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Three new Thai actors Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan, Chakrit Boonsing, and Nutnaree Yosying are cast to play the leads in The Effect. Based on the original work of Sweetsky (which appeared in Tunwalai) and with a script by Monthanee Wattanaintaroj. The series is under the helm of Tanakan Niamrungrueang, with Angkhana Tongpool serving as creative director.


Updates: As mentioned by some BL watchers, The Effect source novel has two versions. One is very dark. You can imagine what may happen next…

I don’t know how much I appreciate the production team for featuring realistic yet disturbing scenes. It goes to show how deeply involved they are with depicting the story visually.

Updated: Episode One of this series is already online. Not yet sure if I will do episodic review, but will post a First Impression.

Watch it here.


Updated! The cast is busy doing some promo blitz!

Updated! LINE and the show’s producers release new footages! The clip below is entitled The Beginning of The Effect โลกออนร้าย (Official Teaser Ver 1)

The video clip above looks very promising! It was reported that the novel where the series is based has two versions – a dark and rather disturbing one where nasty (and notorious) scenes and events take place. The other is light and bubbly and for GP.

Here is the storyline: Shin (James Prapatthorn Chakkhuchan) is a University freshman and an outsider. His awkwardness and lack of friends pave the way for a budding relationship with a senior student named Keng (Oat Chakrit). As they become intimate, rumors about their ‘peculiar’ relationship spread like wildfire, leaving them no choice but to refrain from seeing more of each other.

What version the series chooses is not yet clear as of this time.

Topicorn (left) and Yacht (right) play two of the main characters in The Effect.

James (left) and Oat (right) are two of the leading actors in The Effect.

Certain themes that may become part of the series have been thrown in the air – among them are rape, cyberbullying, depression and couple switching. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

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