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“Love by Chance” was my first experience with the BL genre, and although the show pretty much had a happy ending for our favorite couple Ae and Pete, the inextricable confusion thrust upon Tin and Can was indeed jarring. Although I thoroughly despised Tin’s arrogance along with Can’s gullible nature, they are a “match made in Heaven.” Their dynamics in Love by Chance was clear from the start, “Pretty Rich Boy falls for Pretty Idiot.” The season finale broke them apart when Can relegated Tin into the “Friendship Zone,” and Tin was emotionally distraught to the point that he attempted washing off the feeling under his showerhead.

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Now knowing Tin’s nature and attitude, a sequel could have two possibilities for character development – one where he takes revenge on Can for breaking his heart or, secondly, treat him like dirt under his feet. I was even hoping for some groveling on Can’s part as well. Imagine my surprise when I sat down to watch the premiere of the “Most Anticipated Thai BL Series of 2020” and found that the show’s initial episodes are actually a reboot of Tin and Can’s entire relationship, concocted by the producers with assistance from the original story author Mame.
For those who are equally confused about the rewind of Tin and Can’s story, here’s an explanation from the book author Mame. She reportedly decided to revamp this version and showcase the new start of Tin and Can’s journey.

Watching the sequel is a frustrating task because I don’t understand the need to rewrite Tin and Can’s history. We watched Tin and Can’s journey from enemies to lovers and then back to strangers. So what is the use of rehashing ancient history? It seems like an absolute waste of our time and money as well as the actor’s talents.

This tweet by the author is even more confusing. In “Love By Chance,” while Ae and Pete had just begun dating, Tin and Can met simultaneously under inadvertent circumstances. So the timeframe change in the sequel doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Because now we have Ae and Pete having already broken up while Tin and Can are just in the initial stages of their relationship, in fact, just now meeting each other. To portray Ae’s character in the present while Tin and Can’s in the past is so confounding. It’s like following parallels from two different timelines, which leaves you with more questions than answers — even Star Trek’s new “Kelvin Timeline” alterations to canon made more sense than the story changes do here.

  • Mean Phiravich and Plan Rathavit reprise their roles of Tin and Can. The storyline for the initial episodes displays their romance in more subtle tones as compared to the previous series.
  • Title Kirati and Earth Katsamonnat reprise their roles of stepbrothers Tum and Tar. The sequel will probably focus on their blossoming relationship.
  • Mark Siwat and Gun Napat reprise their roles of Kengkla and Techno. The storyline focuses on their relationship after Kengkla raped a drunk and barely conscious Techno in the previous series.
  • Meen Nichakoon and Est Ravipon portray the roles of Tul and Hin. Tul is Tin’s elder brother and is in an “indentured servitude” relationship with Hin (which is abusive to the core)
  • Perth Tanapon reprises his role of Ae. But it is more along the lines of a support role, in the absence of his apparent love interest Pete (formerly played by Saint Suppapong).

“A Story of Bargaining Relationships” – A Chance to Love focuses on the dynamics between the three main couples and how they find love under the most unlikely circumstances. We follow Tin’s journey as we learn more about the unseemly equations within the rich family and the resulting mistrust that he carries around like a shield. Will his new friendship with Thai program student Can break down those walls? Ae, on the other hand, is a broken shadow of his prior cheerful demeanor. The loss of Pete has shattered his confidence and liveliness to be replaced with rudeness and ambiguity. Will the two people who love each other ever meet and reconcile? Meanwhile, Techno is hiding behind the shadows with the new feelings that surface from his nonconsensual tryst with Kengkla. Did he really enjoy the sex so much that he is ready to forgive Kengkla’s grave mistake?

