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Notes on 4 Upcoming Thai BL Series: 2Moons2, Why RU, Until We Meet Again, TharnType [Opinion]

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4 upcoming (one is about to be shown on 29th June) Thai BL series are giving me all the good vibes. Expectations are also getting quite high. I’d like to give my two cents on these productions and highlight some of the excitement associated with them.

These 4 series are:

Until We Meet Again (UWMA) is based on the novel entitled  The Red Thread by LazySheep. It deals with two couples – one from the past and the other from the present time.

Fluke and Ohm play the main couple in Until We Meet Again where love, romance, and reincarnation are the major themes.

Fluke Pongsatorn Sripinta (lead in My Bromance, the Movie) is Parm, who is the reincarnation of In. Playing In in the past is Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote (Love by Chance). Ohm Thitiwat plays Dean, who is the reincarnation of Korn, and Korn is played by Nine Nopparat, who is also Dean’s past persona. [read more]

Impressions: Casting Fluke, one of Thailand’s more prominent BL actor, is a giant step towards rating glory.

Reviewer and blogger Wise Kwai once said

In the gay community, there has been much fuss over Fluke, a cult figure who is described by one fan as “sex on legs”. I don’t quite get the appeal, but then he’s not my type. But I recognize that Fluke is a fine, expressive actor, who fits the sought-after archetype of the vulnerable wisp of a leading man being cast in movies like this. Perhaps in another era, he would be Juliet to a more-masculine Romeo.

That’s for his previous film Red Wine in the Dark Night.

Earth and Nine play the other main couple who parallels Fluke and Ohm persona.

I’m also quite taken by Ohm Thitiwat who looks like a bonafide movie star. I hope he can also act and express the many emotions his character require of him.

One of the series’ big plus for me is Boun Noppanut. While he plays a supporting role, his current ‘state of being’ as one of the most photographed and talked about newcomer is important news for me.

Anticipation Factor: 4 out of 5 stars

Tharn Type the series is about two young boys – one is traumatized by a previous bad gay experience, while another is proud of his own identity and sexuality. They became roommates, and from here on the struggle and the conflict began. Will love blooms?

Mew and Gulf play the main couple in Tharn Type the series. About a boy who had a bad gay experience and a proud gay who is his roommate.

Reported to be related to another BL series, Love by ChanceTharnType The Series explores yet another romantic relationship between two boys – this time, it’s juicier, raunchier, and perhaps even more intense? Note that the producers are different from those who released Love by Chance. [read more]

Impressions: Here we have one of the most charming BL couples to ever grace the TV screen. Their not-so-official teaser has already generated some buzz and their on-screen chemistry is spot-on.

Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen (That’s My Umbrella) is also cast in Tharn Type the series.

There’s also Kaownah, the main actor in another series, That’s My Umbrella. I can’t help but notice him! What a looker!

Anticipation Factor: 4 out of 5 stars

2 Moons 2, the series revives and relives the 3 couples’ saga of love, romance, and relationships. Featuring Phana-Wayo, Ming-Kit, and Forth-Beam, the new series is from award-winning filmmaker, Dir. Anusorn.

There is plenty to look forward to (and challenges) in this new version of 2 Moons:

  • Can the new actors do justice to their respective roles? I’m particularly biased in favor of the new cast, especially Joong, Earth, and Benjamin. I have yet to appreciate the other actors but for now, I am putting my bet on them;
  • What particular innovation, surprises, and revisions will dir. Anusorn introduced to make this series unique and special? Being the innovator that he is, I’m sure dir. Anusorn is not going to give us a boring show that is full of loopholes and stupid dialogue.
  • Are the Thai BL audience ready for another 2 Moons series? I hope so because if they are not ready, this will be a complete waste of money, effort, and dedication.

I have nothing but positive thoughts for this new series. Having seen Present Perfect, the festival favorite of Dir. Anusorn is enough for me to anticipate how much quality this new series will have.

This is not a sequel but a remake (which means we will have a different version of what has been shown in 2 Moons The Series) [read more]

Anticipation Factor: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Why RU, the series. Featuring two BL couples – Tutor and Fighter, Zon and Saifah. The new drama brings back Saint, one of the mainstays in Love by Chance.

Saint and Zee are cast to play Tutor and Fighter in the upcoming Why RU, the series.

After watching Reminders and seeing Perth and Saint play a couple, it’s understandable how some fans are upset over the new tandem. But I don’t think it should be ‘treated’ as something personal. The guys are working and if fans are truly supportive, they need to overcome their own biases and support Saint and Zee, as well. [read more]

Impressions: I’d love to see what sort of chemistry (in a drama) will Zee and Saint generate. I’m already satisfied with the fan service, so I want to see what stuff they’re made of.

Also anticipate something good from Tommy, Jimmy, and Toy.

Anticipation Factor: 4 out of 5 stars

How about you? Which of this upcoming Thai BL series make you excited?

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