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Episode 3 is not what I expected. I was not looking forward to the ghost chase or whatever it appears in the teaser clip for He’s Coming To Me. But I was wrong. It was amazing – this episode offers plenty to digest, think about and enjoy all together.

Let me list them for you:

  • Met (Singto) is beginning to sense his ‘self’ as someone who has a past, and is getting adamant to understand or rediscover his past;
  • Thun (Ohm) is slowly getting impatient himself. He lets his guard down and ‘talks’ to the ghost as if his friends are not around. Prince (Chimon), Khiaokem (Sing), and the gang’s only girl (whose name escapes me at the moment) are beginning to suspect their friend is conversing with a ghost or perhaps becoming a lunatic?;
  • The long (almost intimate) stares shared by Thun and Met is like a window to future episodes. They invite the audience to something deep, romantic, and ultimately tragic? Of course, that remains to be seen. But this sort of spice up the show into more than just a predictable BL romance;
  • The extensive part at the temple with the monk is particularly revealing. The scenes alone elevate the show into more than a bromance. It showcases what makes Thais different and unique. Religion and spirituality have been hallmarks of previous Thai lakorns anyway, but He’s Coming to Me presents Thai tradition in a modern and respectful way;
  • The basketball tourney is comedic and can be a bit infuriating at times. The twins JJ and AJ Chayakorn serve as ‘villains’ to Thun. Met joins the fun and uses a bit of his ‘powers’ to turn the tide and make Thun’s team win the game.

The pacing of the show makes one wanting for more. The bonding between the two leads is established already – here we have a solid friendship between a ghost who trusts his sponsor, and here we have a younger, impressionable young guy who is beginning to get some ‘feels’ for his preternatural guest.

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I have this feeling that began to bug me since Episode 1. Are we going to suffer from some tragic ending? Or are we going to blissfully take a romantic journey and enjoy a happy ending?

There are now only 5 episodes to go. I wish they decided to double the episodes into something like twelve or more.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]


Episode 4 appears to be another amazing episode. You can watch the teaser trailer above for more.

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