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On April 4th, 2020 Motive Village officials made an announcement of New Project with their “Wash Your Hands Challenge.” The announcement was however met with uproar by the fandom inquiring about the absence of one of the leads Earth Teerapat Ruangritkul.


For months, Earth had been missing from the practice sessions since their last major event in Indonesia and as such there was much speculation surrounding his absence. Fans were upset and kept questioning the reasons behind Earth’s disappearance.
The announcement of a new Boy Band constituting “Benjamin Brasier, Joong Archen Aydin, Nine Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee, Pavel Naret Promphaopun, and Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast,” with the exclusion of Earth Teerapat, on the heels of the on-going protest made the sensitive topic worse than ever.

The issue became even more serious when Earth’s official fandom #Earthlings stood against this decision and started the #IStandWithEarth movement on Twitter to support him and bring attention to the issue. In response, Motive Village’s Executive Producer, Mr. Mhee released an official statement attempting to explain their decision to exclude Earth from the boy band project, and to announce a new single being released through the following tweet. 

However, the tweet only worked to add fuel to the fire, as the fans became even more enraged. They questioned Motive Village’s decision to not include Earth based on this analysis expressed in the tweet.

  • Their persistence that Earth lacked the basic chemistry with his ex-partner Benjamin Brasier or the other Moons was deemed laughable and lead to a rise in further incredulity from the fanbase, further damaging MV’s efforts.
  • It is a fact that Earth plays piano and can sing well. Well enough to stand against any of the other Moons regarding voice dynamics, intonation or modulation. MV’s claim about his performance not being unique is incorrect, and made the #Earthlings more angry.
  • Fans continued their vociferous protests on social media demanding an explanation.

On April 15th, 2020, Motive Village published another tweet explaining the apparent reasons for Earth’s exclusion from the new project. 

The statement caused widespread protests from not just the #Earthlings but the entire #SixMoons fandom. The fans raised the following questions.

  • Whether Motive Village is insinuating that Earth showed disinterest in practicing, singing, dancing, rapping and skill tests. To help prove our point, Psycho Milk’s writer Krishna Naidu dug out some old videos where Earth can be seen practicing at their voice therapy sessions.

After listening to this clip, taped in their own studio, you can draw the obvious conclusion to this statement. Also, the entire fandom has seen Earth perform on various events with no issues. To say that he can’t dance or doesn’t have the necessary skill sets is highly questionable. 

  • They further stated that Earth did not have the proper characteristics, attitude nor the ‘team spirit’ required for the new single. Earth plays one of the Leads “Wayo” in 2Moons2 and won fans’ adulation with his acting, and dedication to the finest details. To exclude him on these pretenses is prejudiced and short-sighted.

The same day, Dr. Phunpiti Bhovichitra issued a statement supporting Earth and refuting Motive Village’s audacious claims. 

He made it clear that as an instructor, he has seen Earth grow as an individual and provided valuable insights about Earth’s training sessions. He also made it quite clear that Earth showed demonstrable improvement in all relevant skills, and should definitely be provided the right opportunity to prove his worth.

On April, 21st, 2020, a press release announcing the formation of the band OXQ, along with the roles of the band’s members. Pavel Phoom as the Leader/Rap/Main Dancer, Nine as the Main Vocal/Main Dancer/Center, Dome as the Vocal/Main Interview, Joong as Lead Vocal/Main Dancer/Centre and Ben as Vocal/Visual.
Earth retweeted the official tweet from MV, and it’s remarkable that his retweet drew more likes and retweets than the original. This is a testament to his growing popularity and Motive Village’s declining followers every day.

On April 24th, 2020, Motive Village released a short video explaining the meaning of the name OXQ, which according to them means a group of Ordinary Men who are creating apparent Quake (Shock) with their passion and talents. The name itself drew flak, along with the accompanying photoshoot being criticized for being too similar to an old #SbFive photoshoot. Motive Village was ridiculed for their lack of creativity and for rank similarities to the popular Korean Boy Band Exo’s logo as well. 

Again, Earth retweeted this post and drew a greater amount of likes and retweets than the original.

Earth’s Outlook

Earth Teerapat has maintained a very dignified stand against the allegations by Motive Village. He is still interacting with his fans, informing them about how he is trying to improve his talents. Surprisingly, his parents are reaching out to his fans personally on a daily basis, thanking them for the love and support that the young star is receiving.

In an interview with Kazz Interview, Earth’s positive outlook shines out, when he quotes that “It’s New Day and Do Your best Today. Because we have to harmonize with our body and mind. Telling yourself this all the time will make you move forward.”
Talking about the Fan Meets, he thanked the Fan Club who set up the arrangements for the events. Earth said that he never expected to be a part of so many events and the admiration from the fans truly makes him happy. 

