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Director Aam Anusorn Soisa ngim has made quite an impression as he spearheads the rise (and further rise) of Thai BL series by directing 2Moons2, a show that rivals the best of BL shows for 2019 and earlier. The new series is now being anticipated for fresh materials come Episode 5.

Updates: Episode 1 & 2 review | Episode 3 & 4 review | Episode 5 | Full review Part 1– Acting| Full review Part 2– Directing & technical

Update: Premiere episode [or Episode 0 as it was described by the team] is slated for June 22nd! A teaser trailer has just been released! Dir. Anusorn and the production team has released the trailer! My reaction to this video after the jump!

2 days to go before 2moons2 the Series Episode 0 airs! Here’s the video clip of the OST (featuring August!)

Dir. Anusorn offering tips on the upcoming series and how much he respects and values the international BL fans:

The teaser that made people do a 360-degree turn for the positive!

My reaction: At less than a minute, the teaser trailer for 2 Moons 2 The Series has encapsulated a series of emotions about young, pure love between boys. It’s highly-charged, emotional, even sentimental as we are introduced to the characters. It’s classy, subtle, yet intense (even explosive) the way Dir. Anusorn puts the characters in their perspective.

I love the Ming-Kit conversation about the Earth-Moon relationship. It shows substance – how they elevate a mere ‘earthly’ relationship into something heavenly. Dir. Anusorn also informed the 2Moons2 audience that he added the dialogue to the script. It gave the budding relationship more drama and romance. I have been very vocal about my admiration for Joong Archen. He has that undeniable appeal of a bonafide movie star.

Benjamin Brasier is also slowly and surely growing up on me. I find his appeal to be that of someone who may appear simple at first, but then he is complicated and has more than what ‘meets the eye’ in the first place. I admire the new cast – they have plenty of star potential, but more importantly, they don’t look tentative and amateur. What we have here are actors who can potentially move the audience to tears and romantic glory!

Earth Thirapat Reungritkun brings in another sort of intensity. This time – sentimental, emotional outburst that further endears him to the audience. He may not win in the ‘looks’ department versus Bass (the first Wayo), but he certainly has outcompeted him in the acting department. I know that Bass has greatly improved his acting (Two Brothers is a good case in point) but Earth has this certain intensity that can drive people mad. That is something an actor can’t learn in workshops, it’s something inherent – that’s what you call talent!

Not to be outdone, Forth-Beam also offers something for both fans and skeptics.

I can’t wait to do an episodic review of this series!

Here’s what we know so far about 2Moons2 The Series:

  • The original cast of 2 Moons were all replaced and it has something to do with copyright issues, money and others which can be under the catch-all term ‘artistic differences’;
  • Dir. Anusorn who did LGBT film festival fave Present Perfect was chosen to direct the new series;
  • Episode 1 is to air 22nd of June 2019;
  • This is not a sequel but a remake (which means we will have a different version of what has been shown in 2 Moons The Series);

Here’s a summary of what the series “maybe” about:

Wayo is accepted at the Kantaphat University, in the Faculty of Sciences; in the same institution, he studies, Phana, a second-year boy he has always been in love with, though he never managed to talk to him. When Wayo has the chance to become the “moon” of his faculty, the two will begin to spend time together because Phana himself has been the “moon” of the medical school the previous year and must supervise the freshmen participating in the competition. Despite initially the strong character of Phana makes it difficult for Wayo any more simple interaction, the two slowly get closer and closer. So, Wayo began to visit friends of Phana, Beam and Kit; it is the latter who suddenly falls in love with Ming, Wayo’s best friend, who begins to court him despite his initial haste. [source]

The recent posts about the series:

The series enters post-production already. Will it be released as intended by dir. Anusorn as per below quote? Or will it be released on a later date?

The first episode of this show will premiere on April or around that time and I’m directing all 12 episodes! Big work but I having fun already!

Dir Anusorn – known to be quite expressive about his feelings and also for saying what’s on his mind, tweeted some thoughts about the cast:

I’m already quite biased towards Joong Archen! I find him to be one of the most charming BL actors in Thailand today. I don’t think I’m alone in saying he has a magnetic personality!

