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This is perhaps the weakest episode of Until We Meet Again where a number of issues could have been pursued, yet the director chooses to repeat what has been revealed already.

There is already a connection between the tragic characters of the past with the current main couple. To repeat dramatic scenes make it so obvious for the series’ own sake.

If reports are to be used as a point of reference, Book 2 (featuring Win and Team) will not get much exposure here, then why the delays in moving forward with the main couple’s intimacy?

I mean, Dean and Pharm have been staring at each other with hunger in their eyes that the next step – obviously – is a kiss. That kind of hesitation is giving viewers a sort of anti-climax.

While others may complain that, hey there is a book where this drama is based! So does it mean it has to be followed even if it slows the pace at our expense?

A supporting character is given some spotlight!

Mean Phiravich (he plays the leader of the acting club) was already rude to our lovely Sam, doubles it up by acting creepy with Pharm.

Phiravich who was stellar in Love By Chance, was unconvincing as a bottom guy in Reminders. In UWMA, he is made to portray a bisexual who makes advances to Pharm. Not entirely convincing yet, he exudes that extra confidence to have the desired effect.

Let’s see how far his character progresses…

Body Heat: Ohm versus Boun

I still can’t get over that Damn you! expletive of Dean to Win when he was about to talk to Pharm at the supermarket.

Aside from Gulf Kanawut, both Ohm and Boun are my top picks among newcomers.

Also, I wish the swimming league would have preferred the shorter, skimpier Speedos rather than the current, trendy bicycle shorts that hugs the swimmer’s torso but fails to show the skin.

UWMA series will air until January 25, 2020 so it will – somehow – remain as our drama companion for the next year.

I have high expectationn for this series because:

  • It cast some of my personal bias, Boun Noppanut and Fluke Natouch, in particular;
  • It features a unique love story that encompasses time;
  • It has amazing supporting characters;
  • The technicalities like cinematography, OST, pacing and editing are topnotch.

Yet I have this nagging feeling that 12 episodes may be stretching it a bit.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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  • exxuss says:

    Steve, the depth of your insight is forcing me to once again watch E4 to search for the subtleties you so adeptly reveal. Groan – kidding.

    Overall E4 was good but the glacial pace is truly frustrating. Almost as if the director is trying to pack so much of the novel into the storyline some scenes become borderline superfluous. Certainly am anxious for Dean and Parm to get cozier thinking perhaps intimacy would help Parm soothe the demons. The acting is great and story is intriguing so enjoy watching nonetheless.

  • Timeframesm says:

    I watched UWMA Episode 4, 3 times to improve my understanding of the nuances and the limitations of the subtitling.
    Episode 4 appeared to be more exposition of the inter-relationships between the multiple characters, comic relief, and a conveyance of the deepening bond developing between Dean and Pharm.
    I’m pleasantly surprised that when the subject of same-sex attraction comes up in UWMA, it’s not sensationalized, not played for drama, and is simply stated, and at most, reacted to with maybe an odd look. Alex’s question to Pharm “Do you have a boyfriend” is direct, and to the point, w/o any of the tentative preambles we’d expect. Not sure about the realism of this as compared to everyday Thai life, but nice nonetheless. Additionally, the series has eschewed the use of the male, bitchy “queens” in comical roles that seem to permeate some other shows.
    The performances from the cast are good, with the interplay between Team, Manow, and Pharm fun to watch, as is the male bravado playing between Win and Dean in the competition. It’s obvious that the cast members have spent time together, care for each other, and have real fun on set.
    In Episode 4, Fluke seems to have the most screen time, and his talents are on display, playing all ranges from coy, to slightly irritated – but polite, to downright panicky.
    Pharm’s panic-stricken scene at dinner is played well, but as viewers, we’ve seen this before, and it was predictable by the dialog. We know the things that can affect Pharm this way. I was hoping that when the director turned to this affectation of Fluke’s acting skillset, that he’d have the Fluke carry it a bit further this time. Rather than the motionless tear-stained stare into Dean’s eyes, I found myself hoping that Pharm would bury his face in Dean’s chest and let loose a solid, convulsing, wail – this is traumatic stuff.
    Also, it looks like this scene or parts of it were shot with Fluke having no makeup – that’s not bad at all, considering his looks.
    A minor quibble is that the loud tone, I assume to simulate tinnitus after the acoustic shock of the bowl hitting the floor (or the transformer exploding previously, or the gun trigger being pulled in flashback), either through a conscious decision by the director, or just a misstep by the audio editor, was cut off way too soon. It should have still been present over In’s flashback dialog, with it slowly fading out under Dean’s character dialog, reassuring Pharm that everything is OK.
    When searching for negatives, and criticism gets this picky, you know there’s not a lot wrong with this episode – just a pleasant journey, carrying the story along.

    • RedandBlue says:

      Thank you! Such a deep analysis of the Episode. I was smiling when you mentioned the lack of preamble when it comes to Pharm and his sexuality. That was just amazing.

      Indeed, reports have it that the cast spent a lot of time together, hence you can observe how comfortable they are with their interactions.

      Yes on the trauma! I could not say it better. They have been together already that it seems getting intimate like touching or embracing are so normal already!

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