Solemnly talking about himself, Earth is very honest when he says that the rest of the five boys don’t know that he is trying hard to adapt to this new lifestyle. He acknowledges that he is not good at talking and that it is his first time working with so many people. He discloses that he is trying hard to improve himself so that he can chat with everyone. He emphasizes that working in this industry requires a lot of courage but he is trying to enjoy every work that he does.
Fans continue to be amazed by his ability to be so positive despite everything that is happening.

(Translation Cr- PEGGY @hungkalam TWITTER)

Pertinent Questions 

Red, publisher of Psycho Milk wished to raise some questions as well:

  1. Is this an attempt to sideline Earth completely from all shows and events?
  2. Is he being punished for being incompetent or do the Motive Village higher-ups have a hidden agenda?
  3. As mentioned by Dr. Phunpiti Bhovichitra, Earth is very dedicated at learning new kinds of things. If he was really found lacking in certain areas, then why efforts were not made to help improve his performances.
  4. Was Earth excluded because of Motive Village sudden obsession to copy the hugely successful Boy Band #SBFIVE and they thought that the number 5 was a magic figure. Would including Earth make it an inauspicious number?
  5. Earth plays one of the main leads “Wayo,”. Would he be continually playing the character if a third season EVER happens or following their old culture of replacing actors and casts, a new actor will be roped in?
  6. The fans are demanding a transparency in the tests conducted to judge the #SixMoons in their various talents. Will their demands be met?

Psycho Milk will keep reporting on this issue as we come across more details. Keep watching this space to learn new facets pertaining to this controversy.


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  • Andy says:

    well now we know from the series “Call it what you want” that Earth was most likely sexually harassed by p’Mhee, who then pulled him away from events…

    • Lainey McDougall says:

      Check out the 2 instances of Earth getting bullied by his so called cast brotherhood pals seemingly, because of his sexual orientation which was caught on camera and you know what they say about cameras and lying!
      You’ll get that on you tube.

      The fans expecting 2 Moon 3 still hopeful and we’re now in 2022???
      Doubt very much that it’ll happen since Motive Village have a history of shafting cast and crew for continued series’ in the past and especially and including 2 Moons (the original cast) then they did 2 Moons 2 with Earth as this Wayo but if you look, episode 12 5/5 should have been another and the final part of the continued story but instead it is actually an extra bit like the 4 part specials followed afterwards which shouldn’t have started until after, in my opinion, the real ending which should have been 12 5/5 but because of again, in my opinion, because of the bullying and inhouse fighting, the story was abruptly ended at episode 12 4/5 which had the big bold words ‘to be continued…’

      Well, like I said it’s now 2022 so where’s the continuation in 2 Moons 3 and if by some miracle there is a 3 which sadly, I really doubt but, if there is and it will be with the same cast but again I doubt, because whatwith the first cast shafting or if there is a contuation I don’t think Earth will be included in it because he ‘lacks chemistry with Benjamin Brasier’ and by the way well bloody done to Earth’s professor for such a strongly and well worded detailed letter in Earth’s defence. 10/10 Prof go to top of the class, wish I had one like that.

      Earth’s problem is he’s too damn genuine and sincere oh aye and open about his real love but homophobic numpties don’t like that.

      So, if there is some miracle Motive Village grows ‘a set’ and we get 2 Moons 3 with Earth still in it and the bullying numpties also see the error of their ways and grow ‘a set’ too and jump into big boy pants and out of their training nappies because I really want to know what happens next.
      You know it’s a good story when you shout at the screen “punch him”, “slap the bitch”, “kick him in the baws” (the set I was on about) or “flamin Nora kiss oredy” but sadly are Motive Village capable of miracles? Fek ups, aye, well experienced in them, so until 2 Moons 3 I’ll be doon at the watta feedin’ and playin’ with Nessie in the Loch as soon as it stops snowing, got to laugh, foreigners call it a Storm, Cyclone, Hurricane Eunice or whatever we just call it Scotland lol.

      Anyway, if you hear there’s going to be 2 Moons 3 before me please give me a shout lol am chompin at the bit because these dramas are a damn sight better than East Enders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street etc etc and that’s why I watch Thai good clean comedy dramas, BGs, BLs and I’m a very nearly 50 yr old straight Scottish wummin’.

  • NightQueen🌙 says:

    So this another Ryan Peng and Saint situation I’m honestly so tired the statements they issued just sounded liek they were addressing everything except the reason why they made the statement and they’re arguments sound like they’re realy trying to find faults in him so they can justify what they did. The statements of them weren’t helpfull .i just hope he is doing fine regardless of this

  • Daring to Dream says:

    Just found this while looking for 2Moons2 season 3 updates.
    It would hurt to be the only one left out of the group. Why not have him at least join in on a few slow songs and play tambourine if he is less able to dance and sing than some others (Look at original 2Moons boy band- there were huge differences in the abilities to sing and dance:))

  • Valentina says:

    Realmente me parece super injusto lo que hacen con Earth, se re nota que es por algo oculto de MV que lo apartan, acaso él no accedió a ciertas cosas imprudentes?

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