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Wow! 2020 has finally come to an end.

In an incredible and horrific turn of events, this has become the year nobody will ever want to revisit. Full of death, fear, and growing depression, 2020 has the world looking towards the future for hope. The New Year is here, and with it, we look back on what 2020 gave us. While most of it was tragic, much of the world found solace and distraction in entertainment.

The BL industry, in particular, really stepped up to the plate in entertainment for 2020. While not every series hit a home run, this year was a significant step forward for the BL genre. Korean BLs entered the mainstream, and Pinoy BLs exploded en masse onto the scene. A Japanese BL made an overwhelming international impression, and Taiwan saw its highest-grossing LGBTQ+ film ever. China released a plethora of Bromance dramas and saw a very slight loosening in censorship – maybe to BL-lite. Once the premiere source of all things BL, Thailand met the competition with deeper story plots that stole hearts. Lastly, Girls Love dramas began to work their way discreetly onto the BL playing field with game-winning success.

2020 also saw the BL industry trending away from the typical high school romances toward more adult themes and situations with deeper, emotional storylines. It gave the staff at Psychomilk a lot to watch and a lot to talk about. Plus, the diversity of our favorites with some exceptions, simply tells us how widely our staff covers the planet.  Please take a look at some of our end-of-the-year top favorite and most disappointing BL drama lists. Please keep in mind that watching dramas is a personal experience. What we may find great about one drama may be a disappointment to someone else, and the things that disappoint us may touch someone else’s heart. In no way are the shows that disappointed us discourage viewers from checking these dramas out themselves. Let us look forward to 2021 together in hopes that the world will experience collective healing and even more groundbreaking BL entertainment.

—Edited by Dɾαɱα_Lʅαɱα and TheFNGee

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020


I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You (ITSAY) is a beautifully woven coming-of-age Thai drama that conveys the reality of discovering one’s sexuality and falling in love while juggling familial and academic expectations and personal dreams. The music, acting, cinematography, and production quality are superb. ITSAY does not hold back and is an emotional roller coaster ride that should not be missed.

Your Name Engraved Herein

Your Name Engraved Herein is a symbolic and very valid Taiwanese film that centers on two gay men coming to terms with themselves and their sexuality during the upheaval and social unacceptance of 1987 post-martial law Taiwan. Although it is a romance, the story focuses more on the trials Birdy and Jia-Han endure in their journey to accept who they are. I love that the romance takes a back seat to what these men gained personally through their journey. This film is powerful and raw – the kind of storytelling that defines a movement rather than a romance.

Life Senjou no Bokura 線上の僕ら

Life Love on the Line is a short but powerful Japanese BL manga adaptation about two very different men—a dreamer and a logical realist—that proves love can overcome anything, even stepping away from the symbolic and physical line that first brought them together.

Cherry Magic (30-sai made Dotei Da to Mahotsukai ni Nareru rashii) 

Although Cherry Magic is a comedic Japanese BL manga adaptation, it delves beneath the surface humor to tackle the importance of communication, self-acceptance, and honesty in relationships while also making the viewers laugh and smile.

Wish You: Your Melody is in My Heart

Wish You is a short Korean BL web drama that seriously deserves more time and attention. Viewers are immersed in the male leads’ struggle to build a same-sex relationship amid the chaos of the strict and romantically unforgiving Korean music industry. Even better, this drama stars two popular Kpop musicians. This drama is as relevant musically as romantically by utilizing Kang InSoo’s and Lee Sang’s real-life vocal and musical talents. The chemistry between the leads is fire. Although this series makes it onto my 2020 favorites list, I feel like there is much more story this drama could tell. With only eight ten-minute episodes, the show denies viewers a more in-depth look at the scandal and emotional upheaval being in a same-sex relationship in the industry could potentially cause. 


A Chance to Love

As an avid fan of this Thai drama’s first season, the second season of Love by Chance fell flat for me. The choice to retell Tin and Can’s story completely erased what made me fall in love with them in the first place. The secondary storylines didn’t fully explore the secondary couples, and the drama’s general cohesiveness felt disconnected and ‘off’ with awkward dialogue and stilted interactions.

