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I just saw the teaser clip of this new Thai BL drama entitled Self, and it looks promising. The fact that dir. Ma-Deaw Chookiat of Love of Siam fame is attached to the show made me even more curious.

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Storyline follows:

Tang (Zen Burapa Thakulchunwirat) is a young new artist who mysteriously loses his reflection. He sees a strange boy, Neo (Prince Teerapat Nuken), in the mirror instead. An odd relationship starts with the conflict between suspense and trust.

From production company Studio Commuan
Zen Burapa Thakulchunwirat plays the title role of Tang. | Photo credit Studio Commuan
12-year-old Prince Teerapat Nuken plays Neo – described as a ‘strange’ boy who enters into a sort of relationship with Tang. | Photo credit Studio Commuan

As supporting characters, both actors were previously part of Triage (the Tae Darvid – Tee Tanaphon medical BL series). This series, Self is their first time playing the leads.

As noted, dir. Ma-Deaw Chookiat is a major player in this series – producing the show and also being part of the show. The people behind the production company are previously connected with Chookiat in Dew (Ohm Pawat’s 2019 gay film). Slated for a September 2022 release. Let’s wait if it’s going to be a smash!

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