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I took my sweet time to post my review of Episode 3 of TharnType the series because it showcases some heavy stuff.

Let me tell you what are these…

  • While the source fiction of the series intimates that sex scenes are to be expected, I’m surprised at the level of intimacy Gulf and Mew were expected to show and acted out;
  • The gay guy who was physical with Type, as well as the other LGBT personality, in my opinion, used their influence and power to harass Type who was just being careful with how he gets intimate with gays. He may have used bad words, but to me, he reacted out of instinct. There is no excuse for people to bring down someone just because they did not agree or was rude or harsh towards them. Of course, this happens most of the time. People want to react out of anger or rejection. But many LGBT have endured harassment already. Is it alright to do the same?;
  • The exchange student who suffers from panic attack is a real interesting side note to the series. What sort of relationship he has with his “guardian” remains to be seen and I like it that the way their scenes are presented did not take away from the lead characters’ spotlight.

Let’s see Tharn and Type making out:

The development of Tharn and Type characters are well thought of, I must say. What started as a hostile relationship slowly turns sweet and romantic and the chemistry of the actors must be credited for the realism.

While certainly still in need of improving, Gulf as a newcomer impresses me. I’ve said that already and I just want to repeat it again. His role is not easy and the way he expresses his feelings is commendable.

Mew also shows he has deep knowledge of his character. He looks so handsome and naughty and charming all at the same time. Kudos to the casting crew for selecting him to play Tharn.

The clip

There is so much left to explore and at the pacing of this series, I think that viewers will appreciate how each major characters reveal themselves.

I look forward to:

  • How Tharn and Type intimacy progresses. There are plenty of issues that remain unanswered. How can Type reconcile his feelings toward Tharn and his previous bad gay experience? I think this is the most difficult challenge for the director and his crew;
  • How to balance the other characters and still make them relevant and engaging to the viewers;
  • What revelations are coming up. Showing skin is not going to make this drama unforgettable but how it visually interpret the source and the characters will. I’m already falling in love with Type’s character and how vulnerable and imperfect he is!

I’m impressed how this series is turning out just after 3 episodes.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


Sidenote: I agree with the Tweet above and also find comments saying that Type was “rape” in the clip is dead wrong. He is reacting to Tharn in his most honest way.

He wanted to say no but his body says ” let him do it”. I find that truthful and realistic. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we want until we have a taste of what’s to come. I hope that makes sense. 😁😆🤣

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