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Episode 5 features fresh content – new drama! new conflict! new intensity!

Is Ming destined for some shattered dreams? Can Phana and Wayo adjust to their new relationship and withstand the test of a ‘real’ rival and a new admirer?

Episode 5 makes up for lost time as previous series fails to renew, giving fans what they have been anticipating for a long time.

Essential scenes for the much-anticipated Episode 5 are:

  • Ming (Joong Archen) continues to pursue Kit (Nine) with such fervor and confidence that Beam (Dome) made his move to confuse the current University Moon winner and challenge his feelings for Kit;
  • Kit lost all his pretensions as he looks at Ming in dismay while playing coyly to Beam’s pretend boyfriend act;
  • Ming also tries to test Phana with his own dosage of pretend boyfriend act, with Phana passing in flying colors;
  • New guy/kid on the block (who’s name escapes me) tries to get Yo’s number but fails;
  • Yo demonstrates his loyalty to Phana by rejecting the new boy’s advances.

So how’s the acting so far?

  • Benjamin Brasier is essentially a subtle actor who knows how to charm his way towards a scene. His romancing Yo is sweet but never too ‘sugary’. He’s a gentleman even when the scene requires a lot of intimacy – I don’t know if that makes sense but Ben just has what it takes to put the screen on fire without trying too hard;
  • Joong Archen is the perfect Ming who is both confident and doubtful of his own charm, perhaps loving someone is just too real and too raw for him to stake his luck and gamble with someone’s feelings?;
  • The avalanche of Phana’s kisses for Yo in their long, romantic bed scene is the highlight of the episode, and Earth (like Ben) lives up to expectations by being in character. Here are two actors being intimate. Both never showed signs of being conscious that they are just filming a scene. It’s just looks so natural;
  • The new guy harassing Yo provides some much-needed conflict to mix up the show and not become too redundant with romance and sweetness.

Below is Part 4 of Episode 5 in full. It’s essentially my favorite scene in the whole show so far…

If you’re going to ask me how the drama fares after Episode 5, then I’m going to be consistently raving about it.


  • Dir. Anusorn is wise to follow the story-line faithfully, which readers of the book are much appreciative of. There is such a thing as deviating too far and introducing something new and fresh to surprise and delight fans.
  • Dir. Anusorn knows when to add something and when to remain loyal to the original source;
  • Most Thai BL shows are not aware how much effective editing, cinematography and sound can sustain fans’ interest. They are like some old misers who hoard food, in this case, non-essential scenes featuring non-essential actors are almost always added to the final show. Dir. Anusorn knows when to cut and when to retain scenes that would enhance the overall appeal of the show;
  • How to divide the whole drama into cohesive episodes with enough story-lines (or substance) is the key. With such an arrangement, fans are not to stressed to wait for next Saturday and is actually looking forward to it, enjoying a second and even a third viewing in the meantime.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars  [See our Review Guide]

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