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In Part One, it’s all about the cast and actors’ performance. In this post, we talk about the technical aspects of the drama and of course, dir. Aam Anusorn.

What makes this series special? Let me count the ways…

First of all, allow me to get into the technical aspects, shall we?

  • Sound + OST and background. Getting August to sing the theme song was a pleasant surprise. It gives the series its unique musical personality;
  • Cinematography, including camera angles, frames. This aspect is done very tastefully;
  • Editing – slow or fast pacing depends on how the story is told and connecting the scenes. The pacing is just right for me. There is no boring moment;
  • Script – is it loyal to the original source, and are there twists and turns that made the retelling of the story better?

Lets talk about dir. Anusorn then…

2 Moon 2 director Aam Anusorn with Joong Archen.

A director can only go so far as having his vision turn into reality. First, there is either a novel where the story is based or a script that is directly written for the project. In the case of 2 moons, it’s based on a novel.

  • Previous adaptation is quite in favor of Phana and Wayo, relegating the other characters into the sideline. Dir. Anusorn succeeds in putting the spotlight on all the characters by giving them scenes to shine;
  • He is sensitive to feedback and that what makes him a better director, why is that? He considers input from others and is not insecure about his capacity as a filmmaker. Most directors have big egos because they think of themselves as the driver of a series or film. Dir. Anusorn may have shown his insecurities, but the good thing about this attitude is that he accepts critical thought;
  • He uses social media AND responds to fans and viewers. Other directors are either shy or think of themselves as royalty and will not go down reaching out. I consider these directors as arrogant. Without the viewers, you are nothing. Maybe they only bother to respond to those with money? 🤐🙄
  • Dir. Anusorn likes to innovate. Lets go back to that scene where Ming and Kit romanticize the earth and the moon. That is something special! Also, the motorbike scene of Forth and Beam and the many scenes between Phana and Wayo and making them different and original.

Dir. Anusorn also appears to be a competitive individual, which is great because he knows that there is competition and he likes to win. That’s one of the things I like about him. It definitely shows on his artwork.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide

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