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What the Duck: Final Call might as well be renamed What the Fuck: Last Call. A complete waste of my time and so will you if you decided to give it a try. I have been warned about the first Season and I still am defiant and wanted to try it myself. After 1-2 episodes I gave up. For ‘Final Call’ I endured the first 4 Episodes to make sure that I gave it more than a chance.

Let me count the ways why it totally sucks:

  • The acting is horrendous. While people may enjoy the daring scenes between good-looking guys, what it cannot hide is how totally incompetent the actors are. I would blame the director for not giving proper direction and motivation, but this is the 2nd season, there is simply no excuse for lousy performances. Cases in point: Scott Pannachai Keatkaew, Art Pakpoom, and Oreo Puwanai Sangwan;
  • No logic and out of focus. Imagine having someone close to you, say a good friend (let’s take away the romance). Will you allow this guy to be drugged while you leave him alone at the mercy of sex-starved a$$holes? This is what Pop did to his ‘beloved’ Oat. He let him get raped. Given that he will not admit how much Oat meant to him, how on Earth will you leave someone with people you don’t know?

Then there is that creepy manipulator who loves to exploit the weak and/or the idiots. The girl (who also happens to be the annoying factor in Together with Me) has a truly stupid, inept character. Bullying is not something we can trivialize, but in this series, it seems the writer is happy to make the bullies win. I felt that the series is sending the wrong message – that it’s fine to do evil things and even enjoy doing it;

  • Invalid excuse/premise. Pop is supposed to get a job offer – its something he really wanted in the first place. How come he’d keep it a secret to the one person who loves him the most? The only guy who is genuinely protective of him;
  • Senseless fillers. I see no connection or relevance in showing cities like Shanghai or Tokyo or Bangkok. What’s the fucking point?
  • Cheap production values. Why so cheap?

Any redeeming value? I guess not.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]

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  • JayR says:

    The second season is so pathetic. They should be thankful for getting two stars from the reviewer!

    To the reviewer: I like the way you tabled your review. You hit every inch of lousyness of this series. As if you were reading my mind. Good job, bro!

  • RedandBlue says:

    They realized that no matter what they do, the trashy-ness of it all is so evident already. It’s a lost cause after all.

  • JayR says:

    The second season is a total waste of time. The story should have concentrated on the two main characters, and supporting characters should have given less part of the story. The comedic part (which the first season mainly offered, and was a winner by the way) is gone. The story line was a mess. The author and director tried to incorporate new love team, which failed to win the heart of its viewers. The sad ending is so typical to an author who tried to be dramatic but ended nowhere. And why the second season is so short? Lost of ideas?

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