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Lhong (Koawnah Kittipat) unleashes a wide range of intrigues that shook Tharn and Type relationship to its core.

The devil wears no Prada, but a student’s white shirt. But a student can also make plenty of mistakes.

The challenge of P’San, Tharn’s first romantic and sexual partner, is no match to what happens next.

Episodes 10-11 of TharnType are like a twin crescendo of rage, jealousy, and doubt – wreaking havoc into our couple’s relatively peaceful bond.

Let’s get down to it:

  • Tar (Kokliang) sudden and coincidental encounter with Tharn appears to be the spark – igniting a series of events that seem orchestrated by a fiend;
  • Type has been on the lookout since the time Lhong confesses to him about Tharn’s past relationships. While he appears cool, his rage and jealousy are about to erupt but something is amiss. He has a certain degree of control over what is happening;
  • Tharn’s good-natured self has exposed him to maneuvers from the very people he trusts;
  • Lhong took all the chances given to him by doubt – fuels Type to elevate his jealous nature and violent streak. But is everything as it seems?

So is this the end of Tharn and Type?

Before I go and critique the performances, here are some food for thoughts. I don’t know if you are aware that this series trends worldwide and while there are plenty of explanations, there is one particular point that I want to raise.

It affected people from so many levels.

Looking closely at the Performances

  • Mew Suppasit shining moment. The intensity of the scene when Type decided to leave him. This would mark a turning point in the actors’ performances. I would guess, dir. Tee emphasized the gravity of the situation, thus Suppasit was able to deliver on the emotions;
  • The sudden change in Type’s aura from being aggressive to somewhat mellowed-down version of himself was also another acting highlight. For a newcomer, Gulf Kanawut throws away all the stops;
  • This is Kaownah Kittipat’s undoubted proof of his versatility and a stunning announcement to casting managers that hey if you want me, get me!
  • Not to be outdone, both Hiter and Kokliang also offer some pretty powerful acting themselves.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]

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