feelings, he’s at least able to talk to her about other, simpler things. He’s even occasionally borrowed school supplies from her, which is why he didn’t think twice about asking to borrow an eraser from her when he found himself needing one during class one day.

Little did Aoki know that borrowing one simple eraser would change his life forever. Noticing Hashimoto had written something on the eraser he’d borrowed, Aoki is devastated to find that she had written “Ida-kun”. Crushed by the realization that she has absolutely no romantic interest in him, Aoki finds himself so flustered that he accidentally drops the eraser. Much to his horror, the very same Kousuke Ida (Ren Meguro), picks up the eraser and hands it back to Aoki. Noticing his name on the eraser, Ida suddenly sees Aoki in an entirely different light.

With Ida now convinced Aoki has a crush on him and Hashimoto wanting nothing more from him than their casual friendship, Aoki has no idea what to do next. Will he be able to clear up this misunderstanding with Ida, or will he find that fate has other plans?

Adapted from the manga of the same name written by Wataru Hinekure, “My Love Mix-Up!” is a 2021 romantic comedy-drama directed by Shogo Kusano and Tadaaki Horai.

(Technically it began to air in December but finishes this Saturday, January 16th)

Looks cute and fluffy. The preview makes me smile, but with other BL’s on my watch list, this might be something I binge on a slow weekend.

My Beautiful Man

Synopsis (Viki)

With no friends, poor grades, and a stutter, Hira Kazunari (Riku Hagiwara) isn’t exactly enjoying his life as a high school student. With no dreams and little ambition, Hira’s only hobby is taking photographs of his everyday life. With a new semester now starting, Hira doesn’t really expect things to change but when they take a turn for the worst, he’s caught completely off-guard.

Rescued from a horribly uncomfortable situation by none other than the class’s “King”, Kiyoi Sou (Yusei Yagi), Hira can’t help the feelings of admiration that threaten to overwhelm him. Despite his best efforts to resist, Hira soon finds himself madly in love with the exceedingly handsome Kiyoi, but with such polar positions in the class, his chances of winning Kiyoi’s heart are slim. Or so it would seem. Uncovering Kiyoi’s secret dream, quite by accident, Hira soon realizes he and his crush now have something important connecting them.

Sharing such an important secret, will Hira and Kiyoi find themselves slowly coming together, or will it eventually become the wedge that drives them apart?

Adapted from the novel, “He, Who is Beautiful” by Nagira Yuu, “My Beautiful Man” is a 2021 romantic high school drama directed by Mai Sakai.

Interesting – Hira wanted to be the property of the King……so it would seem that the King wants to have someone to order around, a subject.  I haven’t watched it yet, but it could be cute.

Behind Cut

Synopsis (VIKI)

Ki Jin (Bum Jun) is a budding fashion design student who dreams big: He wants to become a world-famous clothing designer. But the journey to the top of South Korea’s fashion tree is not an easy one, and he is struggling to find the right path. One day, on the street, he bumps into Yeong Woo (Eom Se Ung), an ever-optimistic part-time delivery worker. Even though it seems everyone he knows has formulated a grand plan about how their future will unfurl, Yeong Woo doesn’t have a dream. While all others are in a rush to get somewhere in life, it seems that his own life is stuck in first gear.

Although things have got off to a decidedly shaky start for Ki Jin and Yeong Woo, they start to develop a fondness for one another, and start to wonder if their seemingly opposing blend of determinedness and acceptance could be a case of “opposites attract.” But when a leading model named Lee Bin (Choo Suk Young) arrives on the scene, things get complicated. He starts to develop a crush on Ki Jin. Could this development spell the end for the fledgling romance between Ki Jin and Yeong Woo?

“Behind Cut” is a 2021 South Korean drama series.

This is definitely going on my watch list. Korean fashion student with lofty aspirations to become a top designer who meets and falls for a gorgeous but aimless part-time delivery worker. A concept not seen very often in BL.  Also the Korean BL’s seem to be producing some quality dramas last year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer us this year.

Tinted with You

Synopsis (My Drama List)

In Korea’s feudal past, deposed Crown Prince Lee Heon was forced into exile when his cruel older brother usurped the throne. His sibling plans to permanently secure his position, leaving Lee Heon fearing for his life at every turn.  Lee Heon has one ally, Geum, his loyal, kind-hearted guard.

Flash forward to the modern-day, where art is high school student Eun Ho’s entire world. He accepts a commission to complete an unfinished canvas despite its mysterious vibe. Inexplicably drawn into the distant past, he meets Lee Heon, with whom he forms a close and romantic bond.

Becoming restless, the acting king desires to murder the exiled Crown Prince. Eun Ho now understands that he may be Lee Heon’s best – if not sole – chance of survival.

If you love period dramas this will be one to watch. I enjoy the premise of this Korean version of an Isekai where a modern-day person is whisked away to another time or another world. The characters look lovely in their period clothes and the chemistry is sweet.

