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Here is an excerpt of their conversation:


Q: What is the ideal men in your opinion?
J: I think that an ideal man….that guy is Tay Tawan
T: Huh?
T: For me, an ideal man must have leadership, be a gentleman, be dedicating, work smart, good at earning money
J: Being a leader of the family
T: Front legs of an elephant (Thai proverb = a leader)
J: Be able to protect the women.

Q: And how ‘ideal man’ you think you are?
T: Oh… what did I just say?
J: I can say it first
J: I’d rather rate myself 5-6 points. I still feel that I’m not ready to be the leader of the family
T: I’d give myself 6. To stay together in the society, to respect others, I think I already have them. But to be the leader of the family, or a leader that the society expected, I think I’m not ready now.

Link to the whole translation is provided below on Twitter:


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