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Welcome to the Psycho Milk Top 30 Hottest Thai BL actors list! This is the second edition of the hitlist. The first edition was published in May 2019, and to provide perspective, the ranks will be dual (Current and previous ranks will be indicated after the name of the actors). Psycho Milk hitlist is preferably fast forward rather than historical. We rank actors based not only on past performances but on what projects are lined up in the coming seasons. The criteria for the selection are here.

Top 30-21 | Top 20-11

Here are the actors who made the 1-10 list! [Right after the jump!]

– Edited by TheFNGee

Newwie Thitipoom

New Thitipoom

Projects: The Kiss Drama installments, Waterboyy: The Series

Rank: 10 (2019 – #7)

Status: Veteran

I don’t know what’s in the water of Bangkok, but there is an almost unlimited supply of actors who still look like they’re only 18 yet are already in their late twenties. Take the case of New Thitipoom (ฐิติภูมิ เดชะอภัยคุณ). A veteran at 26, New has done a lot – SOTUS, Waterboyy, the series (with Earth Pirapat) and the Kiss drama installments with perennial partner Tay Tawan. The novelty of being a handsome young boy who prefers another boy is the ultimate fantasy for Newie’s fans and still – after 3 Kiss drama series (with Dark Blue Kiss, being the most recent) – are raring for more!

Ice Adisorn

Ice Adisorn

Projects: Present Perfect, Present Still Perfect

Rank: 9 (2019 – #10)

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

In my interview with Dir. Anusorn, he only has praise for the work ethics of Ice Adisorn. He has no TV representation yet but he ranks very high for sheer acting talent. As a film reviewer, his acting in Present Perfect was impeccable – he was the epitome of a man trying to find himself. The angst, the despair, and the joy of love could not have been properly depicted if someone else had played the role. He moves up the ladder with an even better performance in Present Still Perfect. You just have to watch him to prove me right (and I know I am!)

Gulf Kanawut

Gulf Kanawut

Projects: Tharn Type S1, S2

Rank: 8 (2019 – #16)

Status: Rising star, New Face

Gulf Kanawut (คณาวุฒิ ไตรพิพัฒนพงษ์) is the highest-ranking new face for obvious reasons. What he did in TharnType the Series has upped the ante for televised intimacy between young men. The fact that he can do dramatic, demanding scenes as well is also a big plus! Kanawut is one of our biggest bets for BL superstardom and TharnType Season 2 is just getting ready!

Perth Tanapon

Perth Tanapon

Projects: Love by Chance S1, S2, The Stranded, Reminders

Rank: 7 (2019 – #14)

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Known as a singer-model-actor, Perth Tanapon (ธนพนธ์ สุขุมพันธนาสาร) has accomplished so much for his blossoming young career. Best known as Ae in Love by Chance, Tanapon is back in Netflix’s The Stranded with Mark Siwat. To refer to his performance as astounding would be an understatement. He’ll enthrall BL viewers again with another take as Ae in the highly-anticipated Love by Chance Season 2 in 2020.

Bright Vachirawit

Bright Vachiravit

Project: 2Gether The Series

Rank: 6 (2019 – #18)

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Bright Vachirawit (วชิรวิชญ์ ชีวอารี) is one of the leads in the hugely successful 2gether the Series and is the prime mover of the show. And at 22, he finally grabbed a major role in a BL series. Personally, I think producers wasted his younger years by not featuring him in a lead role sooner. His competitiveness and talent has surpassed many of his contemporaries and even seniors in this highly cutthroat genre. How so? Sheer acting talent. He has the magic. [Featured Profile of Bright is here]

Saint Suppapong

Saint Suppapong

Projects: Love by Chance S1, Why RU, Reminders

Rank: 5 (2019 – #8)

Status: Rising star, Most Promising

Psycho Milk believes that Saint Suppapong (ศุภพงษ์ อุดมแก้วกาญจนา) is the next big thing in BL – some say he already is. Saint is a sensation in that there is no one else like him. His intelligent interaction with fans and the media separates him from mere actors. He is a consummate professional. While playing Pete in Love by Chance made him popular, it was his role as Tutor in WhyRU that made him a top dramatic performer in the eyes of fans and critics alike. The series pairs him with Zee Pruk, and their dynamic chemistry has been discussed and praised all over social media. Did he live up to expectations? You bet! [Our Profile of Saint is required reading!]

Fluke Natouch

Projects: Until We Meet Again, My Bromance (movie), My Bromance: 5 Years Later, Red Wine in the Dark Night

Rank: 4 (Tie) (2019 – #4)

Status: Veteran

Previously, Fluke Natouch (ณธัช ศิริพงษ์ธร) did a double whammy with My Bromance and Red Wine in the Dark Night. These are 2 highly distinct movies with Fluke credited with having made them ‘stellar’. After getting supporting parts, it’s time for Fluke to grab the spotlight once again. His comeback show was The Red Thread (Until We Meet Again), the tearjerker drama with romance, sweets, reincarnation and sexy boys in swimming pools. Pongsatorn (now Natouch) is one of Thailand’s most underrated young actors, but here at Psycho Milk, we’ll rank him a place he surely deserves.