My Gear and Your Gown

I will be honest and admit that I didn’t finish this drama, which is why it makes it onto this list. By the end of episode six, I realized I could not connect with the characters or the storytelling. Thus, I would like to point out that I know I may be missing essential episodes that could have improved the plot in my view. The disappointment lies in my inability to be drawn into completing the drama.

Oxygen the Series

Oxygen is one of those “maybe I shouldn’t have read the book before I watched the drama” moments. As a writer, I realize screen adaptations of novels are an art all their own that should be kept separate from the books. Screenwriters are amazing artists who have their professional take on how a book will translate onto the screen. However, Oxygen makes it onto my 2020 disappointed list because I found the things I love most about the book’s characters are severely lacking for me in the drama, except for the secondary couple, Phu and Kao. Phu and Kao certainly managed to win my heart.

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020


I Told Sunset About You

In this Boys Love drama, two different boys grow up together but also drift apart. The characters’ growing attraction is beautifully displayed through the director’s meticulous eye for detail and the actors’ great chemistry. I adore that neither of the male leads is perfect and that they both experience an identity crisis. It’s a must-see. The filmmaking and script are absolute perfection. 

My Engineer

This book-to-drama gem is a powerhouse of break-out performances, and I loved almost everything about it. When a large cast is involved, it’s hard to give all of them the attention needed to keep the audience invested in multiple storylines. But this show does an excellent job of it. Clever pacing, comedic moments, and especially Ram and King’s pairing make this a show you don’t want to miss. Ram and King have a unique romance, which is particularly notable because Ram is voluntarily mute and distant for most of the series. In contrast, King is an extrovert and very kind.

Because of You

Although the script is a bit off, Because of You is a cleverly shot, charming mini-series. I love the characters and the unique style of storytelling. Trying to determine whether the two main characters are brothers or not had me on the edge of my seat. Their slow-burn romance is hilarious. I love first gay experience romances, and this drama wins for me because it has three such love stories.


A Chance to Love

Season two of Love By Chance, A Chance to Love, is the worst BL I have ever seen, which is disappointing. In comparison, Love By Chance is one of the best BLs I have ever watched. The sequel debases the original story, ruining established plot points. This drama ignores the source material for expediency. The only good thing about A Chance to Love is the new secondary romances, albeit they get little screen time. The fact that the source material’s author wrote the script makes it even worse. I hope never to see it again. I will rewatch clips of Tul & Hin instead.

TharnType: Seven Years of Love

TharnType is yet another 2020 sequel I hated. I tried very hard to love it, but I honestly could not. The screenwriting is terrible. In the first few episodes, the title characters are rarely in the same scenes. Some moments make little sense, such as a person falling on his ass but somehow tearing his ACL. Four new characters appear in random scenes with no context, which is jarring. However, the worst part is the amount of skinship versus actual Tharn and Type plot in the first five episodes. The only characters I liked are Khunpol and Champ and their slow-burn romance.

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020


I Told Sunset About You

This drama is not only my favorite BL; it is one of my favorite 2020 coming-of-age dramas. The acting is superb. As friends and fellow actors, BK (Teh) and PP (Oh Aew) understand each other well. Their chemistry is off the charts. They come across as soulmates, and I don’t mean in the romantic sense. There is a level of comfort and understanding they have with each other that I don’t think would have translated as well onscreen if they’d acted opposite someone else. The dialogue is realistic and relatable.

Two of my favorite lines are:
“You can stop, but I won’t let you quit.” ~ Teh to Oh Aew, Episode 3
“Why are people born to feel pain?” ~ Oh Aew, Episode 4

There are no words to describe how these lines made me feel, but I felt them – every single one of them. I love the cinematography, especially the coloring. Each color has a meaning or connection to the lead characters. Whether it is their sexual identity, school, or simply trying to figure out who they are, the struggle each character faces is relatable. The music and lyrics are phenomenal. I love how well each song connects with the individual scenes and characters, and I love that the music doesn’t overpower these moments. BK’s Can’t Translate is my favorite OST.  This drama is a work of art.

