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When filmmakers create documentaries, they need to make sure that the visuals are engaging. Otherwise, viewers will get bored and more than half will likely move on and watch something else.

In the case of WhyRU – special episode, there was already a bit of a snafu, when subs were nonexistent, which had me speculating that the production team is running on a tight schedule.

When the subs were finally available, the first (of 4 clips) is not synchronized. However, the way it was edited and presented is enough to have me glued to my seat and watch its entirety.

So what works here and what sucks?

  • Before the launch of this special episode, I am already aware that the production team wants to maintain high standard. Simply put, they spent money here – as if indicating that no expense will be spared. The music videos and the teaser clips are done tastefully. No overacting, no-nonsense features, but a well-oiled marketing machinery that aims to excite and tittilate viewers. This impression leaves many breathless;
  • This special episode in itself is a modern take on a documentary that serves as an introduction. Not exactly original, but launching an intro before the actual drama can be beneficial for viewers. That objective is achieved here. It’s not too glossy or pretentious – it’s matter-of-fact and it’s awesome;
  • Cheewin Thanamin, the director speaks with authority. He knows what he is talking about. I am reminded of Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono in that Thanamin makes analysis of his actors by comparing their personalities with their characters. That is a classic example of a director who knows where to begin and uses such initiative to work for his drama. Knowing his actors is winning half the battle;
  • I have some issues with Thanamin’s consistency, however. If the data is accurate that he was involved with Lovesick Season 2, then he is not consistent with that series characters, esp Ngern and August. As part of Make it Right, then the same applies. These are memorable series to BL viewers but not as impressive to me as reviewer;
  • There are enough clips from the show itself to appreciate what took place before the shooting. 40 acting workshops are expensive and time-consuming. So the actors were trained and the selected scenes indicated that;
  • The soundtrack is quite varied. When you use a certain OST over and over, it can become redundant and boring, but that’s not the case here;
  • Featuring female actors can be tricky. There should be enough antagonism and annoyance featured in the series. And too much would make it unwatchable. I don’t know but I felt some good vibes seeing these girls being interviewed. I like them a lot, especially Perth (who plays Tommy’s sister Sol and is the BL writer herself) and Janistar (Whawha);
  • Plenty of good looking guys! Though that is a given. What matters is that they can act. Stand outs for me are Poppy, Seng, Tonnam, and of course Nattasit;
  • Using Saint Suppapong to promote the series can backfire and may result in backlash as it has alteady. Yet for fans, featuring little of Saint can backfire as well. I think the production team went with their instinct – Saint promotes as often as he can and instead of worrying for potential viewers, they target the loyal fans. It was a shrewd and effective campaign because they know the fans would promote the series in return.

But you be the judge and ask yourself these questions?

  1. Is the special episode effective in introducing the actors and their characters?
  2. Did I get a clear understanding of what the stories are all about?
  3. Did I enjoy the selected scenes from the series to make me want to watch the upcoming episodes?

If you can answer the above questions positively, then this special episode delivers on the promise.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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