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Soul mates, destiny, love beyond the grave – words people like to throw at you when it’s hard to find a more “reasonable” explanation.

In Episode 2 of Until We Meet Again, the love is in abundance that it spilled over the small screen, reaching me (and the audience) at full force.

This is the kind of show that makes us feel so good that we become emotional wrecks. After 2 episodes, I’m already totally invested in the characters.

While Earth and Nine’s tragedy is always there in the background, the current timeline featuring Ohm and Fluke offers the most in terms of impact.

They are the personification of love in its purest form and the coincidences of events prove that – if you are meant to meet someone, you will.

Volumes upon volumes of love stories populate our personal libraries – it can be in the form of books or movies or even actual experiences. Dir New tap into this collective consciousness of our desire for romance and love and companionship.

Until We Meet Again, therefore, becomes more than just a drama, it becomes personal.

Why Episode 2 deserves all these praises:

  • Fluke (Natouch Pongsatorn) can change his nickname as often as he changes his clothes but his acting remains at a very consistent high level. I have argued about him being under-appreciated and I was right;
  • Ohm Thitiwat has this strong, masculine appeal that it sometimes can overpower you (the audience, that is). I dunno if it’s intentional on the part of dir. New but Ohm being Dean is like having a volcano near you and it’s about to erupt. When he said ‘damn you!’, my monitor literally shook in fear and anticipation;
  • A few select scenes of Earth and Nine were also featured. I’m still coping from the roller coaster ride of Episode 1 that seeing them alive brings back sad memories.

The meeting at the supermarket serves its purpose – the manifestation of tears, which is meant to be contained and will only happen during sleep did happen while both Dean and Pharm are conscious.

What a distinctive style to depict romance and yearning!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

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