Gaya Sa Pelikula

Words cannot describe how much I love this series – it is comfortable. Watching Gaya is like drinking hibiscus tea on a snowy day while curled up with a good book. I enjoy seeing Karl and Vlad’s development. By living together, they grow as individuals as they try to “find” themselves and come to terms with who they are. I am proud of them. Vlad deserves to be with someone who can be “out” with their love, and Karl deserves to take the time he needs to feel comfortable and ready to express himself as being out. No one can take that away from them. I also love the support system they have around them. Getting a glimpse into their families is interesting. And oh, the music! Is it the best drama soundtrack? Possibly. Is it the soundtrack to my life? YES! Ben & Ben’s Ride Home, Up Dharma Down’s Unti Unti, and Ian Pangilinan’s Kilometer Zero are my top favorites! The drama, actors, director, and everyone involved in the production deserve all the awards.

His: I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love

This drama, along with the main actors are so charming! I like the development. I love the subtle touches and looks the leads share. It is funny how Nagisa (Kura Yuki) acts “cool” but overtly expresses his loving feelings towards Shun (Kusakawa Naoya). The way Nagisa buys Shun snacks to make him happy while Shun remains oblivious to the gesture is amusing and touching. Shun gradually falling for Nagisa is also adorable. Usually, I’m not fond of last-minute confessions in a drama, but it works well for this one. I love the pace and the minute details.

Favorite line:
“If it’s not a burden on you, I’d like to keep on liking you. I like you, and I don’t expect you to like me back; I don’t want my feelings to harm you anyway, so I ask if it’s okay to continue liking you.” ~Nagisa, Episode 5 “The Confession.”

Nagisa’s confession to Shun is cute and respectful. Also, I enjoy the girls’ friendship; it is a nice change from the usual antagonistic female relationships in BLs.

Cherry Magic

Cherry Magic is a fun office rom-com about a 30-year-old virgin who gains magical powers and ends up falling in love and building self-confidence, all while being the best boy in the world. Adachi is cute and relatable. I love everything about Adachi and Kurosawa’s romance and relationship development. The way Adachi freaks out, falls in love and finds himself feels real despite the comedic tone. I also love how attentive Kurosawa is. 

The synergy between Akaso Eiji (Adachi) and Machida Keita (Kurosawa) works. In every scene, they feed off of each other’s energy. The second couple, Tsuge (Asaka Kodai) and Minato (Goto Yutaro), also work well. I like how different they and their communication styles are from the main couple. Like Adachi and Kurosawa, they want to give only the “good” to their partner. Sometimes things don’t work out for them, but they sit and communicate their feelings to one another.


90 Days

I had high hopes for 90 Days, but it disappointed me. The story is original, but the execution is not. My feelings for this drama saddens me because I know the cast and crew tried their best. Unfortunately, it falls short for me.

Wish You: Your Melody is in My Heart

Lee Sang, who plays Yoon Sang Yi in Wish You, is excellent. I would love to see more acting from him in the future. He is adorable and sings well. I like his versatility in portraying SangYi as both a fan and an admirer of Kang Insoo. His expressions have many layers and tell many stories. The drama has potential, but I felt like I was watching an extended commercial. Not because of the ten-minute episode length, but because the show spends so much time focused on the music. The story is lost “in the music.” Also, what about the ending? When and where does that development happen?

Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake

It could be better. Although I like this drama, the camera work ruins it for me.  Kare ga Boku ni Koishita Wake is a positive drama about two male teachers, Akagi Masumi (Yamamoto Yusuke) and Hikawa Tooru (Teranishi Yuma), who fall in love. The people around them embrace their relationship. Once one of them realizes he likes the other, he immediately breaks up with his girlfriend. Everything except the camera work makes me dizzy. The coloring and scene movements are very distracting. At times, I couldn’t focus on the story or what was transpiring.

SaifahZon Story

I realize not everyone will agree, but I feel like this drama should have remained a draft. Tommy and Jimmy deserved better. I understand fans craving more of SaifahZon—I wanted more too—but this was not it. Rather than condense the drama the way they did, I would have preferred Saifah and Zon in an alternate universe stuck in a house together and forced to come to terms with their feelings. The drama is choppy. The editing is not fun. The story, the acting …  everything could have been better. I still love Saifah and Zon.