My Opinion About Episodes 1 and 2

I absolutely loved the opening scene of the pilot episode. Even though Can is crying ugly tears and being conspicuous, Tin’s caring nature piques your attention. It’s been almost two years since the prequel and Mean Phiravich’s acting talents have improved. While Plan follows up on his act of being somewhat dense and shallow, it is Mean’s controlled portrayal of Tin’s expressions that set the bar higher between the two of them. I was also surprised by the naughty glint in Tin’s eyes when Can begs him not to disappear again. I wish I knew what was going on in his head in that split second when Can expressed his feelings. Despite that, I love this softer version of Tin, who smiles more and consoles Can despite their ongoing disputes. Maybe we are thinking about the prequel where they apparently broke off and imagine that this is their reconciliation.

And that’s where the mirage breaks, and we are thrust into this parallel universe where Ae and Pete have broken up while Tin and Can haven’t even met. I might have screamed and startled my family members. Imagine going through the hassle of watching Tin and Can fall for each other AGAIN! While I was still recovering from the storyline switch, we are shocked by the stunning impressions of Ae. Perth has perfected his act of “Angry Young Man,” and his demeanor screams, “stay away from me.” To watch a confident character like Ae being reduced to such negativity made my heart ache. I understand he is suffering from heartbreak, but that doesn’t explain this switch in his personality. I’m guessing there might be another explanation for his aggressive attitude.

Tin and Can’s confrontations are pretty hilarious. The differences are so glaringly obvious, and yet the nuances are more defined in this sequel. I enjoyed Tin’s surprise when Can declares that he doesn’t know who his father is. The attitude is quite different because Tin doesn’t lash out as he did in the previous season. He is also quite patient when Can unknowingly spills drink on his shirt. While Mame hasn’t changed Can’s character graph, Tin’s new version is more soft and vulnerable. Yet, his hackles get up really fast when confronted by his elder stepbrother Tul. Tul is a contradictory character. At first glance, you notice how handsome he is, but then the guy opens his mouth, and you realize what a asshole he is.

While the show majorly focuses on a shift and reimaging of Tin and Can’s romance, Ae’s heartbreak also gets some preference. We are treated to saddening visuals of Ae reminiscing his sweet moments with Pete and being entirely oblivious of the people around him. I’m still trying to understand the reason behind their apparent break up because the author’s narrative is obscure here. Her efforts to build up probable tension are failing because it is just painting Ae in a negative light. Ae is certainly not the kind of person to manhandle a woman, and his distraught behavior is heartbreaking (because of Perth’s improved skills of expression) yet confusing (because of a poorly thought out script.) Pond’s insistence that Bow doesn’t know their issues seems to appease him to a certain extent, but why is he so far gone that anger is taking control over his mind?

Tin’s second chance meeting with Can is even more contrived. Trying to save Tin’s classmate from his angry response seems like the right thing to do. But unknowingly, that puts Can on Tin’s radar. The fact that he is warming up to Can is surprising because it seems too fast. Granted that Tin isn’t being ‘straight’ with his affections and hence disguises them with his daily dose of insults. However, those are mild when compared to Tin’s arrogant attitude. He is not outright hostile, and that’s quite shocking.

Since we are comparing histories, how can we miss out on Tin and Can’s first kiss? The situation is almost similar, but the feeling is different. While in the first season, Can (actually Plan) did a great job imitating a dying fish while being kissed for the first time. In the sequel, he actually emotes just a touch. The cacophony of emotions on his face of shock, surprise, and ‘something more’ pay off well. Tin’s method of shutting up Can from spouting nonsense is pretty funny. I mean, how many people go around kissing their enemies? No one unless you are Tin Medthanan and you love confusing your rival! Also, Can’s insistence on poking his nose in Tin’s affairs is yet another mystery. He has just met the guy but loves to lecture Tin on the ways of the world. As I said, they are an unlikely match!

To be entirely honest, I’m equal parts disappointed and amazed by the show’s premiere. In some places, the drama lags, and then you wish they would get on with it and move forward instead of backward. I have huge issues with the reboot of Tin and Can’s romance. I’m guessing the author wanted to soften the edges. I would have preferred if it was done for one or two scenes, which played as flashbacks and not the entirety of the episode. I’m not interested in walking down the memory lane. I’m more intrigued about their present and future. How will they reconcile? Also, Techno’s story is pretty much sidelined, and the little glimpses we catch don’t paint a pretty picture. I’m hoping that they don’t drag out Ae’s anger issues, and we get some closure or answers.