Gun Atthapan

Gun Atthaphan

Projects: Theory of Love, Puppy Honey Series, Our Skyy

Rank: 4 (Tie) (2019 – #3)

Status: Veteran

His matchless performance in the film The Blue Hour (2015) catapulted Gun Atthaphan (อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์) to one of the highest spots in the Thai BL firmament. But even before that horror flick, Gun has been a household name already – with his own TV show and plenty of publicity. Not to mention fans – he has 2.1 million Instagram followers. The Thai media has been calling him “ageless” due to his ability to maintain his youthful looks even at the age of 26. Yeah, the guy is 26 already! An acting honor from the 24th Asian TV Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as “Punn” in the Thai drama The Gifted is Gun’s latest acting milestones!

Mew Suppasit

Projects: What The Duck, Tharn Type S1, S2

Rank: 3 (2019 – #8)

Status: Most Promising, Senior

Meet the big daddy of tops! Mew Suppasit (ศุภศิษฏ์ จงชีวีวัฒน์) romancing Gulf Kanawut in TharnType Series is a milestone of showing intimacy between young men on television. While it was not “revolutionary”, it creates plenty of buzz – the kind that makes an aspiring actor a star. At 28, he still appears like a young, horny 18-year-old. Making waves in What The Duck gave fans a glimpse of how far he can go. Now he’s running the extra mile with the right number of audiences.

Singto Prachaya

Projects: SOTUS S1, S2, He’s Coming To Me, Friend Zone 2

Rank: 2 (2019 – #1)

Status: Established

Singto Prachaya (ศุภศิษฏ์ จงชีวีวัฒน์) is recognized not only for his dramatic skills but his ability to be convincing even when he plays supporting characters. That is what you call integrity. His personal acting style is still evolving, but he has managed to be in control of himself even when the script demands him to explode with emotions. He knows what understated acting is, and he uses it wisely. Something that many on this hitlist have yet to learn much less master. After SOTUS and its sequel SOTUS S, Prachaya gave BL fans He’s Coming to Me, a ghost-romantic-mystery series that will remain a favorite for years to come.

Ohm Pawat

Projects: Dew (Let’s Go Together), He’s Coming to Me, Make It Right S1, S2, The Shipper

Rank: 1 (2019 – #2)

Status: Established

From being the resident Cassanova in Make It Right to being the ghost lover in He’s Coming to Me and finally, the young man who can’t come out (as gay) in Dir. Chookiat’s Dew (Let’s Go Together), Ohm Pawat (ภวัต จิตต์สว่างดี) has maintained such a high level of consistency on his performances that he deserves the top position. Angsty, spontaneous, intense but always deliberate in his performances, you are looking at the future superstar of Thai BL drama today!

There you have it!

Psycho Milk hitlist is more fast-forward rather than historical. We rank actors based not only on past performances but on what projects are lined up in the coming seasons.

All names of the actors on the list are based on their popular Nicknames, followed by their first name. Surnames have been excluded.

Note: To Youtube BL vloggers, I’m flattered that you love my hitlist, but try to make your own and be original. Thank you.


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  • Abeeha says:

    I love all the series like bad buddy fish upon the sky love Aby chance skky 2 all series

  • xeha says:

    Mew’s face just sells internationally,even my Aunt is simping😭

  • AWOOOM says:

    THARN IS SO HOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD DIE TO BE TYPE

  • Eunsihae says:

    I agree with #1 ohm and #2 Singto. Although singto is #1 in my head.

  • neuboi says:

    will you add their endorsements in the criteria?
    I see that the more endorsements they have the “hotter” they are in the market/consumers

    • Red says:

      I agree with you. Their earnings on acting is only 25-30% anyway. They get money from brand endorsement and ads.

  • Don says:

    I agreed with this list. Perth Tanapon is my favorite one in LBC Season 1. Can’t get his image out of my mind.

