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  • exxuss says:

    At this time Gagaoolala not available in US. Will happily go PPV or DVD route to access. Thanks for info and please keep us updated.

  • Rara says:

    Yeah.. I want to know too. I am from Indonesia, is there anyway I can watch the movie when it release.. I know they’ll share it onliNe sometime, like the 1st movie, but I think it’ll take time from the release. And I can’t wait anymore longer than this..

  • exxuss says:

    Can’t wait!

    Any idea how international (US) fans will be able to view when released?

    • RedandBlue says:

      I am waiting for dir. Aam for more details. There are international film festivals that his movie is going to be shown, plus a DVD release I hope.
      Also try the app Gagaoolala. It seems it will show the movie as PPV.

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