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Falling in love with a straight guy is suicide, that is if you’re queer. There is only one end result: heartbreak. It could also be the same if you fall for a bisexual – that subclass of men who can’t decide whether they like pussy or dick.

In Episode 6 of TharnType, the true sexual preference of Type becomes front and center. Tharn’s apparent feelings for Type is also out in the open, with people close to him becoming aware of his deep emotions. Episode 6 features one of the series’ most heartbreaking scenes – Tharn suffering for love and in silence

It has been said many times how the Thai BL community has reacted to Mew Suppasit getting the role of Tharn. The positive feedback has been almost universal.

He did not let us down and in fact, Episode 6 highlights why he was perfect for the role.

One romantic, intimate scene featuring Mew and Gulf as Tharn and Type.

Lets get into the details shall we?

  • Type and Tharn are both absorbing the start of a stormy relationship. While Tharn is obviously the alpha male, Type rebels being pigeonholed as the ‘submissive’ partner since – he is after all – also a man and the mix feelings of endearment for Tharn and the urge to have sex with girls can be hard (pun intended);
  • Yet it is also obvious that Type is not really struggling to make his choice. Texting the girl all day all night is only a camouflage;
  • Ego plays in the behavior and reactions of both our characters. Type is obviously into Tharn as much as the other guy, yet would not admit it;
  • A straight male would not hesitate having sex with someone as attractive as that girl. That’s a given, so its pretty obvious Type is into men. Let me put Mame’s Tweet confirming my suspicions:

Rough translation indicates that Type prefers men. It may sound superficial or far fetch, but people uses defense mechanism to hide their feelings.

  • How Type reconciles with Tharn in the most romantic and revealing way gives me plenty of signs why this series is much-loved by fans and the BL community in general. There is little tentative acting here;
  • So glad that Andy Rachyd, credited for Lovesick and Waterboyy, let go of directing. He demonstrated the lack of control in pushing his actors to the right direction and instead made a mess of so many drama series;
  • Tee Sintanaparadee, the director, should be commended for his amazing work. He is not as sophisticated and innovative as dir. Anusorn (Present Perfect, 2Moons2), but he never waver in his vision. He puts the spotlight on Type and Tharn and include scenes featuring supporting cast only when necessary;
  • Lastly, I’m impressed how at ease Gulf and Mew interact together in many of their intimate scenes. Remember that Gulf is a fresh face and acting requires the presence of the production crew during these scenes. The glare of lights, the almost chaotic movements of people around and whatever condition the set is in. Such show of discipline for such young age!

Mew and Gulf being intimate in Episode 6 of TharnType.

If reports are to be believed, we are halfway in the series – there are 12 episodes and viewers are raring for more.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide,]

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