“A Chance to Love” airs on WeTV every Wednesday, and VIP users are treated to an extra episode per week. (In case, you can’t access the video due to regional unavailability, you are advised to use VPN)

Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates from this sequel!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Daring to Dream says:

    FNGee- I get where you are coming from. It is just a TV show.
    But with a really strong season 1 and P’New fresh off UWMA- my expectations were high.
    Let’s say Dark Blue Kiss did a follow up season and had Pete/Kao break up- therefore Pete crying and hostile in every scene in 1st 2 eps of new season- while Sun/Mork as second couple started over but in a watered down way—- it would suck and not make sense.
    I just watched ep 2 today- and if I pretend I haven’t seen season 1 I would say- well I think this is better than Waterboyy:)

  • TheFNGee says:

    Seriously Guys – It’s a TV show. It is not do or die, or anything Earth shattering. I’ll leave that to Tum. No, to enjoy the show to its fullest, forget about season 1, ‘cept for the rather naughty Pond, and cute references to Ae and Pete as a couple.


  • Considering that mame now has the rights to lbc again and she only mentioned herself in the decisión to start over. I don’t think it’s fair to say other producers chose to do this. She is definitely calling the shots this season.
    I feel there wasn’t enough story so she started over instead of coming up with new ideas. Because they basically get together after that football scene so there’s not a lot of storyline left for them.
    I heard some people complained about the low quality and Pnew took responsibility. and it’s true in episode three there’s a scene with the kid and the lighting is so horrible looks like a student film . It’s really sad because I was really looking forward to it even paid VIP so I could support them.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I agree. I wasn’t looking for their history when I went into this show. If the show was available on all platforms and free, then it wouldn’t have a big deal. But the fact that we have to pay to watch a reboot hurts. It’s a waste of our time and money, considering how much everyone anticipated the release of this show.

  • Daring to Dream says:

    Thanks for review and looks like those who are commenting- midway through 1st episode I was going “What the eff is going on? Is this a flashback? What? No@@@!!!!!!”.
    When you have a strong series with a big following- why would you rewrite and redo season 1.
    I didn’t like it in 2Moons2– but at least there it was a new cast and they zoomed through season 1- didn’t change events.-
    The main story in the novel is Pete/Ae and Tin/Can. If due to all the crap or just the way the character is Saiint is not interested in continuing- his role should have been recast. Perth is so strong as an actor- a suitable replacement could have been found- and with P’New’s directing skills working with actors- after the furor over the change- could have worked and FOLLOWED the TIMELINE of the novel!!!!!!!!
    For season one- changes from novel to series: I loved the additiion of Pond/Chereen- hated the insertion of Techno/Klengkla and Tum/Tar. I would be very happy if those stories were cut from Season 2— sigh.
    This is a mess- I would give it 2 out of 5 for ep 1. I have to watch the rest to see if this turns into a major trainwreck.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      This show is a huge mess. Considering the fact that the rehash would be on till Episode 4. We will paying to watch them bicker and fight. Also you are right, Perth is a versatile actor and could be paired with a fresh face. Also there is possiblity of Season 3, so I think that’s why they are dragging this season. Or maybe they have the perfect storyline.

  • stephy2911 says:

    You were nice in your rating. I felt it merited a 2 out of 5 stars. Like, I was so excited on Wednesday then I got hit with confusion. Like, why take me back? I know Pete’s part will be missing cos of Saint, but c’mon! I was expecting a continuation, not flashbacks. I don’t like Ae being all broken hearted all the time though I understand why. I feel like Mame put all her effort into tharntype ss2, and lbc2 was an afterthought. The good points is that the actors are more versatile with their acting. Everyone stepped up a notch which I liked. Other than that, I nearly yanked my hair in frustration due to the 1st & 2nd episode. Fingers crossed that it gets better and better.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      Haha, thank you. I was actually going to give it a 1.5. Because that’s how pissed off I’m.I have to use VPN to watch this show. I’m not even sure if it’s worth the effort.