Recent casting news about the first season was posted by LazySubber:

Of Motive Village (one of the producers)… Seems like they’re in a bad place due to the contract with CCDM. The actors signed a contract for all 3 seasons WITH CCDM. Then CCDM and MV had a problem with each other, which ended with MV got the copyright of 2Moons and CCDM the actors. [source]

Which means there are new actors in the cast!

Earth Thirapat Reungritkun – Wayo
Ben Benjamin Brasier – Phana
Joong Archen Wiraphakul – Ming
Nine Konchit Boonsatheepakdee – Kit
Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast – Beam
Poom Naret Promphaophan – Forth

Here’s a promo clip featuring the new cast!

Benjamin Brasier, who was chosen to play the new Phana (previously played by God Itthipat Thanit) took to Twitter to interact with the 2 Moons Series fans and BL watchers. That’s quite a daring (and brave) thing to do!

I’m not much of a fan of the old cast. I find the two lead actors to be lacking in chemistry, though certain scenes have endeared them to BL fans already.

Aside from the ‘ruckus’ made by misinformed fans of the series which targetted the new actors, another controversy has appeared, courtesy of the previous series crews. I think we have enough drama for now, and it’s a good thing Mr. Anusorn refuses to give way to the hate.

I find it funny that fans of the original series are saying they are no show for the series’ premiere. As if they matter. These are clueless international fans who matter little in the grand scheme of things.

Looking Back and What’s Ahead: Here’s an excerpt of my review of Season 1:

Adapted from the BL Novel “Two Moon” by Chiffon_cake, 2 Moons The Series (2017) is about a puppy love that turns serious. The series also explores campus idols, popularity contests and plenty of rivalries on love and affection. [read more]

There are plenty of factors to make a successful series – a director with a solid background and will not lose control, a tight script (not really award-winning or critically acclaimed, but decent enough – logical enough) and a good cast (who can be trained properly).

For 2 Moons 2 The Series, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • A says:

    I was a fan of season one. But watching season two or you can say a remake it felt odd. I admit the acting was better than one. I am a total fan of season two now. I only feel disappointed due to the fact that the promotional team did a poor job telling the public that they will drop out the old cast and recast new artists. It sudden news to me considering we international fans don’t have much access. I was looking forward to the old cast members.

  • Ryu says:

    Guys, check my fanfic about season 3!
    I just posted the first chapter! I hope you enjoy it.

  • Bill Michael says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, I want to know who LAEM is in real life…??? I like him…!!!

  • Arnie Q says:

    I’ve been following the 2 Moons 2 and I have to say the new actors are very impressive! I’m hoping for a sequel already even before Book 3 is done. An individual story for each couple would be great. A totally romantic story not related to 2 Moons 2 would be appreciated! I might be your oldest reader/audience but it’s nice to relive a life that was a taboo in my time. Keep up the good work. I hope that in my visit to Thailand I would have the opportunity to meet the director or the producer as I’m excited to watch a live movie shoot. Good luck and congratulations for a job well done. Greetings from USA!

    • RedandBlue says:

      Hey Arnie!
      Welcxome to Psycho Milk and thank you for the kind words. I don’t think you are the oldest LOL. I got messages telling me that they are 72, 60, 52, 44 year olds people from all over. I am looking forward to any adaptations of Thai BL stories, and yes, I think a sequel is already warranted given the success of 2 Moons 2 with million of viewws, and these are stats for international audience only (? I hope I get that right). Cheers!

  • JD Thomas says:

    This was a great review and commentary and motivated me to tune into the series remake. Thank you. I learned a lot and enjoyed the read.

  • Ada says:

    I love the new series. Life is too harsh if keep on comparing to each other. Can see the hard work and heart in the new series. Down side is have to wait too long for the next episode. Love every moment of the new series, well done, keep up the good work 🙂

  • Sal says:

    Wow! Take about the hate! Where did all yours come from? I quote “I find it funny that fans of the original series are saying they are no show for the series’ premiere. As if they matter. These are clueless international fans who matter little in the grand scheme of things.” I’m an international fan of the original 2 Moons, and I think we do matter, and that international fans made the original 2Moons a big, big deal. And if 2Moons 2 is a big deal, it will be the international fans that make it so. That’s what “big” means.

