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As many of you have noticed over the past few months, we, here at Psycho-Milk, have undergone some changes. The site started as a passion project from our founder Red to share news, reviews, and thoughts about Asian BL’s. As the years progressed and BLs gained popularity, the site picked up several writers from different countries with unique writing styles and interests.

When our founder became unable to manage & write last year due to personal circumstances, there was a team in place that stepped in to keep the site going. As COVID-19 hit, many things changed globally, many people’s circumstances changed, and life changed for all of us.

This change gave some of us the idea to expand our vision, broaden it to include more diversity. Instead of primarily focusing on Asian BL, with some GL coverage occasionally thrown into the mix, why not go one step further in our scope?  We had discussions on how the rise of Pinoy BL gave more realistic representation to the LGBTQ+ community. Some of us pushed for change which included everyone on the spectrum to cover BL, GL, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer content from Asia. It was a way to include more diversity in our site.  Others of us felt that we already had a well-established brand and a niche market covered, so they preferred to stay with the current content and format. Ultimately all of us realized our visions were headed in two separate directions. Eventually, our content manager and most of the writers chose to move house and stay with the format they were most comfortable with and continue putting out great reviews & interviews regarding Asian BL media.  The three of us remained.

We are passionate about our vision. Proof being in the pudding so-to-speak, one of us, thanks to talent, hard work, and just plain good luck, has seen his dream become a reality. The new BL series Turbulence will be out soon, written and directed by our own Louis Perez (aka BL Haven).  Me, TheFNGee, I got into a new position at work as a senior data analyst, and now I work very long hours. Tedious, and detailed work, but ultimately rewarding. And lastly, there is JenHG43, our soul writer in residence, who is going through some personal life issues, which limits her contributions. We have a few excellent guest writers, but that’s just about it.

As some folks have noticed recently, we have not updated information for several new and upcoming BL Series, and all in all, new content production has slowed considerably on the site. This state of affairs is temporary and does not mean that PM’s Love Without Gender will not cover them. At this point, it just boils down to limited resources.

From a technical viewpoint, and the mechanics of the website itself, we are very stable. We’re just needing to increase content production at the moment. We’re not in a hurry, as there us no rush. We are committed to widening the breadth of our coverage, BL will be here for quite a while.

If anyone is interested in writing impressions of series, books, or opinion pieces, or profiles in the scope of Queer Asian Media, please feel free to reach out via DM on Twitter to either @Jenhg43 or @TheFNG.

We would love to have more writers passionate about the diverse LGBTQ+ community in SE Asian entertainment.


The PM Love Without Gender Team – Steve, Louis & Jen.

YouTube: PsychoMilk, and Love Without Gender

Twitter: @psycho_milk 



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  • Daring to Dream says:

    I appreciate the update- I did notice the decrease in articles in May and was concerned that the site might be stopping.
    I am interested in your new direction and will pitch an idea.

    But I also miss some of the reviewers of BLs that may have gone a different direciton. Did they start their own website and would it be ok to post that here?

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