  • cdnflipper says:

    You were slightly more generous in your assessment than I would have been – I thought more like 2.5 or 3 out of 5. The re-booting of the Can/Tin relationship is completely unnecessary, especially when one considers that the two actors played essentially the same characters in the mini-series ReminderS at the end of which they had become boyfriends. Further, I cannot imagine how the new series can top the brilliant scene in Love by Chance where Tin learns Can’s full name and then swirls it around in his mouth like a fine wine (one of my favourite scenes in all of Thai BL). Hopefully, starting with episode 3 the series will expand beyond this weak start. I was really looking forward to the new series because of how brilliantly Plan and Mean embodied their characters. And now that we know Perth can act angry and sad, perhaps the series will move beyond that too.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      I guess if they don’t raise the bar in the next episodes, I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this show. I didn’t have the heart to reduce the ratings, because I was so looking forward to watch Tin and Can reconcile. Instead they gave me a half baked story with a reboot. I’m hoping things improve or the ratings will be even worse.

  • ccaptainchs says:

    I really just want to thank you for emphasizing the NON CONSENSUAL part of techno and kengkla with your language and word choice in the review. r*pe is not to be romanticized in any way or form and mame has some serious issues with how often this comes up in her works.

    i’ve just watched episode three and will probably be dropping the show sadly due to the characterization and junky timeline (we’re 1/4 of the way through the drama and it’s Still just rehashing season one??). I wish they had done a continuation of s1 🙁 s2 doesn’t make sense with the removal of Pete & resetting the timeline = removing the whole reason tincan get together. if i remember correctly tin starts to be interested in can only because of his loyalty and defending aepete. lbc s2 has tin acting soft towards him for no reason at all and in s1 Can would consistently challenge tin but in s2 he’s much more meek and I hate how the dynamic has changed

    • cdnflipper says:

      Thanks for your comments regarding the use of rape in various BL series; I agree completely. It’s something one would expect from a 19th century bodice ripper rather than a modern day romance series. I don’t follow the authors, so I don’t know if Mame is responsible for My Dream but it was used there too. Given that the target audience is teenage girls, one can only wonder what message they get from this.

      • krishnanaidu88 says:

        Completely agree with both these opinions. I have huge issues with romanticizing rape and Mame is the Mistress of that art. That’s the reason, I don’t read her books. Because I don’t understand how a rape victim can fall in love with their rapist. It defies logic. They should be traumatized, not enjoying the awful experience.

  • Chibimal says:

    I’ve only seen Episode 1 so far and I agree with your opinion.

    I am quite disappointed. I do not understand this flashback when the end of season 1 had offered us a good development of the Tin / Can relationship and a “friendzonage” which offered a good start to season 2.
    The characters seem more bland on the whole, like everything else in the episode.
    I also do not see the point of the presence of the character of Ae. As much in the novel, we can sympathize with his pain and the absence of Pete, as much here…

    I am skeptical and I leave myself 2 or 3 more episodes to see if I continue (or not).

  • Ian says:

    Hugely disappointed we are going backwards with Tin and Can (no cantaloupe?) and I don’t like what is happening to Ae. Maybe he shouldn’t have rejoined this series if Pete has been written out and all he can do is mope around. I understand why he is doing and In heartbroken for him too, it but I don’t see how he is going to pull out of it without getting worse. I’m trying to make the best of Tin Can as its all we have right now, but I’ll give it another couple of episodes before deciding whether to drop out.

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      Honestly, this is what the entire Psychomilk team feels. We had this huge discussion throughout the week and finally decided to review this show despite the disappointment. Let’s hope it gets better than worse.

  • fainiii says:

    In the novel Ae condition was worse than this after the breakup..I think!!!
    But I loved both episode…Just that viki is not working well in India and episodes are not playing… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • krishnanaidu88 says:

      Yes I learned from my colleagues at Psychomilk that Ae suffers from dissociative aggression. But I’m guessing that information will be showcased in next episodes. Maybe you should try WeTV then.

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