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How to float above an ocean of talented, young, and handsome Thai BL actors? That must be one of the questions that dir. Anusorn has to answer when he chooses the cast for 2moons2.

I think that he has succeeded. Let me tell you why.

  • He cast aspirants with plenty of potential not only in acting but in giving the fans what they demand – the desire to please them – before, during and even after the drama has ended on TV;
  • Most of the cast, except for Joong Archen and Benjamin Brasier is not the usual actors that populate most of Thai BL dramas (i.e. GMM talents). In particular Dome and Poom and to a certain extent Nine and Earth. What do I mean by this? They look more local than mixed blood or Caucasian or K-Pop wannabes;
  • Dir. Anusorn made sure that his cast embodies the characters rather than adjusting the roles to suit the actors. He did not compromise the integrity of the personalities from its source.

Some fans showed displeasure because dir. Anusorn forced them to adjust their fantasy rather than spoonfed them with the usual (status quo) looking boys.

Here’s dir. Anusorn himself on the casting process:

Before I go any further, let’s have the synopsis and then discuss the casting choices:

Adapted from the BL Novel “Two Moon” by Chiffon_cake, 2 Moons is about a puppy love that turns serious. The series also explores campus idols, popularity contests and plenty of rivalries on love and affection. [read more]

How do a critic/reviewer think of acting? Why its important aspect in rating a drama or movie?

Acting is notoriously hard to quantify; some actors just seem to “have it.” But the believability factor can go a long way in starting to break down a performance when it is compared to what his or her goal was as an actor in the film. As a viewer, do you completely believe the existence of a character no matter how normal or insane that character is? From there, you can start to break down aspects of the performances that worked or didn’t work, but the biggest thing is always believability. |source|

Which actors play what characters? And how did they perform?

See below:

Earth Thirapat Reungritkun – Wayo

Unsure of his effect on others, can be awkward yet he is no boytoy, that’s Wayo. And he absolutely adores Phana with all his heart, yet he can get furious with jealousy.

Earth offers a fresh take on the character by showing signs of hesitation, yet it appears honest and not rehearsed.

Clenching his fist and with fire in his eyes, Earth was effective as a young impressionable boy who still cannot control his emotion.

Ben Benjamin Brasier – Phana

The character is used to be desired by many. Phana is most sought after being a medical student, considerate and wise. Yet he falls for someone he considers a kind, kindered soul and a boy a bit yonger tham himself.

In a tweet, Brasier said he auditioned for the role because he is confident he can do justice to it. Quite frankly, here we have a fresh face with an unquestionable commutment to the series and he did deliver what is expected of him.

Performance-wise, he was above average. There are certain scenes where he lacked the conviction, but overall he brings Phana to life by being the campus celebrity he is. With that, his jealous and self-doubting nature for someone he truly loves.

I hope his career will not end when 2 Moons is no more. He has such potentials, he can play a bully or bullied, depending on the project. I see him more than just a matine idol, but a serous thespian in drama and romcom.

Joong Archen Wiraphakul – Ming

How can a gorgeous, handsome boy be a pain in the ass and act cheeky and daring? That’s Ming and Joong Archen made his best effort to be the perfect Ming.

However, such attempt can unnerve fans and that’s what happened when a certain viewer lost all sense of civility and ask something private.

It’s a foregone incident, yet it opens the door to the vulnerability of actors doing gay roles and how people perceive them.

I bave been vocal about my personal bias towards Joong, yet I have to be blunt by saying he needs plenty of acting lessons to truly become dramatic. But the potential is already there.

Nine Konchit Boonsatheepakdee – Kit

Loyal to his buddies yet he can’t help himself but fall for the most handsome guy – Ming and he goes on pretending he is not affected, therefore not in love. The nerve!

Kit is a sweet, almost irreconcilable character, but ultimately an uke in need of an alpha male. Nine manages to show the character’s demure, pretending persona to a great degree.

How he and Joong offer fan service is as wholesome and as sweet as the next sensational milk tea concoction.

Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast – Beam

Like Kit, Beam appears to be in search of his true identity. He is hesitant yet would become aggressive in an instant. His relationship and the corresponding character development in the series is as original as it can get.

There were a few endearing moments between Dome and co-star Poom, but for me, he remains the weakest link.

I look forward to Season 3 with this couple in mind.

Poom Naret Promphaophan – Forth

The resident bad boy of the series, he is a cool reminder of the buddy system in most Thai BL shows.

He had some magical, romantic moments with Beam, but I find something in this couple to be lacking.

I’d love to watch him after a few projects to see what sort of improvement he can muster for his acting.

In Part 2, we focus on the technical aspects of the series and put the spotlight on dir. Anusorn.

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