Your My Sky

Synopsis (VIKI)

Thorn (Suar Kritsanaphong Sripattiyanon) is a first-year college student who loves playing basketball and dreams of becoming a high-level player. Although he is committed to success, he is reunited with Tupfah (Tae Chayapat Kongsub), an older former basketball player whom he used to know, and who has now put his own sporting ambitions on ice. Torn feels attracted to Tupfah, but is unsure about whether or not he should tell Tupfah about his feelings or not, worried that doing so might cause problems. But as they spend more time together, a bond of friendship develops as Thorn tries to convince the older student to return to the sport – but could this all end up turning into love?

However, their hearts – and sporting hopes – are not the only ones on the line. Aii (Jump Kananat Yansukon) is hoping to win a scholarship to study abroad. To do so, he will need to secure high grades at college. But although he does want to gain a place at a Japanese university, his head is turned by a football player with dazzling good looks, threatening to divert his focus away from his school work. Meanwhile, two relay team track runners find themselves attracted to one another – despite the fact that one is dating the other’s sister!

“You’re My Sky” is a 2022 Thai drama series.

Seems like another typical college bl with best friends to lovers trope. It’s probably fine if that’s your bag. It’s not making the cut for me, but if you think otherwise, feel free to tell me about it in the comments.


Paint With Love

The story follows Phab (Tae), an abstract painter who is hired by the owner of a media agency, Maze (Singto), to do a painting at a celebrity’s wedding. After a disastrous accident, Phab will start working for Maze to pay his debts. What starts as a not-so-friendly worker/employer relationship soon evolves into something more.

A new Singto BL? I will put it on my list, for sure. I have been a fan since SOTUS, but he sold me on his acting ability in He’s Coming to Me. Plus a story about a painter and an executive sounds intriguing. I’m always in the mood for unique storylines.

Macho Caponate (Movie)

Takeshi (Tadaoki Igami) runs a coastal Italian restaurant. When Kazuyoshi (Shinya Orikasa) returns home from Italy, the two are reunited for the first time in 7 years but their once intense relationship is soured by Takeshi’s oddly distant attitude. A new generation of Boys’ Love movie told with overwhelming visual beauty!

Two middle-aged lovers reunite after 7 years apart. The scenery of the Japanese coastal town is stunning but when combined with the passion of long lost lovers and amazingly tantalizing Italian dishes, this is one spicy film that will surely please those of us craving a little more than standard BL. It will be on my watch list as well.

Love at the End of the World


Reports from NASA confirm that an asteroid is set to hit Earth in 7 days, resulting in global destruction. In a flashback, Ben’s father scolds him, both physically and verbally, for being homosexual. In a separate flashback, George and Sam have an aggressive confrontation with each other. Sam gives Ben an incredible morning fellatio. As a gigantic earthquake hits, Sam faces a split decision between two people he loves. Ben and Sam reminisce about their pasts and find common ground. A hot and steamy threesome ensues between lovers.

An erotic suspense BL series exploring the lives of four couples as they navigate through love, pain,

loss, romance, forgiveness, redemption, loneliness and sorrow. After reports from NASA confirm that

an asteroid is set to hit Earth in 7 days resulting in global catastrophe, priorities quickly change and

panic ensues.

Not going to lie, this sounds similar to director Aam Anusorn’s story Til the World Ends. We are longtime supporters of Aam and his series. So I think I will sit this one out and wait to see Art and Best in Aam’s series.


B X J Forever (Season 2)

Synopsis (My Drama List)

Jumping off from the story of Ben X Jim Season 1, Ben and Jim, who were childhood friends that became lovers, ultimately part ways. Jim, after throwing everything away because of the decision with Ben, now works as a barista, all the while looking for Ben, who went missing after the unfortunate ending.

With the help of friends, Jim, tries to find Ben, while recounting all the good times he had with Ben, thru letters that will be revealed he sent to Ben, over the years, until June 5, 2015, his last letter.

I didn’t see the first one, but from what others have said I will give this a pass. I don’t like the cheating trope or tragedy. But I’m sure it appeals to some who would prefer a more realistic or nuanced storyline of a gay couple.

Gen Y The Series – Season 2

Synopsis (My Drama List)

The feeling of disappointment that arose with all characters in Gen Y The Series SS1 will be solved, especially the suddenly ended of Pha and Wayu. Wayu decided to start to be a couple with Thanu, but it may not be easy because of the unclear relationship between Thanu and Phai. At the same time, Mark and Kit got a problem with distancing and timing. Before they decide to call it off, they focus on temporary separation as an option. that may make them know how the importance of each other. Pok has tried so hard to be better for Tong but he feels like he is just not up to Tong’s expectation. Also, Tong has tried to give all the best to Pok but he had misunderstood that Pok never wants it. While Wayu started to open up to a new relationship, a problem of Mark and Kit, a conflict of Pok and Tong.