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020


Chasing Sunsets the Series

Amid this crazy pandemic, I am grateful I found Chasing Sunsets the Series and Camp Avenue Studios. The series gave me the courage to, once again, start my healing journey, while the people behind it became familial support throughout the healing process. Tackling important societal issues such as mental health, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and HIV/AIDS awareness, Chasing Sunsets is a must-watch series that will leave viewers feeling warm, as if they are coming home.

I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You is one of the best Thai BL series ever made. It combines a well-written plot with stellar acting, marvelous cinematography, and great directing. What I love most about the series is the dynamics between the main characters, Teh and Oh-Aew, which in my opinion, was beautifully portrayed by the actors. Their love story is raw, honest, and beautiful.

Where Your Eyes Linger

I’m a fan of Korean Dramas because the production team generally puts forth their best effort to produce a high-quality series. Where Your Eyes Linger proves that Korean BL series are here to slay! Even in the short allotted time provided (10-15 minutes each episode), the series satisfies its viewers with a great story and superb acting from the main leads. Where Your Eyes Linger is a sweet, short escape from this cruel world.

Unlocked The Series

The anthology series Unlocked became an instant favorite because it delivers various stories about the LGBTQ+ community during the pandemic. Each episode offers a different perspective of the community while simultaneously leaving viewers with meaningful life lessons they can implement into their own daily lives. The characters’ conversations are one of the main strengths of this series, making it a joy to watch. Episodes three and eight are, by far, my favorites, but the other episodes are also worth watching.


Tien Bromance

I enjoyed the first five episodes of Tien Bromance because the story piqued my curiosity. However, following a scriptwriter change, the remaining five episodes felt boring and a bit predictable. I wish they had kept to their original format, a sort of jumping sequence between each episode since this makes the series a more enjoyable viewing experience. I would still recommend this drama simply for the sake of variety.

My Day

Aside from the controversies that plagued this series, I found the script of My Day lacking. Compared to other Pinoy BL actors, the two main leads fell short for me, although they did show improvement. The series is not awful, but the plot is not well-written. Many unnecessary scenes provide no additional depth to the story. In conclusion, the series could not be saved for me. With a better script, My Day could be an entertaining series.

In-Between the Series

The first few episodes showed promise. I love the drama’s premise, but the series began to drag a bit towards the end. There are filler episodes that provide no nuance to the story as a whole. However, Migs and Genesis are equally good actors. They beautifully portray Tau and Tep’s characters. I hope the storytelling in the second season improves and that it is more concise and on-point.

En of Love Series: Tossara

Even though I love the En of Love series, I found Tossara lacking compared to the other installments. The plot is loosely-written, and Win’s (Gun) acting needs improvement. What saves the series from completely flopping is Folk Thithipat’s adorable performance. Without him, I would not have continued watching the series. I sincerely wish they had provided a better script and training for the actors to improve the series.

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020


Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger won my heart because of its simplicity. A pandemic college romance that takes place during quarantine, there is nothing exemplary about the script. So, why is this show on my list? Hello Stranger is a journey of self-discovery that is relatable and poignant. Although the show leans heavily towards the “Enemies to Lovers” trope, XavMi’s relationship is based on mutual respect and concern. It is devoid of toxicity. I loved watching Mico fall in love, lamented his insecurities, and celebrated his newfound confidence. Actor JC Alcantara expresses Mico’s emotions well. Xavier, the athletic male lead Mico falls for, surprised me. Tony Labrusca’s strong portrayal of Xavier left me spellbound. Although significant issues affect Mico and Xavier’s otherwise subtle romance, the genuine love they have for each other is beautiful. The friendship between the “Young Padawans” is another major highlight, making this BL drama a truly unforgettable experience!.

