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While it may not be a full, true-blooded BL series, Great Men Academy showcases seven (yes, read that: 7) young Thai actors out to capture the hearts of BL and non-BL fans from Thailand and Internationally!

It will start airing on 6th February 2019; Great Men Academy tells the tale of these young boys who are enrolled in a school out in the woods, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

—Edited by TheFNGee

The premise is not exactly original as one of the ‘boys’ turns out to be a ‘girl’ when the moon shines brightly and is in full bloom.

Excuse the corniness of my description, but apparently, all he has to do is swim naked, and he’ll become a girl. However, the scenes selected and featured in the trailer above offer some BL teases that will make you look forward to this series (there are 8 episodes) with or without English subs.

The eye-candy – apparently – is enough. Here are two shorter teasers, but equally interesting!

We’ll get more details as the drama gets underway!

Editor’s Note: Not sure this was ever a hit with BL Fans.

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  • Flipper says:

    I stumbled across this series and have watched the first three episodes. Aside from having some of the usual failed plotting associated with BL series, Great Men Academy has more or less managed to hold my attention. More or less because I have fast forwarded through some of the sub-plots in episode 3. The series starts with Love watching Vier, her hero, win the great men competition for the second year running (and coming to the aid of a fellow competitor); what’s not to like? Naturally, she wants to be his forever love, but an encounter with the magical unicorn (failed plotting number 1) results in Love becoming a boy who must then dip into the lake every night before Cinderella time or she will be a he forever. Well, in her new guise as a boy (and still called Love), our hero/heroine sets of to conquer Vier only to very quickly learn that he doesn’t like boys. Now this shouldn’t be a problem since Love is really a girl and after 3 months of faithfully dipping into the lake each night, he will become a she again permanently. But in the meantime, she continues to pursue Vier. One might think that having learned that, Love would simply bide her time until he is a she again, but no, she continues to swoon over Vier (failed plotting number 2). But Vier does; knowing that Love likes him and then discovering that his competitor/best friend Tangmo likes Love, Vier manipulates a naive Love into cheering for him at a crucial moment in a judo contest. This scene is particularly well-done. In episode 2 and earlier in 3, we have seen that Vier is insecure; the looming contest against Tangmo has unnerved him and he’s unsure that he can win against him. So what’s a boy to do? Well, why not make use of a starry-eyed admirer? No doubt there will be more about this in future episodes. So far, we have a love triangle, but there’s a sub-plot that actually makes it a rectangle. One of Love’s classmates sees a picture of Love as a girl (whom Love says is his sister named Pillow (really?)) and the classmate pesters Love for a date with sis. Points to the author for making full use of the double gendered Love as both lover and beloved (times two).

    So far, most of the acting is good, but I must comment specifically on the two leads. James Teeradon does an excellent job of portraying a naive teenage girl (trapped in a boy’s body) infatuated with an older boy. James has all the appropriate mannerisms to make him believable in the role. Similarly, Ice Paris as Vier starts out as the self-confident big man on campus but he quickly shows us that this is merely a facade; this teenage boy is insecure and manipulative and Ice does a very good job.

    So far no one has expressed their love for anyone, though Tangmo has come close. I guess I’ll just have to watch the remaining episodes to see who ends up in who’s arms.

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