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Today in Thailand – 08/11-08/12/21

คนขี้ขลาดโจมตีประชาชนไร้อาวุธ! Cowards attack unarmed citizens!
August 11, 2021

PM’s Love Without Gender Update

As many of you have noticed over the past few months, we, here at Psycho-Milk, have undergone some changes. The site started as a passion project from our founder Red to share news, reviews, and thoughts about Asian BL’s. As…
May 24, 2021

Things to Think About..

Recently, I Tweeted an appreciation of a music video released recently by Thai singer/Actor Gunsmile Chanagun Arpornsutinan and GMMtv Records. Gunsmile's been in supporting roles in over 46 Thai entertainment features, including several Thai BLs, such as SOTUS, Lovesick, and…
April 30, 2021

Change is Coming to Psychomilk

Why do people cringe when they hear the word "change?" Change is a good thing! It is probably because it forces individuals to change themselves - to relearn, reevaluate ideas and thoughts we've held onto for maybe too long. While…
February 27, 2021
Special Events

The 2020 Psycho BL Awards

The 2020 Psycho BL Awards are complete. We have our Winners, and our Runner-Ups. The way that voting was conducted and final results achieved this year was unique. An internal survey was distributed across the family of Psychomilk Contributors where…
February 7, 2021
NewsPinoy Casting

In Between (2020)

It's just a matter of day before we get to see In Between another Pinoy BL series with an equally unique style and point of view. (more…)
July 10, 2020
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