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Sex sells and in the chaotic and competitive world of BL, some fans are clamoring for more sex and intimate scenes. It can make the difference between getting those millions of play views or none at all.

There has been more than 5 scenes that depicted sex between Tharn and Type, jerk off scene by Type, and a “chance intimacy” by Tharn where he touched Type while sleeping. Not to mention how many “imagined fantasy” of sex between the two.

Note that we are only halfway to the series.

In contrast, there were less than a dozen intimate scenes between the leads in Lovesick and one kiss in The Love of Siam (between Mario and Pchy). Those were many years ago. For all we know, fans of Lovesick maybe your Auntie!

In 2018, a year ago, Love By Chance was already a trailblazer by featuring some piping hot intimacy between Saint and Perth – remember the locker room sex? And plenty of kissing between Mean and Plan! Not to mention the implied anal sex between Mark and Gun.

In TharnType, these sex scenes and romantic moves were pushed further.

Here are two clips showing different intimate scenes between Tharn and Type;

The clip above is during one of the earlier episodes. It shows Tharn lusting for Type as he touches him while drunk and sleeping.

This clip is somewhat the opposite where Type makes all the moves.

I was quite shy, but I and Nong Gulf had done many workshops that we’re not shy when actually shooting. If we’re shy while shooting, it would waste production’s time. – Says Mew.

That’s part of an interview translated by Masong. Lets get some more perspective:

Masong, one of the Twitter accounts translating Mew-Gulf interviews posted that before the decision to cast the lead actors, both Gulf Kanawut and Mew Suppasit were asked to name the actor they want to have screen test with. Both said each other’s name.

  • Acting workshops indicate that both Mew and Gulf are made aware that there will be plenty of intimacy and sex scenes;
  • Due to the close collaboration between the crew and the production staff, there is little inhibition between Gulf (a newcomer) and Mew (relatively a senior in acting);
  • Being one of the many BL shows this year, there is already precedents. Sex scenes are not as unique or as rare as when BL first made its way in Thai TV – via Hormones and some other ‘ancient’ show that we are not aware of;
  • Type and Tharn are unique characters in the sense that they are not fully “top” or “bottom”. While many will disagree, I assume that Type is not so innocent to feign having sex before he became Tharn’s roommate;
  • Just like in Japanese programming, these BL shows are shown way past bed time. The less chance for kids to “accidentally” tune in and watch sex between boys!

Of course, there is what we call artistic freedom and choices. As viewers, we are not privy to close door discussions between the artistic and business sides of a drama series. How they balance art and profit remains their call. After all, it is their money and their creative work.

But does it really matter? I think it does. Let me give you some stats:

Using stats at LINETV alone –

  • Love by Chance got 124 million hits for an average of 9 million views per episode;
  • My Dream, the series have almost 28 million or 2.3 million views per episode;
  • Dark Blue Kiss have – so far – 11 million views or 1.8 million per episode;
  • TharnType have 19.3 million views or 3.2 million per episode.

I think the intimate scenes featured in TharnType made the big difference.

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  • Dawn says:

    I think as these dramas become more of a norm, people won’t see their interactions as any different than that of a male-female relationship. Just like in America when they made and aired the first gay kiss between two men (what’s widely believed was the 1st in LGBTQA history), which was the 1927 Silent Movie “Wings” made by Paramount Studios on a $2 million dollar budget. Pretty forward during those times…check out this clip…

    Then fast forward through time, and you have daytime soap operas, night time dramas and films that dont only imply sexual orientation and relationships, but display them in there full intimacy and complexity…i.e. General Hospital Lucas x his partner who came out as gay, they’ve since married and adopted a baby; Queer As Folk, this was a Showtime gem back in the early 2000’s, “Milk” starring Sean Penn. Not to mention all the films that show gay men as drag queens, confused, bitchy, pansies…i digress.

    Worldwide filming and publishment of same sex dramas, and movies will be ome just as mainstream as heterosexual relationship films, as laws Chang in countries around the world.

    • RedandBlue says:

      Thanks. I was told about Dynasty. That was an old drama. I’m still trying to do some research on it. Thanks for all the info. I became interested in looking for.more about the shows you listed above.

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