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In this phase of the less romantic and more serious relationship between Kao and Pete, the audience is treated to slow, reflective scenes that put value on adjustment and permanence rather than immediate and outright intimacy and sex.

Viewers might get turned off why it is taking too slow for the story to be told but there are valid (and invalid) reasons why it is so.

Let me tell you why.

The short clip below, even without the benefits of a translation, shows enough of the tension that now exists between Pete and Kao.

  • Pete’ s volatile behavior is more pronounced as a result of his insecurities and doubt. The new kid, Non, is not helping either and instead, is the source of the friction between him and Kao ;
  • The turor + student status of Kao and Non is a litmus test of Pete and Kao’s relationship;
  • Kao’s Mom is not an idiot to be oblivious to the signs. In fact, she is simply pretending not to know anything about the two lovers;
  • Pete’s entrepreneurial dad is the model of tolerance. Every word of encouragement he utters sounded a bit cliche though.

Our first BL couple (New and Tay), their character development and the acting has further improved and it indicate the engagement they had through different Kiss installment with its loyal audience.

Non’s entrance which is promoted as a ‘rival’ to Pete’s love for Kao is turning to be more villain-ny than rivalry. The kid has his own issues – a homophoebic Dad who likes to get things done his way. Which makes him an asshole.

Now, let’s have a bit of perspective with the second BL couple, shall we?

Sun starts taking hints from his unrequited love and slowly gives up on Kao. Through this Mork happened to possibly comfort him. Whilst Sun pushes Rain to stay away from Mork, the younger man’s uncontrollable behaviour brings him in. As his wildness is intriguing, Sun’s seriousness holds Mork down somewhat. Underneath it all, the two start to care for each other. However, with Mork’s dangerous life, he can’t shake who he is. But maybe he can for someone like Sun. | source |

I did not buy this couple at first. Imagine how can the series’ resident badboy suddenly changes his tune and fall for a man? But the circumstances toward it was properly played out.

Fluke Gawin Caskey may not be a top dramatic actor, but he was convincing enough. Same with Podd Suphakorn, a veteran of many series.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

On the drama being boring. Here are some discussions:

This is our take on the same issue:

Dark Blue Kiss is never a boring show. It features how a relationship can last or die. You cannot expect Pete & Kao to kiss and have sex all the time.

We are lucky to share their journey of romance, pain and self identity. Of course GMM needs to stop giving too much airtime to girls. If its BL we want hot boys not flirting girls. Give that to horny hetero/straight audience.

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