Hikaru no Go

Gone are the days when Chinese BL romances projected gay relationships as “Bromance.” Hikaru Na Go will forever be my favorite BL drama for the show’s sheer audacity to depict the romantic entanglements between the main leads, Shi Guang and Yu Liang, without the usual censorship issues. Their love story is loud, incredible, and all-encompassing. The show’s ability to pass through China’s strict Censor Board regulations is nothing short of amazing. The portrayal of the main lead’s friendships makes this show phenomenal. Shi Guang is blessed with some of the best friends in the BL universe. From Chu Ying to Hong He and Shen Yi Ling, Shi Guang has an army of people willing to make sacrifices for Shi Guang to realize his dreams. This show will make viewers laugh and cry. It left me utterly shattered. Hikaru Na Go is a must watch!

Meet Me Outside

This Pinoy BL mini-series surprised me. Despite my low expectations, this drama exceeded them. Meet Me Outside bears a strong resemblance to my favorite Thai BL Moment Since. However, unlike the Thai version, the chemistry between the main leads, Genesis Redido and Kaloy Tingcungco, is incredible. An initial hesitant approach followed by strong attraction and confusion is the crux of this winter romance. Stark opposites, Dale and James’ love story should be impossible, yet this show makes viewers wish for the impossible. Their romance tugs on the heartstrings. My only issue with Meet Me Outside is that it should have been a full-length drama rather than a mini-series. Watching Genesis and Kaloy together is like feeling a summer breeze on a cold winter night!

Cherry Magic

There is a lot of talk surrounding this popular Japanese BL. The show started as an underdog series before sweeping the BL universe off of its feet. While many insist the show’s popularity rests on Adachi, his innocence, and his virginal magic, I beg to differ. My favorite part of this series is Kurosawa. I have yet to meet a character who loves as selflessly as Kurosawa does. The way he holds tightly onto his emotions while loving Adachi from afar makes Kurosawa the definition of “Mr.Right.” My favorite scene is their break up. It isn’t because the pain of that moment didn’t affect me but rather because Kurosawa shocked me. Even amid a breakup, Kurosawa worried more for Adachi’s feelings and pain than his own. Unlike some Japanese BL, this show had no explicit scenes. Despite that, it will forever be an unforgettable experience.

Where Your Eyes Linger

There was a lot of understandable anticipation and expectations resting on the first mainstream Korean BL. Where Your Eyes Linger certainly lived up to all of them. The tense but sweet high school romance building between the extroverted chaebol heir, Tae Joo, and his introverted bodyguard, Kang Gook, should have been impossible. Although they are nothing alike, they suit each other perfectly. I love when the playful, mischievous Tae Joo does his best to drive the calm and collected Gook crazy. The hesitancy between them, the jealousy they pretend isn’t there, and the final, tense acceptance of their feelings is bolstered by the excellent chemistry between the main leads. Han Gi Chan and Jang Eui Soo do a phenomenal job portraying the attraction between their characters. This love story is so deeply ingrained in my heart that I found the recent Korean BLs lacking in comparison.



This show was wrought with controversies even before it aired. Director Darryl Yap was accused of sexual exploitation of children, perpetuating misconceptions about rape. As such, the show’s premiere was met with mixed reactions. Despite that, I watched Sakristan because of the rest of the team’s efforts. Newcomers Henry Villanueva and Clifford Pusing tried their best to save the show from sinking with their sensual chemistry, but there was only so much they could salvage. The glaringly inadequate script added to the viewers’ already tainted perceptions, and frankly, left a lot to be desired. This drama rests high on my list of the “Most Disappointing BL Shows Ever,” solely for its inappropriate depiction of sexual and gender stereotypes.

In Between (Sa Pagitan ng Kamusta at Paalam)

In Between had an interesting premise, and the show’s premiere seemed promising. I like how the show dealt with each couple’s mental difficulties during the “In Between” period, the period between the happy times and the tumultuous breakdowns. However, things got complicated when the show’s producers decided to extend the drama beyond the planned ten episodes. The main protagonists’ issues are explained and dealt with in the first five episodes, so extending the series seemed useless. The second half focused on the secondary lead couple. The show rushed their introduction, and the romance was full of loopholes. I also didn’t feel the chemistry between the main leads, Genesis Redido and Migs Villasis. Frankly, after watching Genesis with Kaloy in Meet Me Outside, I find his chemistry with Migs to be sorely lacking. In conclusion, I’m not sure I will torture myself by watching this show’s sequel. One time was enough for me.