If you liked the first, you will probably give the second season a watch. I missed out but do appreciate the actors like Kimmon, Copter and Bas, so eventually I will watch season 1. However, at the moment it is not high on my to watch list.

He’s Mine

Synopsis (GlobalTV-SMO YouTube Channel)

HE’S MINE is the story of love and hate and the dangerous lies that happen between two lovers and the fear of losing someone you love most. The story happens in a beautiful beach resort where all the characters meet. This the story of relationships between families of different walks of life, between friends, between lovers as well as between enemies.

Pinoy series that began airing in November. After watching the trailer, if you are into high drama with lots of love, lies, betrayal and sex, this would be a good show for you. Reminds me of Thai Lakorn or a Spanish Telenovela. 

Limited Edition

Synopsis (BRAGAIS TV YouTube Channel)

Produced by accomplished shoe designer, JOJO BRAGAIS, Limited Edition is an upcoming Pinoy BL series about finding that one perfect elusive love.

It looks surprisingly sweet and charming about a man who falls in love at first sight and someone who likes but doesn’t love him back. What do you do when you know there is a time limit on your future? Do you risk it all, enjoy the moment knowing that parting will be bittersweet. Or do you fight to make it work, somehow overcoming obstacles placed in your way. I want to see how this ends up for the couple, so I will add this to my list.

Mr. Cinderella

A Synopsis is not available, so this is based on the trailer on their YouTube channel O2.

 A Vietnamese BL with high stakes.  It looks intense. No current information about this series in MyDramaList. We have someone who, to get back at a girl for some unknown reason, decides to steal and seduce her boyfriend. Hearts are played with, broken and women are angry, people try to kill each other, so no idea why. The trailer had all these jumbled images and scenes in short order. But if you are looking for an intense BL I think this would fit the bill.

Not Me

Synopsis (My Drama List)

Black and White are twins with a powerful connection. After their parents’ separation, though, White’s father took him out of the country, their family effectively severed in two. It isn’t until fifteen years have passed that White—now grown—returns to Thailand.

One day, seemingly from nowhere, White feels an agony like death. He recovers in the hospital, but they’re unable to determine the cause. Then he picks up a call from a childhood friend, Todd. Todd tells him that Black is in a coma following a vicious attack and he learns that Black is in a motorcycle gang. Unable to endure the harm done to his brother in silence, and suspecting it was one of Black’s close friends—Sean, Gram, or Yok—who betrayed him, White disguises himself as Black to root out the traitor.

But White doesn’t know his brother as well as he thought; he’s not behaving like the Black Sean knows, distrustful and uncaring about the feelings of others. Sean’s suspicious. The difference gets under Sean’s skin and makes him feel things he shouldn’t.

A drama with all my GMMTV favorites and OffGun together once again on screen? Oh yes, I’m in. I will have to binge this one very soon.  Gun is a remarkable actor. The Gifted and Blue Hour are showcases of his acting ability. I have been disappointed he hasn’t been cast in more dramas. I felt BL was too limiting for him, so now that BL is pushing the boundaries of the box it is shoved in, we are seeing more complex plot lines.   Some series try to incorporate queer characters or romance but don’t label themselves as BL. If you’ve watched it, leave me your opinion on it.

Last but not least is my absolute favorite this month.

Bad Buddy

Synopsis (My Drama List)

Ever since they were young, Pran and Pat’s fathers’ had a deep and raging rivalry — trying to one-up each other on everything. This also extended towards their sons. Comparing their sons’ achievements and merits, whether it be academic or extracurricular — the two fathers left no stones unturned to outshine and gloat in front of the other.

It was almost like rivalry was passed down as a family heirloom and the two boys became rivals as well. Until… they grew tired and became friends. Really good friends.

However, because of their fathers’ rivalry, their friendship had to be kept under wraps. And so began a journey of secret friendship… and then perhaps a sweet secret romance?

This is going in my top 10 BL’s of all time. It’s probably going to be in my top 5. I have long admired the acting abilities of Ohm Pawat and Nanon Koripat but their chemistry on screen is no joke here. I love these characters of Pat and Pran. And every time I worry we will fall into a BL trope with an unwanted toxicity, they manage to subvert it, somehow turning this story into spun sugar cotton candy. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? You will be glad you did, trust me.

Are there any I missed? Drop a comment and tell me which ones are going on your watch list or skip list. Thanks again for staying with us folks. – Hugs. 💕 – Jen


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  • Hello Jen: It’s tough to keep up with every new movie or series. Two I finished watching My Love Mix-Up and Beautiful Man were brilliantly done with a wonderful cast. Beautiful Man is definitely my favorite. From the time their eyes met the series unfolded into a more than beautiful story. Currently watching Mr. Cinderella from Vietnam on YouTube. Waiting for Episode 8. Can’t get my eyes off the gorgeous gangster-like Dung (Trần Vũ Đức Duy). This is his 3rd BL series. I am finding the Thai story lines are too predictable and I am not a fan of violence for violence sake.Take Care and Happy New Year.

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