    I did watch episode 0, and I watched as much of episodes 1, 2 and 3, as I could, but … if you were a fan of the first 2 Moons, there was no point of watching scene after scene for comparisons? Maybe things will change with ep 4. when there’s new content, and I’ll be there to see if it does. If it doesn’t I’ll move along – without the hate you clearly, well, hate. I would say, however, that ep 0 and your article do seem a bit desperate to make 2Moons 2 a better deal than 2Moons 1, before it has proven itself to be so. Maybe we can all wait a bit longer before we start slinging the mud.

    • RedandBlue says:

      LOL The ‘hate’ as you assumed comes from the fact that international fans, many of them anyway, have attacked the new series on a personal level. I don’t think that is fair or even warranted given that we are not the target audience. We are mere spectators, and some of us have the gal to assume of our importance. That is – in itself – petty and laughable.

      2 Moons 2 is already a big deal, whether you like it or not.

  • Kelly says:

    I am an international fan coming all the way from Canada.

    I have seen 2moons and is currently watching 2moons2. I loved 2moons and was really disappointed in all the negativity 2moons2 was receiving. Everyone is untitled to their own opinions.

    I personally prefer 2moons2 so far. I think the actors play their characters well and the pace of the storyline is not too fast or too slow. It’s just right. I am excited to see how all the relationships between the characters grow.

  • fmra357 says:

    Tried watching the new season, but it relies very heavily on details that were laid out in the first season (the season some people thought was slow) and rushes through material like its got an appointment somewhere else. The actors and acting was fine, but there isn’t really any chemistry between the characters and sometimes the characters break (like Wayo not cowering in his room the first time he spots Pha in the dorm).

    The locations chosen seem to have taken a downgrade as well. Don’t know why they chose somewhere different and more used looking. Budget possibly. But then you have the incredible clutter of junk on some of the sets, like Wayo’s dorm room.

    I’m assuming its the anticipation of getting to the story after where the first season left off that has everyone upvoting it, but if its anything like the first episode, I’ll pass.

    tldr; feels rushed, no chemistry between characters, poorer set design

    • RedandBlue says:

      Thanks for the comment. It actually feels like a review, which is quite fine in itself. I understand where you’re coming from since its only logical to compare.

      However, I find the actors to be better. I find Earth (Wayo) and Benjamin (Phana) to show more intensity when it comes to conflict. There is that same sort of glamour shots where the actors are given opportunities to flirt with the audience. The others did better too – Nine (Kit) made sure he is noticed by his unique set of antics. Joong is handsome in a more natural way, unlike the previous Phana who acts like a supermodel and nothing else.

      I would prefer the clutter on the rooms, it makes for a more natural set. I mean, boys are not meant to be tidy. LOL

      I watched Episode 0 and the message was clear. They wanted to put away the first season in 3 episodes and start featuring the story as S1 ends. So, I agree that they may rush it.

      • FiloUSBLFan says:

        I just saw the 1st season, didn’t even know there was a plan for season 2 that didn’t materialize for whatever reason that was… A lot of the cast members’ acting including the lead characters’ were clearly lacking but i still found it very entertaining… I’m obviously a fan and while I’m not interested in the 2nd season because I never really anticipated there would be one, and should there be one, would have loved to have seen the old cast, I would never really wish for the new season to fail, or for the new cast not to be successful.. I’m also an international fan, not a part of any group, but I would have been disappointed as well if from the start I knew that the producers offered the original cast a season 2 program but would later learn from other media sources that the season 2 casting would be offered to different artists, and you should understand the international fandom being upset and disappointed about it instead of making them look bad. You need to remember that what makes a show more popular regardless of the acting caliber or the experience or the depth of the actors, etc. are the international fans that amplifies the show in a bigger scale which happened to the 1st season, thanks to the cast of the 1st season.. same goes with the “2gether” series if I may squeeze that in… The chemistry of the actors made it VERY popular outside Thailand… i digress..

        Lastly, fandoms are fandoms, and while I would never promote “hate” as you said were coming from the international fans, you should understand where they were coming from and don’t make the “hate” you said bigger or fuel it instead of helping create a better environment for both seasons’ fandoms..

        Not sure if you’re a critic, a fan, or a hater.. you should let it be known.. You really seem to indirectly take issues with the past actors performance which I would know were not really at its best.. but then again, that would be the entire production especially the producers’ and the director’s call.. after all, it’s all about revenue, maybe they knew it was going to be a big hit (which they were not wrong about)..

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