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Present Still Perfect Trailer [Video]

By January 24, 2020March 16th, 20217 Comments

The upcoming film from dir. Aam Anusorn is finally released! There is this sense of familiarity with some of the scenes yet there is also the “fear of the unknown”, with the arrival of the sexy and invasive Japanese named Kenta.

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  • Ian says:

    I look forward to My Ride. Thanks.

  • Ian says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find any mention of Present Still Perfect 1 when it’s called Present Perfect. Silly me. Thank you for the link to the movie which I watched last night. Quite enjoyable except for the minute or two after the boys’ kiss when the soundtrack and subtitles disappeared for a couple of minutes. I look forward to PSP 2 and hope it gets a wide cinema release. But as the director said in your interview, not many Thais seemed to be interested in the first chapter. Which is a shame after putting your heart into making it.
    I can understand his disdain for the pretty boy BL series on LINE and other channels. I enjoy them too up to a point, but after watching a few series, they come across as same same. The plots appear to be written by someone who has no idea about gay men and how they behave and instead constructs a fantasy for straight women. For instance, much as I enjoy Fluke’s performance in Until We Meet Again, I cannot imagine his character ever getting naked with his BF let along having sex. He’d run a mile if Dean squeezed his ass. Gay OK Bangkok is closer to reality. But I watch them all in the hope one day the ones with a slight storyline will improve. Better than nothing I suppose.

    • Red says:

      There is good news. Please stay tuned for My Ride. It was written by a bona fide doctor. He is a Neurologist and he has written the novel where the drama series is based.

  • Ian says:

    Regarding Present Still Perfect. I had no idea the movie being released in March was part 2. However I cannot find any reference to Part 1 on this blog and was wondering if you can do a brief recap for those of us who missed it. I enjoy seeing Thai BL movies but its not always feasible if the movie doesn’t have English subtitles.
    The most annoying movies are those which have subs in the trailer but not on the big screen. – Ian

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