A Chance to Love

This show was one of the most anticipated Thai BLs of 2020. It is also the most disappointing. Marketed as the sequel to the highly popular Love By Chance, the drama failed to live up to its predecessor’s success. The retelling of Tin & Can’s storyline and the utter lack of chemistry between the main leads, Mean Phiravich and Plan Rathavit, made this series a failure. Bitter tears rolled down my cheeks while trying to review this drama. It was a waste of time and money. Tul and Hin’s love story’s poignant depiction was the only saving grace, and even that felt incomplete. I don’t understand why the show wasted the first six episodes trying to soften Tin’s Love by Chance persona rather than expounding on the relationship that had already been built. Also, Plan’s depiction of Can was too “over the top.” Watching their kissing scenes gave me a headache. Actor Plan could not hide his being uncomfortable, and it was painful watching Mean try to salvage the situation. Overall, this show was a  tremendous flop for me.

TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love

I’m not a fan of the novels written by Thai author, Mame. Most of them promote rape culture and sexual assaults. As such, Tharntype has never been on my list of likable dramas. So, it is probably no surprise that the sequel also does not appear on this list. Although I never liked the show, I admit I am a fan of Type Thitiwat. His quick wit and sharp tongue are the only bearable reasons for watching this show. I lost interest when the sequel focused heavily on Tharn’s attempts to tame Type and take away Type’s choices. The story is faulty with bad writing and too many parallel love stories. Although I like Leo-Fiat and Champ-Khunpol, I don’t understand how they are relevant to the current story. My expectations for the sequel weren’t high, to begin with, but I am heavily disappointed by the senseless, half-baked story we are given.

Manner of Death

Marketed as a MaxTul (a couple made famous by the Thai series Together with Me) comeback Manner of Death premiered to huge anticipation. Adapted from a popular novel of the same name, this drama has a  mysterious premise that certainly raised viewers’ expectations. I wouldn’t say that Manner of Death has wholly failed to live up to those expectations. It is currently on-air, and there is room for development. Although the suspense elements are executed well, and the romance between the main characters, Bun and Tan, seems well written, it feels lacking. The story spins in circles, and peeling back the layers has become a Herculean task. I am reserving my final judgment until its completion, but I am disappointed by the drama thus far.

Best and Most Disappointing BL Entertainment 2020

Author’s Note: I first began watching BL dramas this year, and fortunately, I had enough time to view many past and recent BLs. 2020 gave us some fantastic stories with beautiful cinematography, addictive music, and solid cast performances. There are many upcoming BL series, and I am glad to say that there was (and is) enough good quality content to keep me hooked on this genre.


Gaya Sa Pelikula (Like in the movies)

I sent a link to Gaya’s sixth episode to a friend of mine without providing any context. He loved and appreciated the performances so much, he asked me for more. The acting, dialogue, writing, and music make this series the most memorable for me in 2020. Even though I have yet to watch the finale of Gaya Sa Pelikula, I have seen enough end-of-year drama lists to know this series deserves its spot on them. Every camera shot, every scene, and every piece of dialogue has a lot of thought and effort put behind it, and it shows. This series is flawless, and I love everything it offers.

Cherry Magic

The fact that I could add this Japanese BL series to my 2020’s best list after bingeing the first four episodes speaks for itself. I love the confident Kurosawa and how he loves Adachi from afar. I also love the shy Adachi, who suddenly gains the power to read minds after his thirtieth birthday. This show has consent, respect, adorable, sweet moments, and incredible side characters. The couples are considerate individuals and were a delight to watch.

Boys Lockdown

I do not know why—actually, I do, and I wrote about it—I instantly fell in love with this show. It felt like a slice-of-life drama. There are no conflicts and no homophobia. Since they were four months into their quarantine in the series, this show’s lockdown is a way of life. The story doesn’t merely center on the two male leads but also encompasses their world as a whole, their family, friends, and situations. It is funny, emotional, relatable, and beautifully written. I hope to see more stories from the writer and director in 2021.

