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Before what may appear to be a bittersweet ending to 2Gether The Series, the two previous episodes: Episode 11-12 – in my opinion – wasted a big opportunity on focus and priority. Instead of showing Sarawat and Tine growing in terms of intimacy and ‘togetherness’, the production team, and dir. P’Champ, in particular, decided to go the rivalry route. Not that it’s a complete disaster – using jealousy and creating emotional impact is a tried and tested formula for drama series.

So let’s have a recap first! Tine (Win Metawin) decided to approach Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit) to ask him to be his pretend boyfriend. Tine was pushed to such a degree when a gay admirer appears more aggressive than what he would hope for. What started out as pretenses turned to be real, as soon as Sarawat reveals his feelings. There were complications as Sarawat and Tine moved in together – a rival named Mil (Drake Laedeke) and Pam (Gigie Sarocha Burin) disrupt what was the expected domestic bliss.

So, here’s the rub!

  • Lack of Real Intimacy: Bearing in mind that this is a Thai series with terms of endearment from a Thai perspective, the lack of intimacy somehow lessens the impact of a bonafide relationship. I understand the way ‘intimacy’ was demonstrated but a BL series is more than just a touch on the head or hugging during moments of ‘togetherness’;
  • Using Conflict to level up excitement: Rivals Mil and Pam came into the picture during a time when the relationship is yet to progress into something intimate. I get the drift on the way the dialogue leveled up from ‘friends’ to lovers, yet that is not enough of an explanation to me and the series’ more discerning viewers;
  • Progression in Main Actors’ Performances: Win Metawin grew in stature with impressive emotional outbursts. How he gradually proves his acting mettle is already a big enough reason for celebration. Bright Vachirawit, however, could not sustain previously amazing acting. From Episode 9, I would say, his level of believability and credibility went downhill;
  • Focus on the main characters: By now, most Thai BL production companies should learn from one basic truth. Viewers are very choosy and wanted to focus on the main characters. While secondary couples and supporting characters are essential for the story to progress, pushing it further as scene-stealing characters could backfire.
  • Re-Watch factor: From the premiere episode until Episode 9, I’d watch this series multiple times – enjoying the amazing chemistry between Bright and Win. As a BL reviewer, I find their interaction to be topnotch. It’s the way they look at each other – probably perfected via workshops and practice – yet the degree of ‘kilig’ factor was never diminished. ‘kilig’ is Filipino slang for “romantic excitement”.

In Episode 11, the field trip could have been a good way for Sarawat and Tine to enjoy each others’ company, yet there is much focus on Mil acting as a third wheel. The ‘intimacy’ inside the bus could have been romantic, yet it felt inadequate. Most of my friends were telling me, it could have been a romantic scene with a kiss, but they held it back. Episode 12 is even more of a disappointment as Sarawat lies when he assured Tine that he will never do so. The consistency in his character is somehow diminished by such a sneaky show of disloyalty. How could someone who bought a guitar – many months ago and schemes of attracting the attention of a pretty innocent and naive boy – suddenly becomes just another mediocre character?

Apparently, the tables are turned. As we discover how insecure yet loving a character Tine is, Sarawat turned out to be not the knight in shining armour many thought him to be. Yet, Episode 13 is still waiting. And that’s the biggest thrill (or disappointment), depending on how it presents the series’ ending.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars [See our Review Guide]


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  • Daring to Dream says:

    Not sure if this was the actors discomfort, GMMTV’s known reluctance to show intimacy (even the mighty Sotus last scene is like good friends rather than boyfriends), or the directors misfire…..but boy the plot was always iffy- it had to fly on leads interaction. The novel had lots of the same issues- but didn’t distract with side couples and there was intimacy and love between the leads— that was all I needed to make this a winner.

  • Joey says:

    I wish the director had made the scene inside the bus hotter and more romantic. That could be one of the unforgettable scenes. Look like what happened in the telephone-booth scene in the movie DEW. That was ❤.

  • Ian says:

    Sorry but we didn’t get a blockbuster exxuss. Everything was resolved in a perfunctory way. SPOILERS There was never any doubt Tine and Sarawat would get back together but I never felt there was much drama in the split after Tine’s weeping bout at the end of episode 12. Man and Type were at least a little more interesting.
    I feel that with the last few episodes, the whole series started to drag terribly with little plot to drive it forward. Once Tine agreed to be Sarawat’s boyfriend and they started living together, that should have been that. THE END.
    Until We Meet Again suffered from the same problem, dragging the plot out for another four or five episodes that would have been sufficient at a skilfully edited two. The worst thing you can do is leaving the viewers saying ‘for heaven’s sake, get on with it.’ But I still enjoyed 2gether and would recommend it.

  • Philip Rouse says:

    Just watched Ep 13. Spoiler alert – NO KISS between Sarawat and Tine. Big disappointment.

  • exxuss says:

    Agree with you episodes 11 and 12 were indeed a bit disappointing. Not that they were all that bad, they just didn’t measure up to the the earlier episodes. Let’s hope the finale is a blockbuster.

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