  • Imelda. O says:

    Quick quest.: Iv looked at the criteria of selection and i would like you to clarify if i got it wrong.
    1. If you base on upcoming more than past, does it mean an exceptional actor with few upcoming projects will be beaten in rank by a still growing actor who has more upcoming projects?
    2. Maybe its my personal bias but why rank mew as no 3? Genuinely asking. Yes he is good but isn’t both gun and fluke better in performance?
    3. (Not a quest.) I need to watch ‘he’s coming to me’ to figure out how ohm could outrank singto.🤣( I havent finished sotus yet but even in half a season singto was outstanding.)
    4. Im surprised bright landed in top 10. Why give him the slot, above perth?(who according to your criteria of quality, should be higher(again if i understood wrong tell me) i honestly think perth as an actor is a better performer than bright. So let me know why he outranks him your list. My questions are not critiques, im curious why you ranked them this way, (Im too un-informed to make my own honest and unbiased list) except for 3 rankings.,,🤣 You can guess who by now. I honestly expected the top 3 slots to be singto 1. Gun 2. Fluke 3.
    6. I love baby saint. I think he is my favourite bl actor i think he can reach the level of the gun fluie and singto in a few years, maybe even surpass them. But in both love by chance and reminders, i always found perth used to overshadow him. I thot it was only in lbc where they took his shyness to an extreme but also in reminders, where his character was bold. He was still being outshone by perth in the scenes. And apart from lbc sn2, both have had the same no of projects and have won almost the same awards, and roughly have an insane no of why rank saint above perth?
    7. I expected to see Tay in the top 10 also. I think he is a great actor. But maybe its because all the series iv watched (kiss series) he has the same character trait. I think i like fluke,gun and singto coz these 3 have literally done characters across the board. Insane, straight, gay, submissive, dominant, and excelled in all.

    • Red says:

      The questions are as I expected given that we all have our personal biases.

      1. Perth as you said and I will agree is a gifted actor. But the real question is – Since he will no longer do BL after LBC S2, why would he be ranked any higher? Think of an exceptional employee who has tendered his resignation and you were ranking all your employees. Would you rank him still so competitively high even though you know he is leaving? Of course, you give him the recognition but there are others who will stay with you and has the same potential. Why go with the one leaving when there are plenty of those who will stay?

      2. For a gay guy, Mew’s character Tharn is the best ever representation of a real gay man. All the others are either a quasi representation of a gay character or an excellent romantic character of BL. As a woman, I don’t think you understand what a man wants unless you’re a man, and that is also vice versa. It would be impossible for a man to truly appreciate what you want. So, I leave it at that.

      3. Singto is a great dramatic actor. However, at this point, Ohm has both movies and drama series of a BL nature. He has been exceptional in both. The director of Dew is the same as the Love of Siam. In the entertainment industry, it is considered prestigious to be directed by an acclaimed filmmaker. It added to the actor’s reputation that he has to undergo some great experience being taught by that director. No one has done that at the current state than Ohm. Both Fluke and Gun did – BUT that was in 2015.

      4. Saint has the most charm among all the actors in the top 10. That counts a lot because the criteria can be limiting – the term HOTTEST is all-encompassing. It represents the actor who has done the most in many aspects, not just being in character, but also being proactive with the fans.

      5. Both New, Tay, and Off – and even Gun are going to be in their 30s soon. My criteria set the age limit at 30. Now tell me, how do you rate someone like Bright and Gulf who are into their early 20s and have plenty of time and projects to do and that their potentials are being harnessed as we speak? Do we not give them more consideration since the opportunities are almost endless at this point? Besides, Bright is an exceptional eye actor. I don’t discriminate about GMM-tv shows and settle with the independent series. With the biggest network supporting his career, that is something others in the list cannot say. That’s a big advantage and fans – those who simply watch for fun and entertainment – will have him and know him because the network will market/promote him endlessly. That’s the reality. Independent companies have a limited budget. Unless you spend money promoting an actor in this age of social networking, you will only be exposed to a limited audience.

      • Bry0901 says:

        What do you mean by Established and Veteran? Which is a higher rank among the two?

      • Red says:

        Established means they already have a foothold on the BL genre, for having been cast in significant BL roles. A veteran may be an actor who has been exposed to many projects – both BL and non-BL – with emphasis on experience as an actor.

      • It’s really interesting to read your thoughts! Appreciate this perspective into an industry I’m not so well informed about. Can’t wait for the same ranking for 2021!

  • Danny says:

    I agree 💯 with this list!
    Ohm Pawat is an outstanding actor. He Is Coming To Me is my next favourite. There is something about him that creates a kind of energy between his co-stars, and that exudes beyond the screen.
    Given that he’s so young, I hope that the entertainment industry will provide him the scope that he deserves.
    Having said all that, everyone has an opinion that they are entitled to. But can we not crush others just to put ours forward?
    Can we like all these fine actors and all these groundbreaking series, and just embrace them?

    But can we do that without the hate?
    Anyway, patiently waiting for A Tale of a Thousand Stars.
    I just love how the two leads bicker!!!

    • Red says:

      I have a “The Ones to Watch” list too and Mix is right up there at the top. I’m just finalizing the list and calling it new faces. It will introduce readers and fans to some fresh faces who are about to enter the BL world.

      1000 Stars is becoming a most anticipated series and I understand why.

      • I enjoyed 1000 Stars episode 1, but can you enlighten me why it’s a highly anticipated series back then? I know nothing about the cast or the history of the series. It’d be interesting to know!

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