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There seems to be a demand from viewers and friends to talk about TharnType the series beyond the show.

Issues like:

  • I only like you premise where a supposedly straight guy becomes gay – exclusively for one person. This is a justification and a most often “excuse” by fiction writers when doing a BL themed book or novel. This also appears to be a major premise in TharnType;
  • Emotional attachment or investment on the part of Type with Tharn. You see, he never divulge his gay experience to others in the most vulnerable way. He poured his heart out to Tharn that intimacy is just natural to come next;
  • Tharn’s sexually active lifestyle appears to come into a halt when he met Type.

Emotional investment- Why you should not be confused with Type’s apparent orbit towards Tharn

Type has gone through some rough times when he was younger. That’s the gay experience with one of his dad’s staff. He was molested and that experience has been haunting him even now.

This is one of Gulf Kanawut’s most demanding and emotionally draining scenes. He has to internalize a deep humiliation – he was sexually exploited during a vulnerable age and it became a turning point for him.

This is rape. He did not offer consent and he was not of legal age to even give consent.

Rape, act of sexual intercourse with an individual without his or her consent, through force or the threat of force. In many jurisdictions, the crime of rape has been subsumed under that of sexual assault, which also encompasses acts that fall short of intercourse.

The argument that Tharn raped him in the bathroom is completely false and can be considered misinformation. It’s both funny and sad that some people equate rape with romance. That is a complete bullshit.

The harrowing experience left Type quite scarred. I guess, he felt that Tharn is a kind, open minded person that he find it easy to confess. The fact that he’s gay made it even easier since he can relate to Type’s situation.

I find the emotional attachment persuasive and reasonable.

Gulf Kanawut and Mew Suppasit who play Type and Tharn respectively.

I only like you premise – is it working?

To a certain extent. Female writers can only surmise. They can’t actually understand what’s on the mind of a gay guy or a straight guy for that matter.

You see, men are polygamous. It’s something that many female could not comprehend and would not accept.

In the world of Boys Love, there is a tendency to create a safe haven where women feels safe and comfortable with men and that these good looking men are capable of being loyal to one partner only.

That’s more of an exception rather than the rule.

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  • exxuss says:

    Absolutely agree with you the bathroom scene did not depict rape. No question the encounter was emotionally challenging for Type. (Both in character and as an actor.) Type is an adult, physically fit, and could have ended the interaction at any moment. Despite his internal struggle, although fearfully, he consented to Tharn’s advances. Personally I thought it was a well acted, beautiful, and tender scene. One in which Type was able to confront his demons, the loving intentions of another, and began to discover the budding attraction he has for Tharn.

    Interesting you mention the notion of having an exclusive romantic (sexual) attraction to someone of the same sex while at the same time denying same sex preference. Always found that concept puzzling. Your analysis of the topic is illuminating. Thanks.

    Finally, MaxTul to me have always been the epitome of male affection. That is until Tharn/Type came along. The chemistry between these two is at the very least captivating; at the very best breathtaking. For me their connection suspends reality and, for a moment, takes me to a place where I wish I could always be.

    • RedandBlue says:

      Thank you for this amazing comment of yours. It also gave me more perspective on relationship and how to keep it real. I mean, we are discussing fiction yet it is reasonable to assume that there are truths about many of what has been shown by this drama, esp TharnType.

      MaxTul showed plenty of really romantic and authentic scenes about their relationship I agree with that. I only have some problems with how the series put emphasis on other couples and the female characters. The girl buddy is fine except that woman who was quite obsessed with one of the guys. She was annoying. No problem with annoying characters per se, but she was too much as if the producers have an obligation to give her additional scenes. As characters, MaxTul could have been further developed.

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