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When your Mom is starting to wonder about your sexuality, perhaps it’s time to come out? This is apparently Kao’s dilemma as his relationship with Pete is becoming obvious to the people close to them.

In Episode 2 of Dark Blue Kiss, the drama continues to explore Kao and Pete’s relationship and Pete’s apparent insecurity with people getting close to Kao.

Our second BL couple, the cafe owner and the series’ resident bad boy is also leveling up. I have the feeling that there might be plenty of intimate scenes between those two!

In previous dramas, it was Kao (New) who is always running after Pete (Tay). But this time, they are switching roles and it seems Pete is the one who will do plenty of pursuing.

The new guy – Non (AJ) is naughty and charming that any mentor or tutor might fell over him. He is aware of his charms and is using it to his advantage.

But Kao is no whore or likes to play with fire. I think Pete – despite his love for Kao – lacks trust in Kao’s ability to refuse advances from other men.

Because both Kao and Pete’s characters have been developed quite well, we are into a different emotional and physical territories. We are way past the intro stage of their relationship and in fact, exploring into the more intimate and “testing” parts where they either go beyond or abandon each other to pursue other relationship.

Like our SOTUS couple, Kao and Pete maybe in for a bumpy ride.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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