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An Unabashedly “Feel Good” Love Story?

Do you know the secret behind every Fairy tale? Cinderella? Aurora? Or Snow White? None of them were perfect from the beginning. Each of them had to face struggles to meet their Prince Charming. If they didn’t face turmoil from the beginning, there wouldn’t be a storyline, right? Anyone who is imperfect and has the inner strength to work past those imperfections deserves a “Happily Ever After.”

They Say If You Dream A Thing More Than Once, It’s Sure To Become True

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So what happens when a determined culinary intern, Sky (Miko Gallardo), meets a hard-headed billionaire Ace (Iñaki Torres)? We get the Pinoy BL drama “My Day the Series” with a fairy tale twist! Well obviously, Sky isn’t the damsel in distress nor Ace is the Prince Charming. I’m comparing this show with the various Disney Movies because this sitcom has been built on a grand budget, and the cinematography is exquisite. Prime Event Productions Philippines Foundation, Incorporated (PEPPS), joins forces with Oxin Films to bring this culinary delight to your silver screens.

Let’s take a walk through the recently released trailer of this anticipated drama series. Sky learns that he would be interning at a multi-billion dollar food company, “Ace of Cakes.” But his friends burst his bubble by pointing out that the Boss Ace Tan is a real terror in life. Switch screens, and we are in a palatial mansion. I just love the sheer grandeur and exquisite sets used for this show. It is truly unparalleled and incomparable to any of the recent BL dramas. Ace walks like the Prince who owns the world, and obviously, he is used to people bowing down to him.

Our main leads meet, and sparks fly. But not the romantic ones, instead we have two opposing forces clashing together. Ace is arrogant but disciplined, while Sky finds it difficult to adjust to his Boss’s rapid mood swings.

The storyline isn’t complete until we have a female antagonist. So let’s add Sky’s bitchy girlfriend to the mix, and we have the perfect recipe for a love triangle. What will happen when Sky gets too closer to the surface and learns how vulnerable Ace truly is? Will Ace accept the feelings that Sky evokes, and will they finally become One?

Written and Directed by Xion Lim, who could very well be an actor himself, My Day promises to take us on a dreamy ride, which varies from the usual BL genre. The show’s producers have attempted to showcase a romantic arc in the times of pandemic where travel has been hugely restricted. It must have a herculean task to handle a project made on such a huge budget. Still, PEPPS and Oxim Films, coupled with the series Director have stitched together an intricate project that manifests the Philippines’s vibrant tourist destinations with the country’s delightful cuisine.

Highlighted by new talents, Miko Gallardo and Iñaki Torres, the sitcom promises to be a breath of fresh air. You can already see the crackling chemistry between the main leads both on and off-screen on Miko’s YouTube videos as well as their Instagram stories. Ushered by a formidable team that has majorly focused on maintaining the strict protocols, My Day The Series is surely one of the most anticipated Pinoy BL dramas ever. Keeping this in mind, Oxim Films recently released the OST “Basta’t Sabihin Mo Lang” sung by the show’s Director Xion Lim.

This is an attraction we never see in a BL Series. Check out the OST performed by full Orchestra!

My Day The Series premieres on August 8th, 2020, and will be broadcast on Oxin Films YouTube Channel.


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