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November 2019


Psycho Milk talks to Hiter!

Hiter Natthad Kunakornkiat first appeared in The Best Twins with his co- stars in the current TharnType series, Mild and Kokliang. As Tum in TharnType, he is still a fresh face in the Thai BL universe. (more…)
Jed (Red)
November 22, 2019

2Wish the mini series reunites Mean + Plan!

21 November 2019- Today in Thailand, a 2-part mini series is slated for release. It stars Plan Rathavit and Mean Phiravich. These two young actors previously acted the roles of Can and Tin in Love By Chance. (more…)
Jed (Red)
November 21, 2019

TharnType – Episode 6 [Review]

Falling in love with a straight guy is suicide, that is if you're queer. There is only one end result: heartbreak. It could also be the same if you fall for a bisexual - that subclass of men who can't…
Jed (Red)
November 13, 2019

Dark Blue Kiss – Episode 3-5 [Review]

In this phase of the less romantic and more serious relationship between Kao and Pete, the audience is treated to slow, reflective scenes that put value on adjustment and permanence rather than immediate and outright intimacy and sex. (more…)
Jed (Red)
November 12, 2019

Stop copying my articles and review!

Thai BL viewers

2 Moons 2 [Full Review] – Part 1/2

How to float above an ocean of talented, young, and handsome Thai BL actors? That must be one of the questions that dir. Anusorn has to answer when he chooses the cast for 2moons2. I think that he has succeeded.…
Jed (Red)
November 7, 2019

TharnType – Episode 5 [Review]

One thing that's amazing about TharnType is that you have something to talk about every episode. The production team make it a point that the viewers will enjoy each episodes. After the frenzy of having sex in Episode 4, the…
Jed (Red)
November 5, 2019

Revisiting Jack Kittisak

Jack Kittisak is one of my perennial favorites. While the last time I watched him was in dir. Chookiat's Home, I was elated to know that he's part of Netflix's The Stranded. (more…)
Jed (Red)
November 3, 2019
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