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I have no idea how many Engineers there are in Thailand. But it seems to me, BL storytellers are besotted with the very occupation itself. Why does it almost always seem to be “Engineers” serving as the object-of-affection for the main series protagonists?

22 March 2020 updates: Since there are three story arcs, each is reported to composed of 4 episodes with TOSSARA – วิศวะมีเกียร์น่ะเมียหมอ – having a first go.

Episode 2 link at LINEtv.

Episode 1 link at LINEtv

This series is set for a March 14, 2020 premier. It’s every Saturday at 10pm BKK time or 3pm GMT. You can watch it at LINEtv or the YouTube page of Studio Wabi Sabi.

28 February 2020 updates: Gorgeous photoshoot for Kazz magazine!

Aside from SOTUS, there is a new BL series with a somewhat ‘similar’ inclination towards Engineers (and even doctors!2 Moons The Series? hello!)

There are 3 story arcs, here is the latest of the 3 – complete with a clip and teaser posters.

Latest poster teaser of EN of Love as of 7 January 2020. Sources point out that this poster replaces one of the original stories.

Update: 8 January 2020. It is hard to “speculate” but there is some news about casting changes. I am particularly curious about Boun Noppanut and whether the production team is aiming for some other project for him.

This series is under the helm of P’New who is also busy with Until We Meet Again, thus the scheduling.

Latest IG photos show a new poster and media works!

Entitled EN of Love, the series’ official Twitter account reports that the cast is being selected as we speak.

Update: Apparently, this drama is postponed to 2020 due to some of the cast performing for other series this year. In particular is Boun Noppanut who is also main character in Until We Meet Again (UWMA) scheduled for release in a few days.

Here’s what we know so far.

There are 3 love teams with their own stories to tell:

  • Love Mechanic – Senior-Junior love/hate relationship?;
  • Tossara – When a fresh medical student falls for an older (if not wiser) Engineering faculty.
  • Gown and Gear – Follows the formula of Engineer-Doctor undergrads romantic love-affair. This maybe subject to casting change. This us updated ro become This is Love instead. Gown and Gear features Boun Noppanut who may have a new project.

Casting details! The actors and their characters:

This couple is Bar and Gun. According to Lazy Subber’s description, Bar is a swimmer while Gun has a ‘warm’ personality who likes to be cuddled. Cast as Bar is Joey Anavin and Gun is Prin Chatchawit.

This couple is Night and Mine. Night is the son of a businessman, while Mine is the geek type – he who loves to study hard. Cast as Mine is Bon Pongsakorn, Night is Boun Noppanut.

Boun is my personal bias in the cast. He has the looks of a bonafide movie star! Above are some select photos of Boun (from his Instagram account).

The final team up is Wee and Mark. Mark is a swimmer and is a rich kid, while Wee is a soccer player and is totally devoted to Mark. Cast as Wee is Yin Anan and Mark is War Wananrat.


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  • Joey says:

    I have just watched Tossara! It’s a cute BL drama. I find the main casts adorable, especially Bar. There are even some scenes over which I couldn’t stop myself from shrieking like when Bar tries to be hard-to-get. However, the only thing I cringe at is when Gun confesses his love to Bar in front of many people. I guess the drama wants to indicate that this is adult infatuation. Then, I also love the theme song! I wonder if the singer is Mork in the Dark Blue Kiss.

  • Ian says:

    I have watched the first two episodes of Tossara and I don’t think any changes to the cast will make the slightest bit of difference. The script presents the usual collection of pathetic stereotypes of wimps, bullies and stalkers and demented fan girls who are obviously unable to get a guy of their own and spend their time shrieking over how cute unobtainable boys are. It’s sad that Thai TV is still turning out trash like this when it could be making more compelling dramas. The bar has already been set with Tharn/Type, 2gether, 2 Moons and Until We Meet Again. Why does it have to fall so drastically for this nonsense?
    Verdict 1 out of 5 Must Try Harder.

  • ออฟกันรัก says:

    I legit only have like 4 Thai friends and 2 of them are faculty of engineering. Lol. (I’m also pretty sure they’re both gay. Lmao.) Sometimes I feel like Zon from Why R U, like “have I fallen into a bl novel? What’s happening?” 😂😂😂

  • kairikey says:

    Yes, it is a common trope in Thailand that engineers and doctors are objects of fantasy, especially in university setting. Faculty of Engineer, for a long time, has been one of the most go-to faculty by thai boys so it become a fantasy place for hot young single male. Medicine is the most sought-after so it become a trope that any medical student in thailand is such an elite and is a perfect candidate for fantasy.

    • RedandBlue says:

      Thank you for the info. Indeed, these two professions are most sought-after. It goes without saying that they have the most gorgeous students after all. 🙂

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