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So sometimes, you fall down a rabbit hole quite unintentionally. I tend to ‘rabbit hole’ when I find something interesting. The Internet has a surplus of knowledge on practically anything, so I invite you to follow me down this ‘rabbit hole.’ 

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Here’s what happened. I watch the T-Pop Stage on the weekends.  During one of the recent shows, Episode 54, I saw and heard Sarah Salola performing.

I loved her look and her sound. It’s a mix of masculine and feminine, which works for her. I wanted more information about her, so I looked her up on YouTube.  Not necessarily the first place one should check, but I primarily wanted to hear more songs from her.

I watched the video for the song Gamble. It’s such a cute video. In it, she is singing to a woman who is her music partner in a music class. It’s a queer song about the possibilities of love and whether you will get your heart hurt if you go for your crush. English subtitles are available.

โต๊ะริม (Melt), a song originally done by Nont Tanont…. Was covered by Sarah Salola + DoubleBam + Jixgo. Their voices are lovely together.

This led me to an episode of TomDunDee featuring the three artists. 

TomDunDee, the YouTube channel, is a play on words in Thai. “Tom” refers to the masculine-presenting (butch) lesbians, with Tom being short for “Tomboy.” Their opposites are called “Dee,” the feminine lesbians. The show is hosted by 3 Tom women, Tina Suppanad, Ayremin Parksaran, and Nann (@super_nann). The show is a variety type show where they do various challenges, greet and interview special guests about Queer content. The channel has English subtitles for most of the episodes. It is aimed at mature audiences, so if you are uncomfortable talking about sex, this channel is probably not for you. I enjoyed their fun banter, especially with these musicians. Sarah Salola, DoubleBam, and Jixgo identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s refreshing to see they don’t have to hide who they are and are under an accepting label.

DoubleBam: น่ารักกว่าธอตอนนี้ ( cuter than you now)

(turn on subtitles, select auto-translate, and then select English for subtitles)

JIXGO: Cheat

(turn on subtitles, select auto-translate, and then select English for subtitles)

I hope you give these artists a listen and a chance. I love their voices and their personalities. 

Marr :

Also consider subscribing to TomDunDee YouTube Channel for more queer content.

TomDunDee Channel:


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