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When it was first announced that He’s Coming to Me will only have 8 episodes, I was a bit skeptical that it will have a satisfying ending. That’s my experience with some Japanese drama series. However, the ghost-romantic-mystery drama starring Singto and Ohm prove me wrong. At more than one hour, Episode 8 was able to give the audience a much-needed closure. That is, in addition to some intense, confrontation scenes and also some romantic, comedic scenes as well.

Episode 8 – for a reviewer like me – is the total package.

Let me give you a rundown:

  • The confrontation: As in previous episodes, the death of Met, has been discussed with much speculation. The reason why Thun took up Laws is to be able to become competent in legalies and in turn help Met regarding his ‘unlawful’ death. It also relates to inheritance. Apparently, Thun is correct to assume that Met died under suspicious circumstances. Now for the acting: Confrontation scenes are hard to handle especially when the director cannot supervise his actors. In this case, the scenes were delivered well. There is much control with Ohm and the supporting cast – the uncle and the female helper. This is quite commendable! The scenes are realistic, in as much as they are intense and hard to watch. Ohm shows so much integrity and credibility in his acting. He reminds me of Suda Masaki, one of Japan’s celebrated young actors;
  • Crime and Punishment: While it was not indicated clearly, those who are responsible for Met’s death repent and did something short of justice. In this case, I don’t think the punishment fits the crime. However, it’s a matter of dealing with a guilty conscience;


  • The City tour: The scene inside the temple is especially poignant because it validates both Met and Thun feelings. It is noteworthy that both Thun’s buddies were included in some of the scenes – Prince is apparently over the moon as he and the girl went on a date;
  • The Homecoming: When Thun took Met to meet his Mom and settles for the night at their abode, it brings back so many memories! Thun’s Mom thanking Met for everything is both hilarious and sentimental. Imagine a boy you once loved and treats with romantic feelings. Now, he’s the lover of your son. How’s that for ‘unavoidable circumstances’!

The acting here is also excellent. There is amazing chemistry between the actors. This is especially true during the second intimate scenes between Ohm and Singto. Kudos to the director and his crew for making such tender, romantic scenes!

  • The Farewell: The ceremony at Met’s grave could have been done with a completely serious tone, but the director was wise enough to make the audience crack up with comedy. I think it was a perfect blend of tears and laughter, and what a way to end the series!

I don’t care who you are or what you are. I still love you.

I would think those words would reverberate even after the series has finished airing.


After SOTUS and the talk about whether Singto will partner with Krist in another BL project, it seems justified to say that Singto remains a competent, believable actor. No matter who is the actor cast to play opposite him.

His portrayal of Met is as credible as his SOTUS counterpart. What we have here is a lonely, desperate ghost who cannot reincarnate, and thanks to a young boy who loves him from the first encounter, that he was able to get justice and leave the world in peace.

Singto offers an understated performance that is filled with nuances!

Ohm, on the other hand, provides an aggressive, intense performance that is hard to match. If you recall his previous role in Make It Right, he certainly leveled up his acting a notch or two. He has developed his own personal acting style. It’s still raw, yet he has matured a great deal in this series. I would not wonder if there are offers for him to play other BL roles. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]



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