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At 19, Thai actor Chimon Wachirawit is already amassing an impressive acting resume. He’s a rising star in the Thai BL firmament with a lead role in the movie Sweet Boy (2016), followed by a major role in My Dear Loser Series: Edge of 17 (2017). Both projects solidify his position in portraying gay characters.

While he’s pleasing fans with his onscreen team up with Purim Pluem Rattanaruangwattana (watch them in Our Skyy), he is also expanding his roles by playing a math wizard with special powers in The Gifted (2018). Chimon is also part of Blacklist (2019) and He’s Coming To Me (2019).

With about 15 movies and series to his credit, Chimon acting style is evolving, and his growing fanbase seems to appreciate all his efforts.

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Chimon Wachirawit Ruangwiwat วชิรวิชญ์ เรืองวิวรรธน์ is a Thai actor famous for playing Sun in My Dear Loser and Our Skyy. He’s 19 years old with about 15 projects in films and TV series. Photos are taken from various sources on the internet.

Let’s explore a select list of Chimon’s performances:

[1] The sexy BL film Sweet Boy gives Chimon a solid start in his acting career, playing Nack, a young boy who is discovering his homosexual feelings. Is there anyone who looks so innocent and sexy at the same time, and an on-screen presence that is solid and captivating?

Nack is a 17-year-old boy whose life focuses only on studying. Stepping into the last year of high school, he begins to feel lonely and pressured. As graduation and entrance examination grow closer and closer, he begins to learn about sex and love for the first time in his life. He has to face questions about the morality of his homosexual love. What will he do?

While the acting is raw and tentative (as to be expected of such projects), Chimon is a standout among the cast. He’s such a delightful, charming actor that people find so refreshing.

He’s not too ‘white’. His dark complexion makes him look truly Thai!

[2] The video clip below consolidates the Inn-Sun arc in My Dear Loser: Edge of 17. 

In a tale of unrequited love, Sun (Chimon) has confessed his love for Inn. But Inn appears to have rejected Sun’s advances, even though they are pretty close. Is Inn just confused or does he love someone else?

There are some outstanding acting made by Chimon as he’s rejected by Pluem’s Inn when he initiated some intimacy. If the clip is not enough, here are some choice scenes featuring the two actors.

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[3] This time Chimon tries a drama-thriller in The Gifted.

“My character in The Gifted is Wave. He is a maths genius. But I’m just an average student, so we’re quite different. I’m good at computers, art, music, and sport. And I play football for the school team.” says Chimon in his interview with The Bangkok Post.

The storyline is below:

Ritdha High School, the school that not only has gifted students but also the “Gifted Program,” a gifted class with only a handful of “special” students were chosen to study in this program. Unfortunately “Pang” a 10th-grade student from lowest class suddenly passed the Gifted placement test for unknown reason. His entrance to the Gifted Program was filled with confusion. He and his new friends in the class started to feel that there is something strange about this class. Eventually, they figure out that this Gifted Program is unleashing something about their “potential” in themselves to be awaken. Their lives are about to change, when great power that fulfill all their dreams come with troubles. Their gift is about to reveal a secret that this school tries to hide. [source]

Though Chimon’s acting is still a work in progress, I find him to be one of Thailand’s most exciting and promising young stars.

Do you agree?

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