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Attraction and confusion are quite a normal aspect of a blossoming relationship. As two people who live in close quarters and have irrevocably become a part of each other’s lives, Tops and Win are learning some interesting facts about their odd relationship. The feelings are there, and they aren’t exactly in denial per se. But I’m guessing they are the stage where both are apprehensive about how to express their feelings. I’m enjoying how this show, now a gourmet drama, is dishing romance to me in a subtle yet sweet way! Jeff Satur never fails to make me laugh with his antics while Gameplay Garnphapon as Tops sets the bar too high for possible love interests.

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In “Confusion,” Win’s friend Nert crashes into their peaceful household with her problems. Although Tops experiences a brief episode of jealousy, he gets over it and cooks “Food for Broken Hearted People.” However, things get complicated when she insists on spending the night, though.
In “Attraction,” Tops and Win are met with a surprise guest, a Bambino cat (the Bambino is a breed of cat created as a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin breeds), who scares the bejesus of Win. As he slowly grows fond of the cat, its owner comes searching for the pet. Tops and Win decide to adopt a cat, and the search leads to some much-awaited romance.

My Opinion About The Episodes

“Confusion” hit the spotlight on how jealous Tops could get about Win. As he returns home from grocery shopping, Tops finds Win in close quarters with a girl. Of course, the said girl is one of Win’s close friends and is there to curse his apparently absent boyfriend. While they seem close, it sends Tops onto the edge. Tops doesn’t understand the details of the situation, misconstrues, and walks upstairs angrily.

Tops is presumingly calmer when he comes back downstairs. He eavesdrops on their conversation and realizes that Nert is actually paranoid about her current situation with her boyfriend. He decides to help Win out because Win’s efforts are having no effect on Nert. As Tops goes about cooking today’s menu, “Food for Broken Hearted People” (yes, that’s the name of the dish), Win tries to console Nert, and then suddenly Nert decides that she will spend the night at their home (Why, don’t you have a home of your own? Girl, you fought with your boyfriend, not your parents).

While they discuss sleeping arrangements, Tops is overjoyed when Win mentions sleeping with him. And just when Tops is enjoying the moment, Nert breaks his heart. Her boyfriend apologizes, and suddenly she changes her tone. Win is relieved to pack her off while Tops is disappointed. He also tries to joke about it, but Win can totally see through the guise. I loved watching Tops in this episode simply because his jealousy is adorable, and his straight forward attitude is refreshing. Gameplay Garnphapon is such a good actor that he always leaves me wanting more. The romance shines through because Jeff Satur plays Win in his own carefree attitude that’s equal parts annoying as well as lovable.

“Attraction” is by far my favorite episode in this entire series. Why do you ask? Simply because Win is such an interesting contrast of behavioral changes that I can’t help laughing at him. A Bambino Cat invades tops and Win’s household. Win screams bloody murder while Tops croons at the sweet baby (Seriously? That cat looks dreadful, and why the hell is it expensive? It might be smooth and hairless, but I’m not going to spend a fortune trying to buy one). Win absolutely seconds my thoughts, and it’s ridiculous to watch him act frightened while the cat glared at him.

So since all problems in this household are solved by cooking food, the gourmet is laid out for the cat. While Tops cooks for the new pet, Win gets comfortable with the Bambino. Did I tell you Win has a split personality because suddenly all his fears evaporate, and he falls for the hairless Diva! Their cute moments in the kitchen as Tops cooks pet food are adorable. While Win gets acquainted with the Bambino, he becomes protective as well. The sudden change is surprising both to the audiences as well as Tops. I personally find it endearing because Win is such a relatable character; the emotions are always true and on the surface. Jeff certainly plays this character with skill.

Despite that, I really don’t understand Win at times because he cries when the cat’s real owner, their hot and sexy neighbor, suddenly turns up searching for his pet. He got used to the cat pretty quickly and didn’t want to part with the hairless beauty. Tops has to literally drag the cat out of Win’s grasp, and a whiny Jeff is really addictive. So begins the search for a new pet, seriously Win is like a spoiled kid at times, and I appreciate Tops for his arduous efforts to handle the spoiled kid. Now to my favorite part, while searching for cats online, Win falls asleep. Tops takes Win’s tablet to put it on the bedside table but slips. Win awakens suddenly, and they are face to face (my internal monologue screams ‘please kiss’). They suddenly become aware of the closeness, and the moment is gone (damn!). But the spark is certainly there, and I’m hoping that Central TV points the script to their romance sooner than later.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

Random Updates

Jeff Satur and Gameplay Garnphapon auditioned for the upcoming mafia romance “KinnPorsche the Series.” Both the actors have made it to the Final Round. Keep watching this space as we bring you more updates about this adorable couple who have been making us swoon with their sweet (Ingredients) and passionate (HeSheIt) chemistry!


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  • 1005 says:

    Are you going to write reviews for the remaining episodes? Please? Jeff & Gameplay have done a really good job and this drama & CP have definitely been underrated…
    I really hope that can be lead CP in another production so we can see more of their chemistry.
    Jeff really surprised me by his wonderful singing skills, ‘Comedy’ had me addicted.

  • cdnflipper says:

    I would love to watch them in a mafia romance. Ingredients is giving them the opportunity to grow as actors and they play off each other so well that they deserve a full BL series. Ingredients is lovely and light (like a souffle); they need a series that is deeper and meatier.

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