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One thing that’s amazing about TharnType is that you have something to talk about every episode. The production team make it a point that the viewers will enjoy each episodes.

After the frenzy of having sex in Episode 4, the suceeding installment centers on Tharn and Type’s characters – revealing more of who they are and what each meant to the other.

As with any relationships, there are ups and downs and Episode 5 made us realize that not everything is lovey-dovey or romantic. Let me break it down for you:

  • Type is still one horny boy who is young and excited to explore his sexuality. While there is no doubt, he has developed feelings for Tharn, he is still open for sexual or romantic adventures. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I appreciate the story being real and honest and Type being imperfect as in RL. See Tweet below for more insights;
  • Tharn is aware of his own charms and uses it to his advantage. Earning some dough while still in school can be convenient, esp. when you can buy things you like. Tharn plays in a boyband and it opens plenty of opportunities – both sexual and economical;
  • While they are both on “knowing each other” mode, things can get pretty out of bounds;
  • The intimacy they enjoy is still exclusively within their personal domains;
  • Tharn was sweet and romantic – kissing Type’s feet, as if he adores him immensely and he does!

Clip below is truly a highlight of this Episode. English translation is not necessary.

Episode 5 ended with Tharn and Type in the middle of an argument.

Still plenty to expect and anticipate in this series. I have not read the book where it is based, so there are plenty of surprises for me as with other viewers as well.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

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