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Experience taught us that when we see something special, we know it immediately. That’s my initial reaction to Episode 1 of 2 Moons 2 during its first 15 minutes (excluding the cast intro).

I have seen and heard them previously – the initial conflict between Phana and Wayo, the show of ‘reverence’ towards Wayo who is – after all – a very rich kid, the selection of the Moons, how the student body reacts when Phana appears. While there are 3 BL couples, Episode 1 concentrates on Wayo and Phana. [with Ming, played by Joong Archen as scene-stealer.]

Announcing that the first 3 (or is it 4?) episodes will consolidate Season 1, is a wise and practical move on the part of the production crew. It gives the audience a proper perspective without giving away so much as a hint.

So, let’s have a short summary:

Wayo (Earth) is hopelessly in love with his senior, the gorgeous, confident but kind Phana (Benjamin Brasier). It’s been like that since high school. Now that he enters University, Wayo is ecstatic to pass the entrance exam and study on the same school Phana is taking his medical degree.

But Phana fails to recognize the Wayo who is a work in progress – as he slowly becomes a pretty boy on a league all his own. Ming (Joong) who is Wayo’s best bud boosts Wayo confidence by encouraging him to look forward to more Phana as both previous and current Moons work closely together.

A girl dormmate appears to be a rival for Phana’s attention, and this further discourages Wayo in his subtle pursuit of the future doctor. But then, there is Forth (Phoom) who appears to be in pursuit of our cute yet fiercely independent looker himself.

…and yeah, that pink milk tea!

Episode 2 teaser trailer shows more than I could bear!

So Phana finally recognizes the boy who once held and nurtured a kitten back in those days. It took Wayo to wear his eyeglasses to do that. Phana wasted no time and grabbed Wayo for a date.

Ming also wasted no time to remind Kit about his nickname. While looking annoyed, Kit appears to be smitten by the handsome Engineering candidate for the Campus title.

But this drama is meant to be more than just about the romance between boys. There are conflict and rivalries. I’ll stop at that.

Earth and Benjamin are cast as Wayo and Phana respectively in 2 Moons 2, the series.

My review and reactions

  • Earth nailed his character in many ways – As Wayo, he has that innocent yet fiery quality when challenged. He’s nobody’s boy-toy. He has a mind of his own and is not going to follow somebody’s whim. As young as he is, he already set his sight on capturing Phana. Earth’s facial expressions say it all – the doubt, the hesitation, the all-consuming love for Phana. Previously cast actor could only muster about 1/4 of what Earth has already shown in 2 episodes alone;
  • Benjamin Brasier, like Zee (Why RU, the series) appears to have generated a lot of negative vibes from patronizing and mindless fans who got nothing but hate in their irrelevant existence. I love it that Brasier is sensitive enough not to add fire to their useless agenda. As Phana, he is perfect. He can be aggressive but respectful and responsible at the same time. He’s confident, yet gentle in dealing with love. Brasier is an image of contrasting emotions which is not easy to do. It was said that the author personally picked Brasier as Phana for the simple reason that he epitomizes the character to a T;
  • Joong Archen needs to be more lively, he appears to be tentative in a few scenes. Though he is one of the most good-looking actors in all Thai BL series I have seen through the years;
  • Nine Konchit who plays Kit is becoming a personal favorite of mine. He is charming but boastful and a bit arrogant in his portrayal of ‘kitkat’, which is what everyone expects him to be;
  • I look forward to seeing Dome and Poom act together – as Beam and Forth they may show us the hottest love scene in this BL series;
  • Someone commented that the set was downgraded. I don’t think so. This drama features rich, can-afford young kids studying in Uni in Bangkok, Thailand. They live in posh, ultra-modern condos (dormitories, not!), and they drive a sports car – which they do. Of course, even when ‘reality’ sets in, we all appreciate all the good things in life;
  • The soundtrack complements what is already a well-polished production, with supporting cast that is well-controlled. The absence of ‘over-acting’ is much welcome here;
  • Dir. Anusorn deserves more than just a congratulatory remark. He made sure that the story has a reasonable flow, with actors not necessarily 100% competent, but are potential dramatic actors in their own right. What I saw in 2 episodes is a consolidation of the previous Season’s attempt to capture the essence of the book. Dir. Anusorn has already succeeded in showing us what’s the author’s vision looks like in various lights and shades.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]


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