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TharnType Episode 9 is the culmination of events that gave way to our couple’s realization that their relationship hangs in the balance.

Type’s treatment of Tharn is abusive to the point that if I was his friend, I’d tell him to leave Type and move on.

But then again, I’d expect Tharn to reject my notion and continue the struggle.

The violent, disturbing confrontation between the couple and their friends make for a series that has already set the bar for Thai BL.

Dir. Tee should be commended for maintaining such a high level of consistency for 9 episodes. And this installment is – by far – the best.

Scenes that made this episode so abundant in drama, speculation, and novelty are;

  • The confrontation between P’San and Type. There is both malice and sincerity in the older guy’s attempt to test Type’s resolve. Such situation – about Tharn’s colorful past – should be enough for Type to realize how much Tharn loves him;
  • The bar violence and Type’s jealous nature is disturbing and shakes the audience to the core. His behavior alone is already the subject of debates;

Here are some perspective of this:

  • The family gathering where Tharn’s older brother got to experience – first hand – Type’s domineering nature;
  • Lhong (Kaownah Kittipat) surprised reaction when Tharn made his announcement about his relationship with his roommate.

Kaownah plays Lhong and sings his own tune to the beat of the series that is a game changer in the Thai BL scene.

Clip below shows a typical Type reaction to Tharn’s display of affection:

After 9 episodes, it is clear how toxic TharnType has been to us all, but this toxicity calls for celebration rather than condemnation.

I already accepted the fact that as a gay guy, I would have to adjust to the collective notion that all BL are created by female writers with a female perspective of how two men fall in love.

But MAME12938 is a game changer. As author of many BL stories, she – somehow – managed to depart from the usual formula and created a whole new universe of BL characters that are more realistic than what other authors have created so far.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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