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I will preface this by saying that I have read the manga this anime is based upon. The English translation of the Japanese manga The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window by Tomoko Yamashita.

The anime is produced by Zero-G Studio, a studio that made a few other anime I enjoyed, like Dive!, a swimming-style anime similar to Free! And the slice-of-life, adorable anime about a recluse writer and his cat, My Roommate is a Cat. 

There are 12 episodes of Night Beyond the Tricolored Window. The episode’s runtime is around 30 minutes per episode.  The anime originally aired from October through December 2021 on Crunchyroll, an anime subscription service. 

—Edited by TheFNGee

Here’s a brief synopsis from MyAnimeList:

Kousuke Mikado has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember. Extremely terrified of them, he tries to suppress his ability by wearing glasses. One day, while working at a bookstore, he catches the attention of Rihito Hiyakawa, an eccentric medium who is convinced that they were destined to meet each other.

Thanks to Hiyakawa’s antics, Mikado is thrust into the world of the paranormal, with the former promising that he will shed his fears if Mikado stays with him. As they continue to work together, the two discover a series of malicious curses that all point to the same name—”Erika Hiura.” What is this person’s goal, and how do they connect with Mikado and Hiyakawa?

Like any good BL, this anime has its characters facing difficult questions. What is the nature of love and hate? Are people irredeemable or worth redemption? Can you change after you’ve harmed others and learn to be a better person?

Kousuke’s terror inflicted by the spirits he sees has caused him to lead a timid life. Using his glasses to hide the sight of these spirits, he stumbles through life as a quiet bookstore employee.  He was raised by a single mom whom he has a great relationship with, but he can’t remember his father, who left when Kousuke was a young child. The missing father and the love of a strong mother are two important influences that have shaped Kousuke’s life. As the story progresses both of these factors play an unexpected role in the lives of those closest to Kousuke.

His world is forever changed when Rihito Hiyakawa enters his store to banish the ghosts the manager feels lingering around. Hiyakawa watches Kousuke notice the store’s specter with obvious terror.  Hiyakawa feels that Kousuke is his destiny, and he will do anything to tie Kousuke to him.  He uses Kousuke’s ability without consent, by activating Kousuke’s core or essence to see and banish the spector. Hiyakawa declares to Kousuke they are destined for each other, so he asks the manager to lend Kousuke out to help him with work.  Kousuke is swept along by Hiyakawa’s promise that if Kousuke stays beside him, he won’t need to be afraid anymore. Hiyakawa’s charm and presence dazzle Kousuke who agrees to work with the strange man.

Hiyakawa is a complex person with a mysterious past. He appears not to understand the emotions and feelings of those around him. He is good at cleaning bad energies or banishing spirits, even though he can only sense them, not see them. So Kousuke can see them, helping him do his job more efficiently.

It involves creating a spiritual connection between their souls, which has a potent pleasurable physical response in Kousuke when he lets Hiyakawa’s spirit enter him.

The other players in this drama include an older hard-boiled detective who doesn’t believe in anything, a phony psychic with a powerful presence, a teen girl who can work curses and her bodyguard, and the mysterious man called Sensei. 

Overall it’s a fun, quick binge-worthy anime if you find yourself with a spare evening or two on your hands. If you give it a try, let me know your thoughts.

There is also a live-action adaptation of the manga, which I haven’t watched yet. The movie’s run time is 1 hour and 42 minutes, and it was released in early 2021.  I am always hesitant about live-action films or series based on manga and anime. They tend not to translate very well, but if you prefer that medium for storytelling, it is available without English subtitles.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. [See our Review Guide]


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  • exxuss says:

    Not sure why, but anime has not been a part of my bl viewing experience. I watched ep 1 of The Night Beyond. Liked it. Will be watching more. Thanks.

    • jenhg says:

      I came to the bl genre the other way around. I started off in anime then discovered bl. The first series I watched was Lovesick, then I absolutely fell for the chinese bl Like Love….still one of my favorites. I hope you give the anime a shot. It’s probably better than the live action version, but can’t be sure.

      • exxuss says:

        Lovesick…pretty much the starting point for mass produced bl. I followed you a couple of years later with Addicted. I was thrilled with having discovered bl, although Addicted is more bromance than bl. Even so, it remains my benchmark for all series. We’ve certainly come a long way, haven’t we. Back then I couldn’t wait for the next episode of a series, now it’s impossible to keep up with all the new releases. The genre has certainly blossomed. How lucky we are.

      • jenhg says:

        Do you remember fansubs? Cause that was the only way to watch a show….lazysubber and Adamuni were some of the ones out there doing God’s work for us….now we have official subtitles released soon after the original language. But we are dating ourselves here….😁 – Jen

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