2gether the series

I probably sound like a broken record because I’ve said this countless times before, but Sarawat is a ‘comfort’ character for me. Watching 2gether was my way of forgetting the initial unhappiness and rage I felt during the pandemic lockdown spanning the months of March and April. I will always be grateful to this show for that. I hope we all agree to forget the last three episodes of this series and to indulge in the sequel. The sequel has its own merits, including a good kiss. I will always be an avid Bright fan and a part of team Sarawat.

Note: If Until we Meet Again had been released in 2020, it would have topped my list. I have yet to watch I Told Sunset About You or Your name Engraved Herein, so I cannot comment on these two widely loved BLs either. Hence, out of the 2020 shows I did see, here’s my last pick for the year.

Life Senjou no Bokura 線上の僕ら

Life Senjou no Bokura 線上の僕ら is another Japanese BL and probably the first on-going series I reviewed for this site. I enjoyed the opening episode so much, I found and read the manga that provided source material for this adaptation on the same weekend. The show closely follows the manga, which is good because of its genuine honesty and rawness. There are many realistic and heartbreaking minute details, and yet the story remained somehow hopeful. The Make Our Days Count special cameo in the finale is so delightful, it nearly eclipses the actual story. In conclusion, this drama is a must-watch for all BL lovers. Also, because it instantly found a place on my playlist, I would like to mention the OST for this series. Overall, I had a pretty satisfying BL viewing year. Although I know I am still missing some good shows, and even though there were a few disappointing series, I hope for better content, exciting plots, and inclusive, heartwarming stories out of this genre in the future.

That about does it. As bad as our planet was in 2020, not every single thing was bad. Amid all the turmoil, anger, sadness, and the lost of our loved one’s lives, at least there was one brighter spot. Here in our world of BL and GL. Thanks to all of our readers for 2020, and here’s hoping 2021 comes in better.


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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • MomIhadanightmare says:

    I’m kind of surprised Why R U wasn’t mentioned, personally it was my favourite of 2020. But of course I respect the opinions of everyone! I understand that some areas of production were affected by the pandemic but the result wasn’t as bad as I thought. The acting was amazing, especially Zee who really surprised me. This was the show that made me lose my voice for a couple hours because I screamed so much, it was so good. I was reluctant to watch it at first but after I did it quickly found its way to my second favourite BL of all time (right behind the first season of Love By Chance).

    This brings me to my most disappointing drama of 2020; A chance to Love. As someone who instantly fell in love with LBC (It was my first BL and remains my fav to this day) I realise it really did not live up to everyone’s expectations. It wasn’t BAD (I’ve seen other shows that were just painful to watch) but it was definitely disappointing.

  • Daring to Dream says:

    I appreciate the variety of series the reviewers found good, bad and otherwise. Like Ian I was also surprised at zero mentions of Gameboys- just because of the innovative way it handled online interaction/graphic/finding love during Covid. I still like the acting in Hello Stranger better and the writing depth of Gaya Se Pelikula better- so glad those got some mentions:)
    I am glad to see His mentioned- a simple and lovely short series- even more interesting is the pairing of His the movie- showing different actors playing them 10 or so years later- while not perfect – I found it innovative and fascinating.
    My fave series for this year (I have not seen Sunset) are Cherry Magic and Gaya Se Pelikula.
    My biggest disappointment was also Another Chance to Love- just wow- only watched one episode of that.

    Thanks to all the reviewers for your attention and finding of things we might miss otherwise- HIkaru No Go and Winter Begonia I never would have experienced without you:)

  • Ian says:

    I know when lists are made, every one starts shrieking why didn’t you include such and such, forgetting lists are subjective. However I am genuinely surprised at Gameboys didn’t make the list – not once. It seemed to me to be the best of all the Pinoy series and far better than any of those mentioned.
    And so many Thai series that were strongly promoted turned out to be major disappointments. My Bromance 2 springs to mind. Everyone wants to see more of Fluke Natouch but it appears they are getting less. Just more tears. It makes you wonder why they bothered.

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