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Episode 0 is a prelude to the much-awaited 2Moons2 the series. The new drama is to release its first episode on June 29. This so-called Episode 0 serves as an introduction and as a sort of guide for both old and new viewers of 2Moons.

Let me give you a recap.

There are 3 video clips. The first clip above features the series’ introduction of the 6 main characters. It’s like watching a beloved favorite comes back to life but with unfamiliar faces. While loyal, misguided and hard-headed fans of the old series ‘may’ boycott this release, it’s a pity because even Episode 0 brings so much to the table.

I like it that there is both romance and conflict. The flow of events and milestones are reasonable. My issue with plenty of Thai BL series is that there is much confusion. You may impress the new BL audience with hot scenes, but not me. I need to be satisfied with the flow of the story – there should be some semblance of logic and truth to it. Previous Thai BL dramas fail because – (1) they hired a completely incompetent director, (2) or the scriptwriter has no idea what the story is about and (3) the cast may be hot but has no acting ability at all.

Dir. Anusorn is an international film festival favorite and acclaimed filmmaker. He has nothing to prove because he already got what it takes. In this drama, he enters the Thai BL scene on local television. His film, Present Perfect won numerous awards. This gay-romantic film is set in Japan, featuring two young, attractive Thai men.

I have observed that Dir. Anusorn goes for both looks and talent. Perhaps there may be more attractive young aspirants than the chosen cast, but then again, he must have set his eyes on having his actors being good-looking and have acting potentials. Of course, this is what we have to wait and see.

Essentially, Episode 0 takes in the following:

  • The executives at Motive Village explains the need to cast new actors. That drama production is new and requires a completely different approach to the story;
  • Noon (chiffon_cake), the author of 2Moons also serves as a judge of the casting panel;
  • Benjamin Brasier takes on the role of Phana. ‘His eyes have it’ says the author during Brasier’s audition. I failed to catch on Brasier’s appeal in the beginning but totally agrees that he fits the role perfectly. You cannot go wrong with someone who has such expressive eyes as he;
  • Earth Thirapat is Wayo, the rich kid who is not aware of his effects on people. He’s childish yet matured in his own ways. The character is a big challenge due to the portrayal of conflicting emotions including exuding an appeal where people wants him to be protected. I love the way Earth describes his piano play!;
  • The conflict will come from a new character, and he’ll be pursuing Wayo;
  • Joong Archen is Ming and is said to be a naughty person in the book. For me, Archen is very photogenic and is equally charming on the screen. ‘Joong is such a baddie in real life’ says the producers;
  • Nine Konchit is Kit, and the producers and author agree that he performs an arrogant character in a charming/lovely way. Noon is grateful for having Nine because he can interpret the character quite well;
  • Phoom Naret plays Forth and was a previous rival of Phana for Wayo. Eventually, he ended up with Beam. He exudes with so much sex appeal! The author mentioned his unique audition process where he was actually approached for the role (instead of the other way around). This is one couple who did not register in the first series. I look forward to their story since this is the chance for them to shine;
  • Dome Woranart is Beam. I find his chemistry with Phoom to be spot on;
  • The chemistry between the 3 couples is something to be excited about. I commend dir. Anusorn and the production team for selecting the actors who look good together and supporting them in every aspect.

Here are the 2 other clips to complete Episode 0.

I said this many times, I hate it when fans make it personal. The original cast is no more, they have been replaced. You either accept that and you move on or feel bitter for the rest of your life. I feel sad for this kind of mindset, I think it’s toxic and dangerous.

I always look up when Brasier tweets about how he feels, and this one is on target!

June 29 is the launch of the premiere episode of 2Moons2 the Series. I was looking forward to watching it already, but I appreciate how the producers decided to have Episode 0 first. I think it readies the audience for what’s about to come!

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